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  1. Dam Yeo Wool

    Omni Social Guild

    WELCOME TO OMNI GUILD (Social / HHH, Non-WOE Guild) Guild Leader: Sky Co-leaders: i_love_riggler ™ Dee™ Error9 • • • • • • This guild is just pretty much the same as any other social guilds that existed/still existing in DreamerRO. Teaching beginners on some basic stuff, Doing fun events (Dice/Hide and Seek/Break the Pub/Bring me) Hunting/Zeph's Quest with guildmates, Chatting in towns or just bum around. That'll probably sum it all up. • • • • • • "THERE IS ONLY ONE GUILD RULE : READ AND FOLLOW SERVER RULES!!!" HAVE FUN! :D Our hangout place is located at Hero Temple (@warp ayo_in02 94 160) If you want to be invited just pm me or the guys listed with invitation power. Looking forward in meeting new members :D ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^