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    • I'm guessing you already did the Heaven flower quest (because you said you are Rank C now??)
       Note : Heimir will ask for 200 honorable kills (This kind of kills can be obtained by killing players in duel arena, @pvpmode, @duel, Hero Arena, and other PvP environment). You don't need to do them, because even without doing it, you can still talk to Reginleif, as long as you have done the Heaven Flower quest. If you wanna try is do the quest again by doing this : However you need to finish first the Heaven flower Quest before she talk to you.
      First, you must go to [lighthalzen 40 240] and talk to the NPC named Heimer.
      He will describe to you a quest.
      and find an item called [Heaven Flower].

      Heaven Flower can be found in [odin_tem03] in 3 possible random locations:

        After you approach a heaven flower, a Seyren-like mob (The one that spawns at lhz_dun03) will spawn nearby it. He drops heaven flower once killed, but this is not a 100% drop rate. So if you don't get the Heaven Flower, you need to warp to other Heaven Flower's location. If every location has been searched but you still can't obtain Heaven Flower, you need to reset back to Heimer. Once you have obtained the Heaven Flower, return to Heimer and you can now talk to Reginleif.   Credits to @Valco for this.   If problem still persist try @request for a GM or staff or any assistant in game for more support.   also this :
      C Rank Hero

      (*Note : Be extra careful when doing 60 kills with 2:1 kill ratio, You might get a problem with creating the C rank weapon if your K:D ratio increase above the suggested limit*) Credits to @Valco for this.  
    • Because they have different skill sets, which gives the class a huge advantage over others. Imagine if Rune Knights coukd change into Royal Guard and viceversa as they please. Mucisians have a similar concept. The elite weapon is another con.
    • who knows maybe they'll become tame able later. Pray to our admin.
    • Hi Zaabu,  Really thankful for your reply. I am not sure what i missed. there is no heavenly flower quest also, i spoke to heimer, he asked for 200 kills directly.  Thanks!  Harry
    • why change sex is not applicable for this job? is this because of the elite weapon?
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    • ulol69

      · 0 replies
    • tohhonghao  »  GM Freia

      HI GM, my character was banned for farming my own char. After many years of returning back to RO, how would i even remember/know that this action is banned? Hopefully, it is not assumed that all players should read the entire forum to find out what action is banned before playing the game. Wouldn't it be better to set it in the system, that if farming is detected, a notice/alert/warning would appear or the gains would be negated?
      I am just suggesting some solutions, to make this a more friendly server. 
      After returning, donated 51USD, and then realised cant get hero weapon C, send several support tickets but no reply from GM. Although theres a forum reply, but still i did not get my hero weapon C and now warlock already hero level B. then i realised heimer ask me to get 200 honor kills, but while doing so got banned as a result, without notice. worse still, realised 200 honor kills already not required, but heimer still ask me to do it ........  
      Although just coming back for barely a week, i met several in game players, whom are really friendly, and guided me back and reorientated me to the server. i hope the system in place can be more friendly too --- to returning old dreamerro players. 
      · 1 reply
    • emile

      S> Halloween Tokens 100M ea.
      · 0 replies
    • Sadie

      You need materials as well as halloween tokens for trading stuffs in phase 2. If you lack tokens start looking for those wandering ghost. Their number will increase as phase 2 progress tomorrow. The mini games difficulty is super easy, very easy and easy. Goodluck in finding them.
      · 1 reply
    • emile

      Halloween has been great! Nice job Sadie!!
      · 1 reply
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