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    • Hello Haze, First of all thanks for taking time and replying in the forum. I recently joined DRO a week back. I used to play in another mid rate server a while back and keeping up with your hobbies or side activities keeps getting more complicated as we become older. I used to spent hours playing RO , now with a job and other responsibilities it has become a lot more complicated and I spent a lot less time playing . In regards to the server,  I find the having the 3rd jobs is quite fun , never got to play them in back and that is the main reason I joined DRO. The treasure chest events help those active players progress ...however other events as battlegrounds required a fixed amount of people to start , and sometimes the quota is not met. Which turns obtaining battleground items harder than expected . Other events such as city invasions (yesterday was Satan Morroc invading prontera......I think no one showed at least I warped and could only see my lonely sniper and it’s wurg. The server mostly says 500 players logged but most of them are vendors....the mvp arenas are empty and I rarely find another player around when mvp hunting . Don’t get me wrong I love the game (the reason why I came back) and like the server (thus I made a little donation )....but thinking in a egotistical manner ...I’m new and I would like for things to be easier , experience the hero quest , visit casspen and do the endless tower. But we current game if I don’t know anyone I won’t be able to do any of that . I know that what I’m telling you my discourage some of the veterans , but I might attract new players( just cycle through...start account , vote , obtain nice gear , level up, do endgame content and probably after a month lose interest and leave ; but hope some other player will take that place). Anyhow thanks for the time spent managing the server and creating new content , also props for the returners gear (helps a lot). Always remember family first kids only grow up once.....    I will find time to post my review on ratemyserver. But at least I try to vote 2 each day lol.... sorry for the long message
    • Waw that's a good decision to have another full power developer. Hopefully the selected GM can do the best
      Thank you so much HaZe
    • I see, probably triggered because you didn't join any event before reset. Anyway just wait for the admin to fix your account. Thank you
    • this account is definitely new Done with the ticket anyway...
    • Dont think its because of renewal patch that people left its all because of bugs and stability of the server. Many people left cuz of item getting lost in their cart again and again then theres the elite hero quest which they will need to finish instances that got many bugs so if trouble comes they will reset their quest again and again. And also the problem on the server its a bit laggy that a normal computer from computer shop wont be able to play it smooth.I think its due to many custom gears.So when doing pvp they cant keep up.Their getting pawned. Well anyway.....i guess its time for new game to play a millenial 3d high graphics game.
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