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  1. Max

    Throw Huuma Shuriken.

    Guess this means goodbye
  2. Max

    Throw Huuma Shuriken.

    Is the staff purposely ignoring Skills and item balancing thread? because it feels like it JSYK
  3. Max

    Throw Huuma Shuriken.

    Please notice this thread...
  4. Max

    Throw Huuma Shuriken.

    I agree, the skill should work like it used to in pre renewal wherein it was a target skill although it still works like an AOE. The skill now mostly fails in hitting an opponent maybe because it's turned into a ground skill. And, the damage isn't really good enough. Heck, the weapon should be as good as it says like back then in pre renewal, where ninjas got excited to get such weapons whether it may be physical/magic weap. Now ninjas are opted to get the magic one because physical ninjas are now obsolete.
  5. Havent voted for 3 days now but sites say 8/3 hours more to vote.