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  1. Hope.

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    Hi Sadie, is there chance u can add ragnarok t-shirt on valentine NPC? thank you.
  2. Hope.

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    Yup my effect is on , btw.. I turned it into costume -Fixed, thank you.
  3. Hope.

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    Hi, please check the digital space aura its not giving the special aura effect I tried to equip it on and off and relog but nothings happen.
  4. Hope.

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    Hi just curious if there will be more items to come ? or valentine pets thank you~
  5. Hope.

    Next or nah

    I'll share mine during Christmas!~ I re-roll after and got whammy in the end
  6. Hope.

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    Hi Sadie, just wondering if u can include run for you life too ? thank you~
  7. Hope.

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    I still have the tokens from last yr sadly its useless now :(( anyway great way to become more productive inside the game rather than afking for like 8hrs * can we exchange our tokens old valentine tokens into new one? XDD
  8. Ice queen is pretty huge also Taini
  9. 4th Classes :">

  10. Hope.

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Yes, beware of fake candies or change the discription of the xmas candy from ordinary candy? please fix HoT room 6 its bug queen scrabba is not spawning :< ty
  11. Hope.

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    • No, HoT is open for all and yes you need to turn on bgm/sounds it requires to some challenges. • Yes its like PYL and its addicting, there are corresponding points every level when u get whammy. ( stage 2 = 2 points and so on ) • I think its the only way to obtain that costume, Yes its pretty I'm seing 2-3 person has it now so its quite hard to win that. • Wai till the final phase it's like a christmas presents ull get random stuffs from loots to donation gears , so u just keep it for now and u can get more of it by doin santa delivery
  12. Hope.

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    I got the divine weapon but cant be equip coz its for 3rd job only it says, get some sleep now no worries I'll just wait for it thank you for fast respond
  13. Hope.

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Hi Sadie, • Can u make divine weapon also available for transcended 2nd job I know I'm not the only one using this job for farming. • why divine weapon only last for 7 days only?