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  1. Even if esma did 3x the damage it can do now it would still be half the damage a GX can do 🙂 🙃 

  2. Jean


    Time to upgrade that potato of a pc / internet lol
  3. Jean

    5 years of not kicking shins

    WENDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Kicks shin
  4. I will reveal my jumps for Easter event when @HaZe admits SL is a useless class 🙂

    1. S N I F F U P

      S N I F F U P

      Yes SL is useless 🤣🤣🤣 

  5. Jean

    Easter Event 2021 [Phase 2]

    Havent farmed this serious since the first halloween event.. jesus hahaha 10/10 event so far, cant wait to see what's coming next
  6. "You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain"

    During this event I am Arost... HI FANS !!!   (It's a joke btw lol) 😘

    1. Latte


      Half of these people aren’t okd enough to remember who arost was

  7. i pulled tartaglia instead of Rosaria 😞

    1. Jean


      PAIN!!! im not risking my guaranteed, I heard the rate to get tartaglia is rigged since everyone just wants Rosaria

  8. Farmed easter event for 13 hours in day 1 of the event 🙂 My eyes are literal crap right now...

  9. Jean

    Circa 2009

  10. Jean

    Variant Rares Update

  11. So I got 4 Elite SL now 🤪

    1. Sushii


      I want to ask, for what ? I genuinely want to know. Is this for hunting or for something that I don't know ?

    2. Horakthy


      mygad jean lol

  12. Jean