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    It doesn't. I didn't get it either. But his idea on Eremes Scarf is superb.
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    It's a rank B weapon for the Wizard Class. I'm not sure how much Nightmare Amon Ra Card is.
  4. This guide is for newbies who want the Draconus' Scale for Hero Quest or for those who want Draconus Card. It's pretty easy actually STATS: Enough STR to carry stuff and additional attack (200-ish) Enough AGI for max attack speed Enough VIT to withstand Draconus' damage (300-ish) INT - Not really necessary Max DEX - Main Stats for Rangers Enough LUK for CRIT and additional attack (200-ish) EQUIPMENT: Helm - - - Punk Beanie with any card you want (VOTE NOW TO GET PUNK BEANIE!!!!!!!) Wing - - - Union Wings with any card you want Aura - - - Any Aura with any card you want Armor - - - White Wing Suit [+Long Range Physical attacks by 2*refine level] with Gloom Under Night Card for Draconus in Hero Temple or Any card you want for Draconus in Mag_dun02 Weapon - - - any 4 slotted bow with [3 Abysmal Knight Cards + Mao Guai Card] for Draconus in Mag_dun02 or with [3 Abysmal Knight Card + Santa Poring for Draconus from Hero Temple] = 210% more damage on Draconus Shield - - - (Limited to 1Handed Bows only) Any shield with Alice Card Garment - - - White Wing Manteau Shoes - - - White Wing Boots with any card you want Accessories - - - White Wing Brooch and any other accessory you want Arrow - - - Arrow of Counter Evil for Draconus in Hero Temple or Immaterial Arrow for Draconus in Mag_dun02 WHAT TO DO: *DRACONUS in Mag_dun02 Warp to mag_dun02 241 241 to get to mag_dun02. Type @mobsearch 3400. If Draconus is alive it'll show "1 Draconus", if he's dead it'll show "[dead] Draconus" Move 1-cell away from Draconus to proc Sonic Blow. Hit him using normal attacks. Use Mastela Fruit to stay alive Get Scale (and Card if you're lucky) *DRACONUS in Hero Temple Talk to the girl in Hero Temple and pay 1b. Enter the instance. ^ Follow Step 3 onwards ***NOTES and TIPS: The highlighted items are very important to make this build work. Draconus respawns 3 hours after death. White Wing Suit is dropped by Anubis with a 100% drop rate. White Wing Manteau, Boots and Brooch can be bought using Mora Coins in Mora Village (I will add another guide later on how to farm Mora Coins 24/7) White Wing Set (Armor+Garment+Boots+Brooch) gives a 30% increase in Long Range Attacks. You can enchant the White Wing Set using Mora Coins. Since you are using a bow, all your attacks are considered Long Range. (Correct me if I'm wrong) You can ask around to know the best equipment for Long Range Damage. I don't use Ranger as my main and just happened to discover this. Rangers are not the best Draconus killers. CONGRATULATIONS! You have slain Draconus! TRY IT NOW!! Please +1 if you LIKE it... +1 if you DON'T LIKE it... +1 if you DON'T CARE... THANKS and ENJOY! :))
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    okay, 1 sec.
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    on my sig.
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    Yes, currently on STP
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    the least I can go is 11b.
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    Sorry, I can't.
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    Still there? Sorry it took me a while to kill kimi.
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    Wait, I am currently inside Horror Factory.
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    7b for 1, 13b for 2.
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