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Newbie get max 500/120 lvl in less than 15mins

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  1. Spearman Mercenary Summon Scroll (you will get after taking the introduction and      the Introduction exam)
  2. Spearman Skill (Spiral Spear)
  3. warp function (@warp)
  4. Main npc for job change


Step 1: After creating your character, equip the knife and clothing in your inventory and kill 1 lunatic, after killing the lunatic talk to the girl in the middle and "DONT" skip the intro. It will give you the item "SPEARMAN MERCENARY SUMMON SCROLL". Take the intoduction and you will be warped in a classroom. Talk to the only man inside the classroom and take intro (note: try to memorize some of the into cause u will be needing it if you get the exam later). After talking about the introduction next is the exam (consist of 5 easy question ^_^ ). After that you will be warped to caspen in front of the fountain.


Step 2: Now that you have job lvl 10, change to your suitable job class using the main NPC.  After the job change, summon your mercenary using the Spear man Mercenary Scroll in your inventory. Right click on ur mercenary and choose STATUS, new pop up will come out then click the skill and it will show you the list of skills of your mercenary. Put the Spiral Spear in your skill quick slot by pressing F12. Then type @warp ice_dun01. Once there, Kiill 1 monster there using the mercenary's spiral spear and will got joblvl50 (quick right?). Then type @go 0, and you will be warped back to caspen again in front of the fountain. Distribute your skill points and then change your job again.


Step 3: If you still you have your mercenary then warp at @warp ice_dun02, then kill mobs until you reach your max joblvl 50. Redistribute your skill points and warp to Caspen. Talk to Main NPC then choose job change then "REBIRTH". you will be back to lvl 1 joblvl 1.


Step 4: You became High Novice just warp to any low lvl map your want then kill 1 mob, it will be enough to get job lvl 10. Return to caspen then change job.


Step 5: You are now High 1st Job still have your mercenary at that time. Warp to ice_dun02 then kill mobs to get joblvl50. Return to caspen and change job.


Step 6: you are now High 2nd Job. warp to ice_dun03 kill at least 10 ice titan and you get joblvl70, then warp to caspen to change job for your 3rd Job.


Step 7: Now you are 3rd Job still have your mercenary? if not summon it again. warp to @warp izlu2dun 111 26 (so that you will not get gangbanged by the OP mobs -_- ). This is the most crucial part of lvlng. little by little move inside the forest but i prefer if you stay along the cliff so that you will not lure many mobs. All you have to do is SPAM YOUR SPIRAL SPEAR until you reach you max lvl. Approximately 1mobs=1lvl so that in less than 400mobs you are already on your max Base & job lvl.



This is my First guide so bare with me. ^_^

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great guide, easily explained, yet detailed on what to do :D. thank you, I'll for sure follow this when I go in game. waiting for the computer to be delivered :D

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Step 4: You became High Novice just warp to any low lvl map your want then kill 1 mob, it will be enough to get job lvl 10. Return to caspen then change job.



Once you become High Novice, open your skill window (alt + s) and look for the skill Trick Dead. Drag it to your skill shortcut tab.


DO NOT JOBCHANGE JUST YET. Type @warp izlu2dun (while your mercenary is active) and choose a random spot, then use your Trick Dead skill.


Once on Trick Dead, you can now freely use your mercenary's Spiral Pierce skill on anything that moves without worrying about dying. Pierce away until High Novice base level 500. (if the monsters in the area run out, simply @jump and use Trick Dead again)


After you become High Novice base level 500, go back to Caspen and job change, then warp back to izlu2dun again to get your remaining job levels. You will no longer have the Trick Dead skill, but job levels are easy to max so it won't be an issue.

Keep job changing and maxing your job levels until you hit 3rd job 500/120.


Note: Do not forget to distribute your skill points before job changing or the Main NPC will eat your remaining skill points. (but he asks nicely before doing so anyway)

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