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Congratulations to Faital for becoming the 3rd player to enter the DreamerRO Hall of Fame!




(Faital) has entered.
HazeTheGreat : Hello there Faital!
Faital : Hello sir HaZe
HazeTheGreat : Congratulations man! 
You are the 3rd person to complete 
all 10 Hall of Fame achievements!
Faital : Thanks glad i finished it.
HazeTheGreat : How does it feel to 
have finally completed the quest?

Faital : Well am proud to myself 
cause i already finished it.

HazeTheGreat : Indeed, I'm sure it 
took a lot of hard work and determination
Faital : Yeah.
HazeTheGreat : There are many 
Dreamers trying to reach this point !
HazeTheGreat : So tell us a litle 
bit about yourself Faital
HazeTheGreat : What is your name? 
How old are you?
Faital : My name is Jon
Faital : I am 18yrs old.
HazeTheGreat : Oh look another Jon 
xD ~ I am Jonathan 
Faital : Oh nice.
HazeTheGreat : 18 years old! You 
are much younger than the other two 
Hall of Famers! About 7 years I 
Faital : Yeah.
HazeTheGreat : That officially 
makes you the youngest Hall of 
Famer in DreamerRO! xD for now..
Faital : Kinda nervous tho
Faital : Lol.
Faital : Thanks.
HazeTheGreat : And where are you 
from Faital?

Faital : I'm from Philippines.
Faital : xD
HazeTheGreat : Ohh thats nice! 
another person from the Philippines 
enters our Hall of Fame!
Faital : Yeah thanks!.
Faital : XD
HazeTheGreat : haha no problem 
HazeTheGreat : So what do you do on 
you do aside from playing our 
awesome server xD
HazeTheGreat : School? Work?
Faital : School
Faital : Yeah.
HazeTheGreat : Nice nice, what are 
some of your hobbies?

Faital : I always participating HHH.
Faital : And farming at Orc Dungeon 
with my friend fujie.

Faital : Uh here or Irl?
HazeTheGreat : Well i meant in real 
life but I was going to ask you 
that question later on anyway xD
Faital : Lol, nothing else i 

Faital : Always playing this game 

HazeTheGreat : haha well I am glad 
DreamerRO satisfies your thirst for 
entertainment =D
Faital : Ofc lol, Alot of doings here.
HazeTheGreat : So I take it from 
your previous response that your 
favorite on is PvP and HHH ?

Faital : HHH only.
HazeTheGreat : Oh, you don't enter 
pvp arenas?

Faital : Cause Instinct still inactive.
Faital : Yeah i think so.
HazeTheGreat : Ohh, well there are 
plenty of other guilds or people to 
form a new one!
HazeTheGreat : So you usually go 
solo during Hero Happy Hours? or do 
you join a party

Faital : Not actually a Solo
Faital : Got a few friends.
HazeTheGreat : Ohh, which class do 
you prefer using in HHH?

Faital : Well less party member 
more to kill in HHH sir.

Faital : Royal Guard.
HazeTheGreat : I see, for some I 
guess it's a matter of safety but a 
royal guard can get a lot of kills 
on their own
HazeTheGreat : How many kills do 
you get on average each HHH?

Faital : Yeah.
Faital : Large map 150-200 | Small 
map -250-300

Faital : xD
HazeTheGreat : Quite a lot of 
kills! thats over 500 kills a day!
Faital : Lol.
Faital : But I took 1month i think 
to complete the 10K coins.
Faital : Or more.
HazeTheGreat : Not bad
HazeTheGreat : which one of the 
achievements gave you the most 

Faital : Good thing I won the Dice 
event already.

Faital : uh
Faital : I think the 10K Coins.
HazeTheGreat : I think that has 
been the same answer for the 
previous hall of famers as well xD
Faital : Hahahaha xD
HazeTheGreat : So for how long have 
you been playing DreamerRO?

Faital : Almost 1yr sir HaZe
Faital : xD
HazeTheGreat : Woah, you are fairly 
Faital : Yeah lol.
HazeTheGreat : Definetly shows a 
lot of dedication.
HazeTheGreat : How many elite 
characters do you have?

Faital : Thanks.
Faital : 6
Faital : i think
HazeTheGreat : Man, seems like you 
have mastered the Hero Quest by 
Faital : Yeah xD
HazeTheGreat : Is Royal Guard your 
favorite class in general?

Faital : Nope sure.
Faital : I mean Sura
Faital : Lol.
HazeTheGreat : Oh those are really 
fun to play
Faital : Yeah.
HazeTheGreat : Is there anything 
you'd like to see change in 
DreamerRO in the near future?

Faital : Uh 
Faital : More time in CoD
Faital : 100 points kinda fast.
Faital : xD
HazeTheGreat : Hahaha noted =D Lets 
see if I can make that happen
Faital : Thanks!
HazeTheGreat : What do you think 
makes DreamerRO stand out from the 
rest of the servers?
Faital : The awesomeness of custom 
HazeTheGreat : Haha thank you for 
your feedback
Faital : Lol
HazeTheGreat : So what are your 
plans now that you have earned a 
spot on the Hall of Fame?

Faital : Uh I really dont know 

HazeTheGreat : hahaha
Faital : srsly xD
HazeTheGreat : Well, do you plan on 
still attending HHH and such?

Faital : ofc lol.
Faital : I love joining it.
HazeTheGreat : Haha glad to hear 
HazeTheGreat : Do you have any tips 
for newbies trying to become a 
legend like you?

Faital : Yeah be patience and 
always trust yourself.

Faital : xD
HazeTheGreat : That's some very 
good advice =D
HazeTheGreat : Well Faital, it has 
been a pleasure getting to know 
Faital : Thanks.
HazeTheGreat : Once again 
congratulations on completing the 
Hall of Fame quest
Faital : Well same here Sir HaZe.
Faital : Thanks!.
HazeTheGreat : There you have it 
dreamers! Faital ! The 3rd Hall of 

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I wish i could do my best also

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