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  1. Happy New Year 🙂

    ~back to lurking

  2. Havent you had one of those days when all that goes through your head is " WHY ME? WHY ME? WHY ME? WHY ME? "... yea I get those once every 3 days 🙂 #DepressionSucks #SendPuppiesToCureMe

  3. Stay safe people in florida and other states.

    1. The Best Seller

      The Best Seller

      You mean stay safe Haze

  4. #BringBack0spawnDelay #OldWLfarming #NeedHQ #HardtoFarm #MakeNewbiesRichAgain #MakeReleaseGreatAgain #LazyToFarmWithoutWarlock #MakeTheseHashtagsStop

    1. GM Freia

      GM Freia

      stap QQ nab e.e

    2. Jean


      nuuuuu you nab :3 where are you !! havent seen you in forever

    3. Eluminare


      Ya and İ'm waiting for my response forever lulz.

      But ye Jean don't qq like other fags LOL.

  5. Jean

    1st Celine Kimi Card DRO

    NAISU ... never let rad rk without checking his gear EVER xD op team ftw
  6. Jean

    1st Celine Kimi Card DRO

    jealous of both stuff?? ahhahahahaha
  7. Jean

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    @Sadie Same issue as jhon... all of our Fresh roses dissapeared.
  8. Dear DRO diary: the need to hard farm halloween items is too big, I feel like I might go crazy (again); Also i've heard lady marmalade 20 times on the radio today... is this what true anxiety feels like? SEND HELP!

    1. Jhon


      The feels dude, the feels

  9. Atk > MATK in pve... SL  cant even do the only thing they were able to do effectively.    ATK in pve is broken / change my mind

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    2. Seam


      RG grandcross is an example of Matk :th_hmm:

    3. Jean


      Grand Cross can out damage gx in pve? :th_hmm:

    4. Seam


      Definitely can. except against holy element monsters. 

      OGH - Grandcross can clear mobs faster than gx
      Caspen - Grandcross can farm twice more than gx
      STP - both are good in lhz/normal mobs, but Grandcross > GX in guardians
      Elite Dungeon - Grandcross is better
      Bloody Branch - Grandcross is better except when idiot Ifrit casts LP

  10. Jean

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    Just delete every map and make a fair and balanced single map and let every player find end game and beginner items all over that map while at the same time conducting an event every 3 hours as where the last one surviving is determined the winner and therefor recieving a reward which will be irrelevant as to the status of said item as it is only for cosmetic purposes and does not interfere at all with the current status of said event therefor improving the overall gameplay and increasing population of the server. FAIR WARNING THIS IS SUGGESTION IS NOT A BATTLE ROYALE SUGGESTION AND ONLY REASONABLE ARGUEMENTS TO THIS SUGGESTION WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED. Kappa now..... on a more REALISTIC NOTE: This is not fortnite, this is ragnarok online. Ragnarok is not meant for weakling millenials that cant play a grindy game for more than a week. Much like other grindy games (example: latale, grand chase, pokemon go, zenonia series, rumble royale, world of warcraft and many more) ragnarok is not a game that you play for a week and already have end game items... IT TAKES TIME. If you dont have the time to gain experience to play the game correctly and learn little by little then just go play fortnite. You are already an experienced player hiding behind an alt forum account... you should know this. JUST... GRIND and LEARN
  11. Jean

    Glorious Weapon Update

    My +9 glorious guitar is happy
  12. Jean

    Incorrect Description List (New)

    Pre renewal gives +20 pd for 10 minutes while renewal version gives flee, the item is dispellable unlike other consumables for obvious reasons and it didnt even make a huge impact in pvp since its dispellable but its really useful for PvE. Both descriptions (renewal and pre renewal) are on RMS.
  13. Jean

    Incorrect Description List (New)

    Revert Swartzald Pine Jubilee to pre renewal ( pd+20 ) instead of flee+10 (useless) if possible.