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  1. quacka12


    Hi Dreamerro players, Buying: +8 Rustic Mantle Please post an offer here or pm me in-game: Mr Tran SN Selling: Daily Quest services = 1b Thank you Cheers Mr Tran
  2. quacka12

    Zeph vs Mining vs BG vs Bossnia Farming?

    Haha, yes I tested with HE gum (won this via Press your luck) Definitely faster than bubble gum. But cost effectivewise, I could only afford BBgum to sustain a good profit. Thank you again for your post! Mr Tran
  3. quacka12

    Zeph vs Mining vs BG vs Bossnia Farming?

    Thank you for your input. Yes I've been told that Mining is the best once you're high level. To forge and sell is the best way in the long run. Thought I confirm it. I'll give it a go and see! Thank you for your post. Mr Tran
  4. quacka12

    Zeph vs Mining vs BG vs Bossnia Farming?

    haha yes, I do feel that too!
  5. quacka12

    Zeph vs Mining vs BG vs Bossnia Farming?

    Hi everyone, Thank you for all your responses. It was quite insightful. I appreciate it! I'll see how mining goes at lvl 100 onwards. I imagine this will take a while before I know. Cheers Mr Tran
  6. Hi all, I've been reading through the forums with regards to the best method of farming Zeny (mostly prior 2020) From what I saw, it seems that in the past, Mining was a recommended approach. I was wondering which is best of the 4 types: 1. Mining (is it still efficient at high levels? ) 2. BG (lots of people say that you can farm for zeny and gears here?) 3. Bossnia Charms (I've tried this and seems quite nice. 1k set with bubble gum =6b, took me 1.5hrs. I thought that was quite efficient) 4. Zeph farming (I believe when you max it out, ti'll be roughly 900m per zeph, and takes about 30-40mins) From what I see, it seems that Bossnia Charms is the most efficient method for farming zeny /hour basis. But I see more people doing BG/Mining. Is there a reason why? Thanks for any input! Mr Tran
  7. quacka12

    Recruiting For Instance/MvP/Support Guild

    Hi Amy, I know this post was made almost a year ago. I was wondering if the guild is still available for new players to join? Cheers IGN: Mr Tran Creator
  8. Hi Dreamer Ro players,


    I am new to the server and learning to use the forums and reading guides to play on this server. So far it's been quite an enjoyable and friendly environment.

    I am looking to join a social guild, occasionally MVP or do cooperative activities together.


    All my characters will start off with "Mr Tran"




    Mr Tran

    1. Tsuchie


      Hello Mr Tran, welcome to DreamerRO! You can try Overgeared guild, since it's one of the populated guild with lots of active members! You can find one of the leaders at '@go 2' or Geffen. See you in game 🙂

    2. quacka12


      Thank you Tsuchie

      Cheers! I will do so!


      Mr Tran