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  1. Max

    Throw Huuma Shuriken.

    Guess this means goodbye
  2. Max

    Shadow Chaser

    So I just learned that masquerade's casting time can be cancelled when hit. Well, it's over, the class is officially dead. And I don't know if the staff is purposely ignoring threads or just busy, but it feels like we are being abandoned - truthfully speaking from the bottom of my left ventricle. Sincerely tho, I just want the old manhole and masquerades back and increase feint bomb duration instead. Feint bomb made the big difference in our skillset so it's reasonable enough to nerf it instead of the other skills. PS: Don't get me wrong but it really feels like we're abandoned with our posts and it sucks. Ty, more power!
  3. Max

    Throw Huuma Shuriken.

    Is the staff purposely ignoring Skills and item balancing thread? because it feels like it JSYK
  4. Max

    Throw Huuma Shuriken.

    Please notice this thread...
  5. Max

    [New] HA PvP Race Price Bug

    Happened to me also. Just 10 mins after I left HA, the winners were announced and I happened to get 2nd place but received no prize.
  6. Max

    Shadow Chaser

    Why not revert back the masquerades like it used to in pre renewal but just add a fixed delay for feint bomb? Please
  7. Max

    Shadow Chaser

    It's really not that much of a problem because masquerades only work on 3rds PVP. It's either you go war or 1 vs 1 and, wars in 3rds pvp isn't really that rampant compared to 2nds hero arena. + In wars, heck, SCs are one of the softest, I repeat, S O F T E S T S classes. Masquerade of weakness only lasts for 3 seconds or so, youl'd be lucky enough to get close to an opponent and masquerade them before dying in wars. Though, SCs are one of the hardest classes to go head to head with in 1 on 1 pvp because of it's skillset mostly comprising disabling skills. And once again, disabler, not killer. Back then, it was only a matter of talent for those who played the class well, those who knew how to counter the class and those who don't, THAT'S WHAT MADE THE CLASS THE MOST EXCITING ONE INCLUDING GX'S but now, it's a matter of the most complaints from players who cant handle getting pawned in PVP.
  8. Max

    Shadow Chaser

    Exactly what I'm saying, "CHASERS ARE DISABLERS" You're supposed to get disabled to die easily. /SWT What do you expect? Get buffed from masquerades? LOL
  9. Max

    Shadow Chaser

    Only masquerade of weakness can strip through fcp in a chance. It mostly fails, and if it succeeds, as if it's such a burden to lose your weap / shield shield for 3 seconds? and like I said, disabler not killer. You only get to kill on 1 vs 1 pvp.
  10. The way I see how most changes of the server, specifically the different classes and their skills; are being subjected by the server's players who suddenly became PVP experts during the shift from Pre-renewal to renewal. I mean people never really complained how some skills worked as it was in pre-renewal but these people, or some, now complain about everything. "Everything" - in which were accustomed during Pre renewal. Such players somewhat abused the skills balancing when the server was in Beta mode. These suddenly self proclaimed PVP experts took advantage and apparently in the present, is still taking advantage of how the server is shifting to Renewal (greatly affecting skill balancing) requesting to change this and that, etc., wherein such skills worked perfectly fine during the Pre-renewal stage. Keep in mind that the purpose of such beta testers was to make the server somehow balanced in renewal like how it was in pre-renewal. But, instead, all these players ever do is complain and request to change, and at some point is becoming very, very, unreasonable already. Kudos to the GMs, Game Developers, Staff who vigorously put in effort to have the server ready as soon as they could, we greatly appreciate your effort, the problem is these players. Stop doing these nonsense requests for your own advantage, I get how you're confusing these staffs in which they already have so much to think about. You're only making it harder for the staff and for the server. Heck, I started by giving a prologue to this topic because explained above is how I see this event, drastically changing all the different classes, specifically Shadow Chaser for this thread. I've been playing the class, -Shadow Chaser, since 2010 and for sure I can obviously define the B A S I C S of it; what it does, how it goes, it's do's and don'ts, etc. The class is basically and obviously a DISABLER, it's job is to incapacitate, maim, immobilize, cripple the opponent, however you may call it, THUS, the masquerade skills. These skills are the classes' edge against every other job just like how Sorcerers have dispell, Priests have their heal, etc. The skills define the job, impair these skills and you make the class obsolete. - This is my point. Giving the skills it's fixed cast time impaired the class greatly. It made the class even more difficult. Not to mention how inconvenient the class already is, wherein you had to charge at someone just to strip/immobilize them, heck, charge at a whole party with less than 600k HP on balanced def. The class has one of the lowest HP of all the classes and has the lowest damaging skill of all the classes thus given it's privilege to copy other classes' damage skills. Play the class and you get the lowest kills in wars apart from Arch Bishops, *as I said, disabler, not killer* To cut it short, the crippled crippler got even more crippled. I suggest turning the Shadow Chasers skills back to normal like it did in pre renewal. Maybe someone got killed over and over again during 1 vs 1 PVP and couldn't bear losing, had to complain about the skills and then named these skills "overpowered". These skills worked perfectly fine in pre renewal bro, what's wrong with you? Lol. Couldn't you just appreciate how good a player is instead of complaining about the skills? Over past time, I've only encountered a few good players who played the class well but now, it's rare to see such players in game, because you, who complained for your own benefit, killed the class, made it unreasonably obsolete.
  11. Max

    Throw Huuma Shuriken.

    I agree, the skill should work like it used to in pre renewal wherein it was a target skill although it still works like an AOE. The skill now mostly fails in hitting an opponent maybe because it's turned into a ground skill. And, the damage isn't really good enough. Heck, the weapon should be as good as it says like back then in pre renewal, where ninjas got excited to get such weapons whether it may be physical/magic weap. Now ninjas are opted to get the magic one because physical ninjas are now obsolete.