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  1. Jean

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    Alt + M, Save jumps to areas with lots of vision around the map and start jumping. You have a higher chance of finding the rabbit if you have precise jumps instead of random.
  2. Jean

    B> +10 Satyr helm / +10 satanic mask

    Looking for +10 sorry
  3. Leave message here, dm in forum or look for F u R a i ingame... im almost always on.
  4. Next up... Corruption root card. GET TO IT !!! xdxdxd

    1. Latte


      Can you do it lol

    2. Seamless


      it's not even op, you lose approx 20% extra damage in exchange for it.

  5. Jean

    Made New Record ft. MVP Ladder

    10/10 music choice... very nice
  6. Happy New Year 🙂

    ~back to lurking

  7. Jean

    Legit downvoting?

    I gotchu boy
  8. Havent you had one of those days when all that goes through your head is " WHY ME? WHY ME? WHY ME? WHY ME? "... yea I get those once every 3 days 🙂 #DepressionSucks #SendPuppiesToCureMe

  9. Stay safe people in florida and other states.

    1. The Best Seller

      The Best Seller

      You mean stay safe Haze

  10. #BringBack0spawnDelay #OldWLfarming #NeedHQ #HardtoFarm #MakeNewbiesRichAgain #MakeReleaseGreatAgain #LazyToFarmWithoutWarlock #MakeTheseHashtagsStop

    1. GM Freia

      GM Freia

      stap QQ nab e.e

    2. Jean


      nuuuuu you nab :3 where are you !! havent seen you in forever

    3. Eluminare


      Ya and İ'm waiting for my response forever lulz.

      But ye Jean don't qq like other fags LOL.