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  1. Jean

    Official SP Staff

    If anyone has any questions don't be afraid to pm me here or in-game (I don't bite). Soul Linker is my specialty
  2. Jean

    left hand or right hand?

    Right hand ol reliable... left if im feeling adventurous
  3. Soul Linker's Unchained 😎 Loving the new meta

  4. I never thought i'd see the day 😍

    1. InternationalPlayboy
    2. Latte


      It took you how long? Lol

    3. Jean


      After the reboot and new years ill do it on my day off as promised 😅

      10 Years  @Latte lmao 

  5. Jean

    The Hoomans

    MOM!!! IM ON TV !!!! fun woe
  6. 456218001067 🎩🤫

  7. Jean

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 4]

    *In a Vegeta voice* You dare capture MY mobs? Know your place insects!
  8. Jean

    [Seasonal] Halloween Event Headgear Preview

    stahp ~smacks back of hand
  9. Today's woe was the best woe i've seen in a long while 💪

  10. Jean


    @Arthas Menethil let me know when you're on or come 18
  11. Jean


    Still need?
  12. Jean

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 4]

    You could always participate in automated event and win halloween tokens from there but as it is now capturing the monsters is very competitive so everyone would need to be as fast as they possibly can to capture the monster first and get the tokens needed for the headgear