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  1. KataraVegeta

    Hero Quest Guide

    One more question. Do my caspen kills start to count now that I am rank B? Or will they not count until I officially start my elite hero quest?
  2. KataraVegeta

    Hero Quest Guide

    i am convinced it was glitched. Because I did this quest like 5 times killed over 200 poporing and this last time it finally freaking dropped what i needed. or do you usually have to do it multiple times to get the phlogopite?
  3. KataraVegeta

    Hero Quest Guide

    i am having an issue with this part i have killed so many poporing i am tired of looking at the tbh. But i still do not get the drop i need I am autolooting btw. Is there something i am missing or am I doing something wrong? Or is this no longer a step?