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  1. kiko2max

    Question about mining

    Much better genetic for the clearing of mobs. Thank me later
  2. kiko2max

    High Level Mining

    From level 1-80 i saw this scarabah 1 time only i think they need to add more mine map for scarabah and valk.
  3. kiko2max

    High Level Mining

    I tried in the NPC but it is End of Map.
  4. kiko2max

    High Level Mining

    Good day friends, Im currently LVL 80 in mining where can i find the mine of Scarabah and Valkyrie? Thank you
  5. kiko2max


    If you want to farm more zeny just make 6 Warlock even if its level 300 all you need to do is: 1. Go to caspen and look for Zeph 2. Go and finish the Mission 3. Character select then Talk to Zeph again 4. Go and finish the Mission until you finish all 6 warlock GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY FARMING