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Ellen Baker Sensei

DreamerRO Item Abbreviation/Acronym 101

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The original guide came from this link but it's quite outdated and it's about time to make a clean updated one and I'm gonna update this from time to time. If I miss something feel free to post it and I will add it.



Thanks to @Lucian for starting this thread.





LKC = Lord Knight Card

Enables use of Level 1 Berserk. Maximum HP - 50%


HWC = High Wizard Card

Ignore non-boss enemy Mdef, slow your casting time by 2x, reduce sp regen by 100%,drains 2000sp when unequipped


SinX/ SinXc = Assasin Cross Card

Enables use of Cloaking Lvl 3



TaoC = Tao Gunka Card

+100% more HP, -50 Hard DEF and MDEF



TGc = Turtle General Card

Deals 20% more damage to all types of monsters, gives 3% chance to autocast Lvl 10 Magnum break when attacking.



VRc = Valkyrie Randris Card

10% increase physical damage, small chance to cast Dispell when attacking, makes weapon unbreakable except on refinement.


LoD = Lord of Death

Add a 0.1% chance of auto casting 'Coma' on an enemy. Add a 5% chance of auto casting 'Stun, Curse, Silence, Poison or External Bleeding' on the enemy when attacking.


VSPc/VSc = Vesper Card

Every time you do a magical attack, it ignores 30% of Boss-type enemies' MDEF, and does damage accordingly. DEX + 10


 FBH/FBHc = Fallen Bishop Hibram Card

MATK + 10%, Maximum SP - 50% Increases damage inflicted on Demihuman and Angel monster by 50%.


GRc = Ghostring Card

Enchats your armor with Ghost 1 Property


Maya = Maya Card

50% chance to reflect single target magical skill back to raget


Maya P/Maya Purp = Maya Purple Card

Enables you to see hidden enemies


ISc = Incantation Samurai Card

Ignore normal monster's defense when attacking. Reduces natural HP recovery by 100% and drain 666 HP every 10 seconds. Drain 999 HP as the weapon is unequipped.


Thana/ThanaC = Thanatos Card

Deals more damage the higher the target's DEF, reduced Hard DEF by 30


Kiel = Kiel Card

Reduces after cast skill delay by 30%


Addax = Addax Card 

Reduces Skill delay by 15%, Increases HP by 15%, Increases Str by 4


SKC = Stormy Knight Card

A chance to autocast Lvl 1 Storm Gust when attacking, freezes enemies by chance when attacking.


GEC = General Enigigem Cenia Card

10% more max HP/SP, recovers 50 HP/SP per 10 sec


WSc = Whitesmith Card

Add a 10% chance of breaking the enemy's weapon and a 7% chance of breaking the enemy's armor when attacking.


Gloom/GUNc = Gloom Under Night Card

Deals 40% more damage to Holy and Shadow Property and also to Demon and Angel race monsters.


GTBc/GTB = Golden Thief Bug Card

Reduces 60% magical damage, doubles the SP consumed when using skills


OHC = Orc Hero Card

VIT + 15, Gives immunity to stun


GOHc/G.OHc = Glorified Orc Hero Card

Gives immunity to stun, reduce range damaged recieved by 5%


NSc = Naught Sieger Card

Increases ghost property damage (magic only) by 200% (doesn't affect 3rd job skills, estun and esma)


Draconus = Draconus Card

Gives you immunity to status effects like freeze, curse, stun, poison and stone curse


Nyd C./Nydhoggur = Shadow of Nydhoggur Card

Int +10, SP + 20%, Increases the damage Fire bolt, Cold bolt, Lightning bolt by 30%,  Drains 1500 SP every 15 secs.
[High Wizard Casses] - Cust cast time of Mystical Amplification by 100%. Enable Level 2 Double  Cast.
[Professor Classes] - Cust cast time of Double Casting by 100%. Enable lv 8 Meteor Storm.






HQ = Hero Quest Set

The set of items needed for the Hero Quest.

Refer to this guide: click me


EHQ = Elite Hero Quest Set

Same as Hero Quest but has different set of items needed for Elite Hero Quest

Refer to this guide: click me


G.horn = Gjallahorn

Summons a random MVP which drops value is over 500m. A better version of Bloody Branch


BB = Bloody Branch

Summons a random MVP monsters.


DB = Dead Branch

Summons a random monster or a mini boss.


Bio = Biotite

A misc. item used in various quests in DreamerRO. Elite Hero weapon making, EHQ, and HQ.


Charm Sets = 1k yellow, red, and blue charms

This is needed to summon the custom MVP Addax in Bossnia


BBgum/B.gum = Bubble Gum

Enables an increased drop rate when killing enemies.


HE gum = Elite Bubble Gum

A more improved version of the Bubble Gum.


GymPass = Gym Pass

When used in an NPC named "Ripped Cabus" in Payon it gives one level of Increased Weight Capacity. Can be used for 10 times. 


E.Elu = Enhanced Elunium

An improved elunium that has a higher rate of success.


E.Ori = Enhanced Oridecon

Improved Oridecon with a higher rate of sucess.


D.Toks = Donation Tokens

This is equivalent to 1$ of credit. You can use this to buy Donation items.


Cold = Cold Moonlight

Dawn = Dawn Essence

Hazy = Hazy Starlight

Goddes/G.tears = Goddess Tears

This four are obtainable in quests but are needed for Elite Hero Weapon making.


Skel piece = Skeletal armor piece

A quest item needed for Elite Hero weapon making.


Turq = Turquoise

R.quartz = Rose quartz

V.flowers = Valhalla flower

These are items needed for EHQ



Armors/Non donation Headgears



SoY = Suit of Youth

indestructible Armor, Resistance strip armor by 70% + 10% speed.


R.garment = Royal Garment

Unbreakable, [Ninja and Gunslinger classes: +70% stun resistance, +10% maxHP], [Mage Classes: 2% chance autocast Pneuma when hit physically.]


EA = Elite Aesperika

12% resistance to ALL elements, FLEE + 12, MDEF + 5. Enables use of Teleport Level 1. [1] Slot


Aesp = Aesprika

Adds resistance to ALL elements by 30%, Flee + 30, MDEF + 5. Enables use of Level 1 Teleport


SoG = Sliepnir of the Gods

Increase movespeed by 25%, +20% max HP/SP, 15% more SP recovery, +10 MDEF, Cannot be refined. Indestructible. [1] Slot


VM = Valkyrie Manteau

Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). [Mage, Archer, Acolyte Class]Perfect Dodge + 5
Additional Perfect Dodge can be earned by Refining, and is equal to the Refine Rate * 2.
[swordman, Merchant, Thief Class]Reflect 5% of all Physical Melee Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it.Additional Reflect Damage can be earned by Refining, and is equal to the Refine Rate * 2. However, the perfect dodge or damage reflect will only increase up to + 10 refine.


VA = Valkyrie Armor

All Stats + 1, Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). [Mage, Archer, Acolyte Class] Increase resistance to Silence status by 50%. [swordman, Merchant, Thief Class] Increase resistance to Stun status by 50%.


VS/ValkShield = Valkyrie Shield

Add a 20% resistance against Water, Fire, Shadow and Undead Property. MDEF + 5

V.Shoes = Valkryie Shoes

Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). [Mage, Archer, Acolyte Class] Maximum HP + 5 * Base Level
[swordman, Merchant, Thief Class] Maximum SP + 2 * Job Level


E.Armor = Exiled Armor



S.Megs/STR Megs = Strength Mejingard

+40 STR


D.Megs/DEX Megs = Dexterity Meingard

+40 DEX


A.Megs/AGI Megs = Agility Meingard

+40 AGI


L.Megs/LUK Megs = Lucky Mejingard

+40 LUK


I.Megs/INT Megs = INT Mejingard

+40 INT


V.Megs/VIT Megs = VIT Mejingard

+40 VIT


S.Tunic = Spiritual Tunic


BBH = Black Bishop Hat

Increases effectivity of Heal by 200%. If used by Priest class it increases heal and sanctuary effecitivity by 500%


R.glasses = Reading glasses

Reduce skill delay by 10%, +10% M.ATK, 50% resistance to stun and curse.


R.Sash = Rainbow Sash

Increased movespeed by 40%


FS = Falling Snow

Increased movespeed by 60%, gives immunity to freezing, a chance to freeze enemies when attacking.


Felin/Felinus = Felinus Winter Hat

Xmas rare headgear. Reduce damage taken from demi-humans by 30%


Lupus = Lupinus Winter Hat

Xmas rare headgear. Reduce damage taken from demi-humans by 30%


Xmas Scarf = Christmas Scarf

+15 all stats, increased movespeed by 40%


D.Armor = Diablous Armor

STR + 2, DEX + 1, Maximum HP + 150, Add a 5% resistance against Stun, Stone.


D.Robe = Diablous Robe

Maximum SP + 150, MDEF + 5, Reduces skill delay by 10%. Increases heal effectiveness by 6%.


Libra = Libra Shield


Heretic = Heretic Ring


EBVH = Evolved Black Valkyrie Helm

+15% long range damage.


FEW = Flying Evil Wings

a cute animated collectible headgear


FAW = Flying Angel Wings

a cute animated collectible headgear


NSR = Naught Seiger Blade Red

When dealing physical damage there is a chance that for 5 seconds, you will completely bypass enemy defense. Enables use of Level 3 Meteor Storm.


NSB = Naught Sieger Blade Blue

When dealing physical damage there is a chance that for 5 seconds, you will completely bypass enemy defense. Enables use of Level 5 Frost Diver.






Shams = Shamshir

+19 Critical, Range +2, +14 STR, +17 DEX, Attack: 470. Rank B Hero Weapon


G.lance = Glorified Lance

+8 STR, -5 DEF, Ignore Defense Monster, Range +1%, DEF when melee by +2%, Rank D Hero Weapon


SoS = Staff of Sentinel

+18 INT, +30% MATK, +10 MDEF, Attack: 159. Rank B Hero Weapon


WS/W.staff = Willow Staff

+15 INT, +24% MATK, +5 MDEF, 50% Damage Reduced Against Earth Element. Attack: 220, Rank C Hero Weapon


Gastra = Gastraphetes Bow

+15 DEX, +9 Range, +6 AGI, 10% Damage Reduction Against Melee Physical Attacks, One Handed, Attack: 410, Rank B Hero Weapon


M.saber/MS = Mithril Saber

+10 STR, +8 AGI, +45 HIT, +7% Movement Speed, Attack: 330, Rank C Hero Weapon


Explo = Exploda

+8 STR,+12 AGI, Attack: 418, Rank B Hero Weapon


Elven/Elven B. = Elven Bowl

+12 DEX, +5 Range, 25% Probability Of Double Attack, Movement Speed +10%, Attack: 360, Rank C Hero Weapon


FC = Feral Claw

+12 STR, +12 AGI, +10 Aspd, +20 Critical, Attack: 415, Rank B Hero Weapon


D.spade = Deathspade

+12 STR, 0.1% Chance To Cause Coma When Attacking With Normal Attacks, Attack: 295, Rank B Hero Weapon



Donation Gears



WM = Wind Milestone


BWM = Black Wind Milestone

Marshy = Marshmallow Cap

FVH = Feather Valkryie Helm

BVH/Blue VH = Blue Valkyrie Helm

GDH = Golden Dragoon Helm

VH = Valkryie Helm

MH/Musketeer = Musketeer Hat

VHB = Valkyrie Helm of Balance

Aquarious/AH/A.Helm = Aquarious Helm

BVH/Black VH = Black Valkyie Helm

PH/Pirate = Pirate Hat

Dragoon = Dragoon Helm

IH/Imp H. = Imp Hat

BKH = Black Kaho Horns

BluKH/ Blue KH = Blue Kaho Horns

RKH = Red Kaho Horns

WKH = White Kaho Horns

Divine H. = Divine Helm

Condom = Condom Hat

BHH = Black Hunter's Hat

BSC = Blue Skull Cap

RSC = Red Skull Cap

SR/S.ribbon = Seracillas Ribbon

OOH = Old Owl Hat

TH/Toad = Toad Hat

CH/Creed = Creed Helm

Kakashi = Kakashi Mask

NP/Neptune = Neptune Protector

TH/Traveler = Traveler Hat

NH/Noble = Noble Hat

PC/Phoenix = Phoenix Crown

AH/A.Horn = Addax Horns

WoD = Wings of Darkness

FW = Fairy WIngs

FBG = Fallen Bishop Ghost

GW/Golden W. = Golden Wings

GLC = Goblin Leader Coat

RDJ = Ranged Drake Jacket

DJ = Drake's Jacket

YBW/Blossom Wing = Yellow Blossom Wing

BBW = Black Butterfly Wing

BEW/Black EW = Black Eagle Wings

BEW/Blue EW = Blue Eagle Wings

GBW = Great Butterfly Wings

UW = Union Wings

SFW = Sky Fairy Wings

HW = Heaven Wings

WIW = White Imperial Wings

RIW = Red Imperial Wings

AW/Azure = Azure Wings

BRW = Blue Retribution Wings

CWD = Clear Wings of Delay

EJ = Eden's Judgement

HW/Harpy = Harpy Wings

CWM = Clear Wings of Magic

DWD = Dragon Wings of Damage

RDW = Range Dragon Wings

RFD = Range Fire Dragon

RoP = Runes of Power

LHZ = Lighthalzen Aura

PoB = Poring of Balance

PR = Poring Ring

NVG = Night vision goggles

Melee ER = Melee Energy Ring

Magic ER = Magic Energy Ring

Melee FR = Melee Flower Ring

Magic FR = Magic Flower Ring

DA = Dragon Aura

YC = Yellow Chakra

RC = Red Chakra

LC = Light Chakra

DC = Dark Chakra

IR/Imperial = Imperial Rune

IDD = Immune Diamond Dust

EDD = Enchanted Diamond Dust

NR = Night Ring

MCR = Magic Candy Ring

MPR = Melee Poring Ring

CR = Candy Ring

LR = Lovely Ribbon





IS = Incarnation Spirit

IDS = Ice Dragon Spirit

Swan = Divine Swan and/or Heaven Swan

TDC = Tiamat's Deadly Curse

TDW = Tiamat's Deadly Whisper

BoD = Blade of Dragon

SoD = Spell blade of dragon

DBE = Dark Basilisk Essence

DBS = Dark Basilisk Spirit

Hitsugaya = Hitsugaya Wings

DFA = Divine Fallen Angel


For sprite and rare description refer to this guide. Click me





Under construction and Maintenance. Effects will be added later.

Edited by HighEnd Succ

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Thankss <3 Sometimes i forgot the items name hehe. Thats really helpful to Buyers-Sellers* +1.

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You could put the descriptions of the items, or if you prefer I edit when I have time, so the descriptions are placed I disable the topic you created earlier.

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does draconus c immune poison and curse too? and where draconus c put on?

Draconus he does not give immunity to poison, other things yes. He puts on armor.

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nice post couldn't find it earlier, would have saved me the effort of making a card guide, you should have posted the price of it as well :)

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