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  1. kiko2max

    Rank B Weapon Quest

    My point here is to improve the server but I think the GM/Moderators don't like any improvements. Even the instances is very limited.l
  2. kiko2max

    Rank B Weapon Quest

    I think that they need to update the rank of each weapon. Like the axes it is very unbalance like for example, mythril saber has 330atk while the deathpade is 295atk. If you will compare this 2 rank c weapon mythril saber is much better while the deathspade is good also but not like the mythril saber. Anyway thank you for answering my inquiry and giving me information that there is no Rank B weapon. #Unbalance
  3. kiko2max

    Rank B Weapon Quest

    My job is Mechanic, I took the 1 hand Axe. I have a suggestion also, can the GM/Moderator put the list of Rank C,B weapon in the Dreamerro Wiki.
  4. Good day to all, I just finish the quest of Rank B weapon all of the materials needed is ready then once I finish it the weapon NPC gave me is Rank C weapon. What should I do?
  5. kiko2max

    iOS & Android Mobile Client [Beta]

    Not working April 4, 2021
  6. kiko2max

    Question regarding about The Sign Quest

    I think I need to reset my quest. Thank you for your advice.
  7. Did I already failed the quest for the The Sign?
  8. kiko2max

    Mechanic Build

    Any suggestion for Mechanic build. Knuckle Boost/Arm canon and Vulcan Arm build.
  9. kiko2max

    Mechanic Build

    Hello to all, Can you give me some idea how can I build my Mechanic? I want to be a arm cannon/vulcan arm/flame thrower/knuckle boost build. Thank you
  10. kiko2max


    B> HERO QUEST SET 6B IGN: BisugoKing
  11. kiko2max

    Question about mining

    Much better genetic for the clearing of mobs. Thank me later
  12. kiko2max

    High Level Mining

    From level 1-80 i saw this scarabah 1 time only i think they need to add more mine map for scarabah and valk.
  13. kiko2max

    High Level Mining

    I tried in the NPC but it is End of Map.
  14. kiko2max

    High Level Mining

    Good day friends, Im currently LVL 80 in mining where can i find the mine of Scarabah and Valkyrie? Thank you