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  1. C o m a

    iOS & Android Mobile Client [Beta]

    actually i stream DRO in facebook but i got copyright flagged by Official RO server so i don't think its possible lol
  2. C o m a

    Wow just got back and i see so many pets!

    just like that do you guys know all the new pets? i want to choose and i see they have stats now whose the good ones?
  3. C o m a

    Wow just got back and i see so many pets!

    nice do you guys have the list of the "Big" pets? i only know hera and friends
  4. quite envy the big ones where i can get one of those? is it tradeable ? except hera and friends thank you
  5. C o m a

    GX build for hhh

    if i remember new HHH now is still demi human so pvp item i still relevant
  6. C o m a

    Any Instances Guide?

    i mean every instance im quite a quest freak lol do they change every instance a demi human race? wanna try old glast heim
  7. C o m a

    Any Instances Guide?

    So Apparently quite enjoying playing DRO again. i want to try Instance can i do it solo or need strong party like ED? or should i have 1 dmg and 1 buff fully geared? and so i can have basic guide for it? like boss build killer Thank you again
  8. is there any existing guide here? just got back wanna try it advance thanks
  9. C o m a

    Daily Quest Revamp

    wow the right wing fragment is cheaper now. how about the left one? XD
  10. C o m a

    Job Builds Submissions

    {Warlock} {-Morissette Summers- Pvp General Nerf Pvp Build (Balance) } -Queens Build- Recommended Stats: (Please include a brief explanation of the stat usage and reason for increasing or ignoring each stat) STR:80 AGI:180 ( i hate odd numbers lol ) DEX: 180 INT: 500 VIT: 150 or 80 depends on your preference LUK: remaining stats Recommended Equipment: (Please include the headgear and card's effects next to it's name) Top Headgear: +10 any 35% demi headgear Card 1: Glorified Orc Hero Card Middle Headgear: Any Magic Rare Wings Card: Kiel Card Lower Headgear: Any Immune Freeze and Silence + 60% Speed Auras Card: Kiel Card Armor: +9/10 Juggernaut Armor (General Build no Switching Option) Card: N/A Weapon: +10 Laevatein (Elite Weapon) Card 1: Celine Kimi Card Card 2: Entweihen Crothen Card Card 3: Zakudam Card Card 4: Zakudam Card Shield: +10 Valk Shield (Element Resist) Card: Hades Card or Thara Frog Card Robe: +8/10 Keeper's Manteau (+10 is needed for better nerf) Card: Cautious Howard Card Shoes: +8 Poseidon Shoes Card: Determined Kathryne Card Accessory 1: Adamite Pendant Card: Scaraba Card Accessory 2: Elite Gloves Card: Scaraba Card Note: Support it with Scrolls/Elemental Pots pretty much your tank Wizard Disclaimer: This is ONLY a General Elite build i'm sorry if i can't share the physical/magical full nerf build that requested to me several times because i'm not the one build that strat. hope you understand
  11. C o m a

    HWC ignore mdef soft or hard?

    in general kiel is needed. for after-cast delay
  12. First in for all who am i? i'm the Fire Queen [-Morissette Summers-] *self proclaim lol* Now let's go shall we? FARMING WARLOCK (DQ/SC/ZEPH) Head Gears Drooping Lunatic - 20% After-Cast [ 6 Daily Quest Coin ] Poring Backpack - 30% After-Skill Delay [ FREE ] V4P Delay Wings - 30% After- Skill Delay [ V4P ] [switching Option 100% After-Cast / 90% After-Cast with Speed] Flaming Spirit - 20% After-Cast Poring Balloon - 50% Movement Speed Equipment Speedy Recovery Wand - 15% After-Skill Delay [150 BG Badge] Expert Ring - 5% After- Skill delay [Ragged Zombie] Sprint Set - 15% After-Skill Delay [ Cornus (1992) - Sprint Armor] [ H illslion (1989)- Sprint Shoes] [Luciola Vespa (1994)- Sprint Ring] Card Moonlight Flower Card - For Full After-Cast Build ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full After-Cast - 110% reduce delay Speedo After-Cast - 90% reduce delay Middle Range Equipped Warlock (HERO) (All Purpose / Farm / BG / PVP) Head Gears 35% Redux Helm - Orc Hero / Glo. Orc Hero Card 45% Delay Wing / Magic Rare - Kiel Card Immune Aura (60% Speed Immune to Freeze and Silent) - Kiel Card Equipment Armor: Valkyrie/Lord Tunic - Ghostring Card / Tao Gunka Card Shield: Valkyrie Shield - GTB Card / Thara Frog Mantle: Aesprika / +8 or + 10Nyoggy Garb / +8 Keepers Manteau - Sinx Card / Cautious Howard Card / Noxious Card Staff: Death Staff / Glorious Wand / Willow Staff [Rank B] - 4 Necromancer / 2 necro 2 Zakudam Card Shoes: Sleipnir - Fallen Bishop Card Accessory - 2 INT Megs Godlike Tank / Damage Warlock [ELITE] Q & A : Why the Last Build is Classified? - to give a respect to all warlock user who did their homework to build a proper warlock in pvp. you will know how to build too when you get familiar to pvp environment. Why you waste your time farming for Drooping Lunatic and Flame Spirit? -I'm a cheap ass you know? i won't spend B bags to buy kiel and Delay for my farming warlock? pfft. (i have a pvp warlock and farming warlock) Is the middle Range Effective? - Yes, its effective enough to kill someone in BG and HHH (as long you do run and hit lol) How can i maximize my Reduce Dmg to PVP? -Use usable items like Holy Scroll, Undead Scrolls, Element Resist Potions. Where i can farm Scrolls and Potions? - Element Potions - Plasma Card - Undead Scrolls - Wings of Darkness [ 1,800 BG Badges ] - Holy Scrolls - Wings of Light [ 1,800 BG Badges ] i would like to share my old 6 - 10B per day Farming with only 1 warlock but Stone Skipping already Patched and Scrolls,Yggs drop already fixed so its not working anymore. but my main farm to earn fast is cough *bapho dolls* cough *poring cards* Any more question about warlock? Just ask i will answer it lol.