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  1. Xalx Aurion

    Coming back.

    Thanks! o/
  2. Xalx Aurion

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    The original mechanic sprite was a lot better, pretty much the sole reason I choose to stick with the old sprites. Oh, and I like the old Fem. Sura as well. (Save for the flying head, but I fixed that myself, kappa)
  3. Xalx Aurion

    Coming back.

    Damn, I'm surprised to see you're still here. o/
  4. Xalx Aurion

    Coming back.

    So being the idiot I am, I realized I actually signed in to my dummy account and not my real one. This is my actual forum account, so I guess I just doxxed myself with my actual name up there. LMAO. Oh well. Thanks, Shuvi. No Game No Life Zero was awesome.