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  1. Zerg Rush

    Sam's Shop~

    10b for BBs
  2. I wonder what's new on this year's Christmas Event. Waiting~

  3. Zerg Rush


    You can get some of the gears in Vote NPC. Though they have different names, they have similar effects. While some can be obtained during certain events but I think some players sell them. Feel free to roam around the vending area. Or try to use @whosell <item name> to see if someone's selling it.
  4. Zerg Rush


    You can already kill the Undead type monsters in Bossnia with a single hit of Storm Gust using Determined Kathryne Card (using my equipment build) so there's no need to boost the magic damage on undead even more. What you really need to do is boost your magic damage against ghost property monsters since you can't one-hit the Bug Bears. So, D.Kath Card is the best for boots.
  5. Zerg Rush


    Bug Bear and Fan Lizard are Ghost Property so I think Determined Kathryn Card is better. I think Dancing Marionette's card adds physical damage on undead and not on magic damage. and Yes, refining wands and staffs in renewal add MATK. Thanks for the additional info.
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    Likewise. I am always in go 12.
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    Your Klaus™ is OP. Yes, I am
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    OMG! I remember you. I always see you in BG before. Welcome back!
  11. Need Mora Coins to get set items such as White Wing Set, Judgement Set, etc? Need Sea God's Anger to enchant your Glorious Equipment? Worry no more! This guide can solve your problems HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? It's simple, just farm in Malangdo Culverts. WAIT, WHAAAT?! Malangdo Culvert is an instance that lasts for 1 hour and has a 1-hour cooldown. Which means, after the instance time is over, you can enter again UNLIMITED TRIES = UNLIMITED COINS/SGA _____________________________________________________________________________________ GUIDE STARTS HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to access MALANGDO CULVERT INSTANCE? You need to buy the "entry pass" called Seagod's Protection from the Special Vending Machine in Malangdo Island (@warp malangdo 218 163). How to get SILVERVINE FRUIT? You can get Silvervine fruit by joining the Battlegrounds (THIS! @joinbg), playing PYL or by doing quests. Where do I go to get to MALANGDO CULVERT INSTANCE? @warp malangdo 135 275 How do I start the MALANGDO CULVERT INSTANCE? Enter the portal and talk to Missing, the Cleaner (with Seagod's Protection in your inventory) Select "Agraham Insulted Me" to reserve the instance. for additional rewards, talk to Albo and take both the daily and weekly quests. Talk to Missing, the Cleaner to enter the culvert. Talk to Missing, the Cleaner inside the culvert. Pick easy mode by choosing "I'm pretty good at delivering bread". Talk to Missing again and choose to start cleaning. When it reaches 5 Contaminated Stems and you did not clean the next drain, you will fail the cleaning stage and Missing will appear. You can talk to Missing again to restart cleaning. You can use any character you want STATS: Str - 400 Agi - 195 atkspd Vit - REST Int - Max Dex - 200 Luk - not necessary EQUIPMENT: (NOTE: All monsters inside this instance are boss protocol) HELM - Any Helm that boosts MAGIC or Blazing Fire Head [Auto-cast level 10 Meteor Storm] with Vesper Card WING - Anti-Strip Wing with Vesper Card AURA - Anti-Stun Aura with Vesper Card ARMOR - Valkyrie Armor or Magnetite Armor with Paladin Card WEAPON - Any 4-slotted weapon with 3 Sniper Cards and 1 Golem Card (I'm not sure if they break your weapon but I use Golem Card just in case) If you use a Sura, use Noble Cross with F.Atroce/Kimi. SHIELD - +8 Libra Shield or +8 Keeper's Shield or +8 Bronzite Buckler with GTB or Rafflessia Card GARMENT - Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card or Antique Book Card SHOES - Any shoes with Fallen Bishop Card [10% MATK] ACCESSORIES: 1x or 2x Mercury Relic with Scaraba Cards RECOMMENDED CLASS: GX BUILD: Rolling Cutter Build with Anti-strip NOTES: DO NOT CLEAN THE DRAINS IF YOU WANT TO FARM. IF YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH, YOU CAN CHOOSE TO CLEAN THE DRAINS AND TRY THE MVP (WEIRD CEOLACANTH AND DARK CEOLACANTH). YOU NEED TO CLEAN 4 DRAINS TO SUMMON MVP IN EASY MODE. IF YOU WANT MORE CHALLENGE, YOU CAN CHOOSE HARD MODE BY PICKING THE OTHER OPTION IN STEP 4 (SEE ABOVE). IN HARD MODE, YOU CAN GET 10 KINDS OF COIN BAGS, INCLUDING THE S GRADE COIN BAG WHERE YOU CAN GET SEA GOD'S ANGER THAT IS USED TO ENCHANT GLORIOUS EQUIPMENT. IN HARD MODE, YOU NEED TO CLEAN 5 DRAINS TO SUMMON THE MVP (MUTANT CEOLACANTH AND VIOLENT CEOLACANTH). THIS INSTANCE NEEDS PATIENCE. YOU'LL KNOW WHAT I MEAN WHEN YOU TRY IT. I will not post my MVP build here. Sorry guys It is not that hard, you just have to discover it on your own. AUTOLOOT LIST: 12612 - Old Coin Bag 12613 - Improved Coin Bag 12614 - Intermediate Coin Bag 12615 - Minor Coin Bag 12616 - S Grade Coin Bag 12617 - A Grade Coin Bag 12618 - B Grade Coin Bag 12619 - C Grade Coin Bag 12620 - D Grade Coin Bag 12620 - E Grade Coin Bag 21449 - Victory Badge 20060 - 100m Bag Gjallarhorn TRY IT NOW!! Please +1 if you LIKE it.... +1 if you DON'T LIKE it.... +1 if you DON'T CARE.... THANKS and ENJOY! :))
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  13. I'll take all the biotites. PM me in-game.
  14. Zerg Rush

    Buying and Selling

    I'd like to buy the remaining Feral Claw.