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  1. Jean

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    im blind sometimes lol
  2. Jean

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    The taffy, buffalos and skeleton floor is fine...no need for more floors to flood the server with cards and ruin their rarity/ market price (as gon would say... fuck off ann love u lah ), drop rate of wkc and kkc is fine at .3% with he gum considering at that its a complete card and yes you might say .3% is too low bleh bleh but no... its a WHOLE CARD, no grinding ogh or anything. Treasure Chests... We already know how frustrating it is to get absolutely nothing from the runs except a moon that can barely be sold now but other times we get massive drops and adding treasure chests on top of it is something that is a double edged sword. If papa haze asks I can give him samples of the items that could drop from the chest with item drop rate,etc but dont get your hopes up lol. Agreed with the bosses with garbage loot / garbage normal mvp card drop. AND FINALLY blank cards... in my honest personal opinion that one is just greedy af and you know it lol. In my open minded opinion if this were to be added there would have to be one specific mob added to every floor that has the card as a drop since adding the card as a common drop for every mob would be OP. So one mob, lets say a poring, with blank card as a drop with a drop rate of 5% (15% with he gum) on every floor and yes it would have to be that low of a drop rate to keep some sort of balance.
  3. Jean

    Rank B Weapon Quest

    Why? get elite and get a way better weapon
  4. I wonder if I should stream my SL one trick PoV πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    1. verrdii


      Make video of it plox, so people would use SL

    2. AllenAaron
    3. dROGOAT


      PoV of you i wanΒ no SL

  5. Time Holder βœ…

    Bijou βœ…

    2 Matk Insignias βœ…

    10000000% Full build PvEΒ  Soul Linker βœ… DONE

    Love my Party β™₯️

    1. sammy1


      Nerf incoming πŸ˜›

    2. S N I F F U P

      S N I F F U P

      Ow pee jean 😁😁😁

    3. iJojo1112


      omg time to go to that team πŸ˜›

  6. Jean

    B> Bone of Ullr

  7. Jean

    B> Bone of Ullr

    Buying it for a fair price... Leave name here, pm me here or ingame F u R a i. Much appareciated
  8. Jean

    Kinship! :D

  9. Jean


  10. Ge in race with a huge lead... I am not happy right now >_>

  11. How do I report the easter treasure chest? it scammed me out of 12 pure ori πŸ™‚

    1. Ethan Gray

      Ethan Gray

      What’d you get from a +10 key

    2. Jean


      nothing of great value hahahaha thats all I gotta say hahaha

    3. Irish Heart

      Irish Heart

      people should stay away from unlucky people unless they want to be infected with bad luck. LMAO.

  12. Jean

    Easter Rare Poll 2021

    Blood Raven looks so good but Noxious blade... oh my lord
  13. Jean

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    Just do more runs and get more loot
  14. Jean

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    HERE WE GO !!!