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Earn Zeny the colorful way..!

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More Straightforward Guide --> http://playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10193-rainbow-sash-guide/


Simple guide on earning zeny in dreamerRO and this one is different than most guides I see so i thought i could share this way.


This guide can make you earn 1 Billion in Profits easily with little effort. This guide is recommended for new people who has little clue on how to make money in this high rate server.


Now enough with the small talk and lets get straight to the point


Requirements in order to be able to use this guide :

> lvl 500 character

> 500m Capital <--- I know you're thinking i went to this guide to learn how to gain zeny and i needed 500m to do this ? WTF!

> No worries I'll explain how you can get 500M easily and move on making billions.

> Myst Case Card <--- This is for gift box loot @aloot item 644 which is key point in this guide.

> Knowledge on Macro <--- Alt + shortcuts which is helpful but it doesnt matter if you prefer typing commands manually.


Ok lets get down to business...


You are in caspen and you have a lvl 500 char with gears mainly killing mobs and you want to get strong like those people in battleground and get high end gears and be the best there is at PVP obviously what you need is ZENY!! and you come across this guide so here we go


First Step is going to Alexandria @warp Alexandria 200 200 and in the middle of the map theres a building in the center that says ticket now go in and talk to the first NPC you see.


What we are aiming for is the item rainbow sash now check and talk to him make sure you list the items required in order for him to make the item rainbow sash for you :


Rainbow Sash - Gives 40% movespeed Low headgear with 1 slot and this is the item we would sell to players it ranges from 2b-3b each not bad right?


150 Illusion flowers <-- @warp bra_dun02 Kill Iara for it

200 Soft Silk <-- @warp gon_dun03 Kill Evil Nymph for it there are only 50 mobs available every 10 mins in this map so you may have to move onto other requirements after you get 50 soft silks

300 Fabric <-- @warp gl_chyard Kill Wraiths for it

1 x Heavenly Maiden Robe <-- I recommend you buy this from people instead of hunting it, it only cost 15-20m so it wont hurt you considering your profit on this is big.


35 each of the following :


Scarlet dyestuff

Lemon dyestuff

Darkgreen dyestuff } these 5 colors you wont need to make since you can obtain them from

Cobaltblue dyestuff gift boxes which you obtain since you have myst case card compounded on

White dyestuff on your head gear so just open the boxes make sure you keep these items

also other items you might wanna save are Gold require for hero quest and a

nice 100k to npc, Bapho doll which can go for 4-5m each to players.


orange dye stuff

violet dye stuff


these two colors you have to make but these items are the only thing u need to hunt

350x Blue herbs <-- @warp pay_fild05 from poison spores

140x alcohol <-- @warp pay_dun04 from horongs


140x Empty bottles

70x karvodailnirol } these 3 items you can find from one mob called remover found in lhz_dun01

70x detrimindexta


alcohol , karvodailnirol , detrimindexta <-- these items we need to make 70x of counter agent and mixture hence the 140 empties and 70x karvo and detri. which can be made at @warp geffen_in 140 140 for a few zeny


after that you have to make the dyes you need to go to @warp morocc_in 150 100

you will only make orange and violet so be careful what you choose in the drop list.


overall items you need are 1750 red herbs, 700 yellow herbs , 350 blue herbs and the 70x counter agent and mixture along with 140 empty bottles. The red herb and yellow herb you wont need to hunt you can just buy them at item mall in caspen from the pet npc.


And lastly the hardest part of the requirement is 500million zeny thats right the npc needs 500m to make the item for you it is pricey but worth it once you made it since ur profit will be ranging from 1.5b-2.5b!!


all the values I presented are the amount you need to make 1 piece of rainbow sash so dont limit yourself if you can hunt more then with all due respect go ahead and get more of those and decrease the time you need to spend on your next rainbow sash.


Now how to make 500m? simple you know those gift boxes you get from your mystcase card im sure you would get more than 1k if not more and the baphoment dolls you get there can be sold at 4m-5m each from people who have a buying stand in vending house in caspen. Also the additional items you get from those gift boxes can be sold to npc ranging from 0-100k zeny per item. And if you are still short on your required capital you can always do zeph quest.


And there you go! thats all you need, once you gathered all the materials and made the item you can easily sell the item to people and trust me they sell like pancakes since people are lazy to make one and it is a must have item. but trust me there is nothing to be lazy about, it is not hard!! i know you will be blinded by the amount of items required.


Heres some useful tips I would like to add:


1. when hunting the items make sure you use the command @aloot item <item name>, @aloot item 644 for the giftbox becoz @aloot item gift box doesnt work for some reason and put @aloot rate 10 so you dont have to get the unecessary loots


2. when hunting soft silks in gon_dun03 make sure you use the command @showmobs evil nymph this will track the mobs inside the map so you know exact location where to kill them since there is only 50 mobs of that kind in that map every 10 mins and you wanna sweep them perfectly everytime you go back in that map.


3. Recommended Classes Warlock, RK


Thanks for reading this guide and if you found this helpful dont forget to leave a comment below. ^_^

Sorry if the guide was messy this is my first guide and remember this guide works for me and I am not certain it will work for you.


If you have any questions in game this is my IGN: Hiltz


Peace and Good Luck Zeny Making!!

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Another good source of fabrics is Royal Chamber [2@carat] (Main NPC -> warper -> Customs -> Royal chamber) it's also a source of poison bottle materials ;D


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I went to the coordinates specified to make the counter agent and mixture.  But the NPC in the room will not make the mixtures.  Just keeps going on about me being a test subject or something.

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The red herb and yellow herb you wont need to hunt you can just buy them at item mall in caspen from the pet npc.

+1 for a place to buy red and yellow herb :D


if selling ur baphomet dolls still not enough to reach 500m, u can also sell violet dyestuff for 9m and orange dyestuff for 4.5m (thats the lowest price in vending arena when i type this post)

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+1 nice guide!!


BTW.. as of now.. rainbow sash rarely sells for 2B.. standard price is around 1.5B (Highest) and 1B is the normal price.. rush sellers can lower it to 800M but only a fool would sell it for 500m.. Duh! you need 500m to make one r.sash.. /heh

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this guide is very old  and because hardly anyone makes them now i think there is a v4p ribbon (purple ribbon i think) that gives movement speed why not try that 

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I did the whole guide and got all the items required except for violet and orange dyes

hmm.. i been trying to make violet and orange dyes but the NPC that makes counter agent and mixture does not seem to work. It is the one located at geffen_in 140 140. 

Am i doing anything wrong?

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