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PVP/BattleGrounds Guillotine Cross-Katar/Sword and Sonic Daggers

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Been a while since Ive been on the forums, I forgot my old username so I made a new one. But this build typically works really well in Battlegrounds and WOE, not as much pvp since people always cloak and you'll most likely be ganged up on. But I just wanted to hear some feedback from you all. Thanks for reading!

This is a guide, you can tweak these builds to whatever fits your play style.

-rank b for shamshirs and Feral Claws
-basic knowledge in equip switching (especially when it comes to switching between dual swords/daggers, katars, and shields
-donation equips for full effectiveness

-willing to experiment with different gear/card combinations

Guillotine Cross Hybrid-Swords and Katars-my current build

Strength: 490-500
Agility: 195 aspd
Dexterity: 150-200
Luck: 350-450-preference
Vitality: 130-200
Intelligence: 100-150 (if using SKc)


Upper: +35% Damage Reduction or +30 str or 20% damage hat (Gemini S58)-I personally use damage reduction

Middle: 25% Damage Wings/+30 Stat Wings/Eden's Judgment (Gemini S58) -Using Eden's Judgment instead of dmg wings

Lower: Poring Ring (Maya Purple) and Ranged Fire Dragon/Night Vision Goggles (Lord Knight Card)

Armor: Valk Armor (Ghostring, Tao Gunka, whatever else you use), I also use Wind Armor (Marc Card)-good against jupitel/SG

R Hand: Shamshir/Equinox (Valkyrie Rangdris, 1x Lord of Death, 2x Turtle General) equinox/shamshir would be better for +3-5range in total, but im too poor/lazy to do EHQ.
L Hand: Shamshir (2x Turtle General, 1x Mobster, 1x Paper)

Katar/Shield/left hand Alternates: Feral Claw/+10 Infiltrator (Thanatos, 2x Turtle General/Hydra, Phreeoni)-Drill Katar (Mobster)-Golden Thief Bug Shield (60% Magic Dmg Reduction)-Death Grimtooth (2x SKc, 1x Mobster, 1x TGc)


Accessories: 2x Megingjards, 1x Pneuma accessory

Robe: Aesperika, Shoes: Sleipnirs (Fallen Bishop Hibram/Amon Ra)

Basic Strategy:

-The reason I like stacking status effects is because they usually force the enemy into using all their anti-ailment gear, like draconus armor or Dark Chakra. If theyre using Drac armor, that means theyre vulnerable to sacrifice/asura strikes/Acid Demo, and if theyre using  DC/IFD, that means theyre vulnerable to strip, unless they use harpy wings or have fcp. The hardest thing when it comes to BG and pvp is determining what armor and weapons theyre using, by comparing what certain status effects go through/dont go through to what headgears they're wearing, you can usually deduce what armor/cards they're using. 
-Grimtooth groups of people/spawn points and high vit classes
-Attack (with swords) when there aren't a lot of enemies around or when someone just isn't dying from your grimtooths.
-Switch to Ranged Fire Dragon and Berserk when youre about to die. Even if you get dispelled, you'll be back at full hp. (make sure to edp before berserking, and stay away from Shadow Chasers since you are vulnerable to full strip).

-Whip out the drill katar against classes that you know run low enough dex like Caster classes. 

Guillotine Cross: Double Attack and Sonic Blow Daggers Build

-I got some ideas from other builds on the forum and changed some equips around to create this build.

Strength: 490-500
Agility: 195 aspd
Dexterity: 450-500
Luck: none
Vitality: Your preference
intelligence: 100-150 if using stormy knight


Upper: +35% Damage Reduction/+30 str /20% damage hat/Punk Beanie (Gemini S58)-I personally use Punk Beanie and Reduction Helm

Middle: 25% Damage Wings/+30 Stat Wings/Eden's judgment (Gemini S58)-

Lower: Poring Ring/Increase melee dmg Aura (Maya Purple), Ranged Fire Dragon/Night vision Goggles (Lord Knight)

Armor: VA (Ghostring, Tao Gunka, Evil Druid, and whatever else you use) I also use Wind Armor (Marc Card)

R Hand: Death Grimtooth/Exploda (Valkyrie Rangdris, 1x Turtle General, 1x Lord of Death, 1x Stormy Knight/LOD/TG)
L Hand: Death Grimtooth/Exploda (Thanatos, 2x Hydra, 1x phreeoni)
Left Hand Alternates: Cris/Glorified Damascus (2x Hydra, 2x Turtle General)-Golden Thief Bug Shield (60% Magic Dmg Reduction)

Katar Alternate: Drill Katar (insert card here), I barely use this but since I run high dex, it cant hurt to strip some people here and there.

Accessories: 2x Megingjards, 1x Pneuma accessory

Robe: Aesperika, Shoes: Sleipnirs (Fallen Bishop Hibram/Green Ferus)

Basic Strategy:

-Same reason for status effects.

-Attack Attack Attack, switch daggers if target doesn't seem to die using thanatos
-Wait for an enemy to pop up then attack, dont try to uncloak or chase them.
-This build leaves you more vulnerable to attacks since you cant grimtooth, but you can also rip through enemies if using the right equips.

-You can use the drill katar more often in this build since you run high dex, so take advantage of it. If someone is spamming heals, strip them and they'll want to die. Assuming they have no Anti-strip buffs/gear.

-only thing I dont like about this build is that you have to be up close to your enemy in order to attack them, but if you do manage to get close you can usually kill your enemy pretty fast. If youre getting ganged up on, cloak away and try to seperate them.


Final Thought:

-Both builds are good, but I prefer using the Katar/Sword since I can switch strategies in the on the fly, knowing your hotkeys is really important. Katars work just as well in the dagger build, but I like to take full advantage of the punk beanie with dual wielding daggers. 

-Change this guide however you want, it's here to give you a direction rather than an straight up solution.

-Originality is what wins these days. Use equips/skills that will take your enemies off guard. There have been builds where I use Weapon Stripping weapons and armor stripping accesories, or just drill katars.

-You also dont have to berserk everytime you use RFD/NVG, use them when the situation calls for it. For ex. facing a warlock who is locking you in place with JT, this may give you the necessary range to hit the wizard. Especially if youre using equinox also, you could hit someone from 7-9 cells away. Just heal when you switch back to your poring ring, since LKc takes a good chunk of life.

-Dont use punk beanie with RFD/NVG, from what ive experienced sonic blow cant activate unless your right next to them.

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sorry it took me so long to reply, but Im not hiredkiller. But I updated the guide quite a bit, I changed the second build so it doesnt use a Shamshir since the range prevents sonic blow from activating when using a punk beanie. I've also been trying to brew up a Life steal guide using Creed helm and Sniper cards, if this has been tested already, please tell me how well it works in pvp/bg/woe, since that's what I mainly care about.


Thanks for reading!

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I already tested your build.^_^ nice build bro..i just change some stat.

and also about the life steal i think its for MVP.I already tried life steal build for pvp but its sucks.


see you in game.

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 I was just testing using a desert prince cap in caspen, and I barely even notice the life gain. So ya I edited that life steal part out. But thanks for the feedback =)

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^_^ isn't FBHc only increases matk and magic dmg on demi human? so what's its use? since grimtooth's is calculated based on atk.
and i'm aware that this guide is outdated.

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Your nomal.attacks kills me very fast... hmhm you kill me 20x times maybe thats why i remembr the name silentsteel hahha

But its good... hope you'll help soon when im going to make, building, and equiping mh own gx...

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