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    • Greetings Dreamers!

      In an effort to further guide newbies into which equipment they should aim for and which stats they should max, we have decided to compile a list of builds for each job. We are asking our veterans to share their recommended equipment and stat builds so that we can use those guides and compile the list of Job Specific builds. This guides will be posted on our main website and will be accessed by thousands of newbies in the future. In addition, we are considering adding "Job Specific" donation boxes, which would contain the equipment suggested in your guides! Since we know your time is precious, we would like to reward you for sharing your knowledge and your builds. Each approved job build will be rewarded with 15 donation credits, which will be added to your account. Rules for submitting your build: You  must follow the "Job Build Template" included in this topic. You can submit as many builds as you wish. However, only the best one for each job/category will be rewarded. You cannot list multiple shoes, shields etc. It must be the #1 recommended item+card for that slot. You cannot edit your post more than 12 hours after posting it. You cannot steal/repost another members build unless you modify more than 50% of it. You have 10 days to post your build, after that time the staff will choose the winning build for each one of the jobs/categories. Submit your builds no later than February 27, 2019.  Build Types We are aware that there are thousands of combinations of equipment and stats for each job. Builds vary depending on the enemy in PvP or the MvP you are fighting against. Still, we are asking you to share your most "General" PvP or MvP build, which means it should work against most jobs or most MvPs. They must be "end-game" builds, not necessarily newbie accessible items. This will be the build to aim for after you are an Elite Hero and gave your Elite Weapon and Division Glove. Job Build Template ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   If you have any questions regarding this event please post them below. Do not post your job build submission on this topic. All job build submissions must be posted in a different topic. Click here to submit your build!
    • try testing level 7 sonic blow and punk bennie so u could see whats the difference
    • I'm so-so in PVP, but I'm interested in the Valentines theme gear set. Thanks for updates~!!
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