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DreamerRO Weekly Interview by Eluminare

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Hello my Dearest Dreamers!

Today I've decided to make this topic to show you some interesting/fascinating/weird/funny/sad things, facts and thoughts of our Players.

I'm planning to post a random interview with random players about random topic every week.. so please be patient.

Also if you see my freaky AB in game - don't be afraid. I could ask you some random questionss so feel free to answer or ignore me!


Note: Don't be afraid, every interview would be anonymous.

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1. Female characters in game - fake woman or a real woman?  Post #3 page 1

2. Are you addicted? Post #23 page 2

3. 21st century - internet and tolerance for the personal sexuality. Post #33 page 2

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Female characters in game - fake woman or a real woman?

Warning: Every name in my "article" is fake. You are anonymous.


Today I was sitting in Gonryun and I was staring at the random female sniper..I don't know why she picked my attention so badly but I've decided to talk to her. I sat next to her and said out of nowhere "I bet you're a guy who plays female character"..he didn't even disagree. I asked him some questions connected to his gender and BOOM...I realized HOW MANY GUYS in OUR SERVER are playing a FEMALE CHARACTER. The main question is.....why?

Let me present the first conversation i had in Gonryun:
Character: Female Sniper
Real Gender: Male
Fake Name: Isabelle

Eluminare : I bet
Eluminare : You're a man who plays female character
Isabelle : yes
Eluminare : ^_^
Eluminare : Ok :3
Isabelle: xD
Isabelle : was that even a secret?
Eluminare : Oh everything
Eluminare: Honestly
Eluminare : I don't know
Eluminare : I've got a feeling like
Eluminare: Every guy
Eluminare : Who's playing female character
Eluminare : Is like
Eluminare : "Im hiding myself, you won't figure it out"
Isabelle: no lol
Eluminare : So you're not even hiding it?
Isabelle: im not like that, I just like admiring female characters
Isabelle : no im not
Eluminare : Hmmm
Eluminare: Could you tell me why?
Eluminare : It's really interesting
Isabelle : well
Eluminare : Mhm?
Isabelle: idk
Eluminare : ....
Eluminare: This answer was really deep
Isabelle: i just like making female chars
Eluminare : XDDDD
Eluminare : Because cuter sprite?
Isabelle: but not that im pretending to be female.
Isabelle : yes
Eluminare : Equipment fits?
Isabelle: you can say that
Eluminare : Mhm
Eluminare : Wow that's cool to see guy's opinion about it
Eluminare : For example I'm a woman irl, you don't need to believe me 
Eluminare: But once
Eluminare : I changed my sex
Eluminare : And people thought I'm gay
Isabelle : and?
Eluminare : Because I was too hmmm
Isabelle: lol no i wouldnt think that
Eluminare : You know, i was acting like woman
Eluminare : a woman*
Isabelle : ooooh
Eluminare : Okay great
Isabelle: well idk xD i just dont think playing a diff gender in game means you're gay or anything
Isabelle : lol
Eluminare : Hmm
Eluminare: Yea but
Eluminare: I was acting like a girl
Eluminare : Because i'm a girl
Eluminare : On male character
Isabelle : well you are a girl
Eluminare : So guys didn't know
Isabelle: lol
Eluminare : I'm a girl because EVERY girl (almost every)
Eluminare : play female char
Eluminare : So a girl who's playing male char
Eluminare : is not a girl for 100%
Isabelle : i know a couple who plays male characters... or tanks
Eluminare : It's a guy or a guy whio's gay
Isabelle: i know a couple of female*
Eluminare: Oh
Eluminare : Really?
Eluminare : o_O
Isabelle : yeah
Eluminare: Well i know one but
Eluminare: I'm not 100% sure if it's a girl or not
Eluminare : I have doubts even if she saiid she's a woman
Isabelle : hmmm
Isabelle: well i guess not everyone who says theyre girls are really girls
Eluminare : So you believe people?
Eluminare : Even if under the
Eluminare : "female sprite"
Isabelle: is a guy?
Eluminare : There could be a guy?
Eluminare : Yea
Isabelle : well i mean
Isabelle : its not like im in a relationship with them
Isabelle: nor do i plan to
Isabelle: lol
Eluminare : Ohhhhh
Isabelle : so it doesnt matter
Eluminare : So that's why you don't
Eluminare: Give a shir
Isabelle: is that weird?
Eluminare : Shit*
Eluminare : Right?
Isabelle : lol
Eluminare : No
Isabelle : well i suppose so
Eluminare: That's very normal
Eluminare : Because this game was made to play, not to flirt
Eluminare : Oh damn he ran away
Eluminare: The end of my
Eluminare : Interview

Isabelle disconected and never came back again..so I started talking to the guy who also was sitting here. He was reading our conversation for a while.
Character: Male ???? (was wearing summer suit)
Real Gender: Male
Fake name: David

Eluminare : Oh so you're a guy
David : ya
Eluminare : Who plays a male sprites
Eluminare : Okay so
David : i never made a female char
Eluminare: Why?
Eluminare : Would you feel weird
David : even in other mmos
David: nope
Eluminare : Why not then?
David : its just that
David : people will be asking you
Eluminare : Mhm?
David : your true gender
David : they'll be like
David: ask
Eluminare : Okay but
Eluminare : That means you just want to
Eluminare: Avoid guys
Eluminare : Who'd hit on you or something?
Eluminare : Because you're not gay right? You're hetero?
David : its not that i want to avoid
David : in a simple logic
David : some guys
David : make female sprites
David : for scammin
David : idiot guys
David : some
David: in my case
Eluminare: Ehhhhhh
Eluminare: So you just
Eluminare : Want to play here
Eluminare : and you dont care about
Eluminare: Fliritng with someone here in game?
David : well a game is a game
Eluminare : So you just want to
David : which is about playing and have fun
Eluminare : Have some fun here without irl drama
David : more or less
David : i couldnt care less
Eluminare : Why not?
David : people flirting in here
Eluminare : Yea there are
Eluminare : Did you flirt with anyone here
David : no
David : in a sense
Eluminare : Hm
David : why would you flirt in game that you dont even know irl
David : nor where they live
Eluminare: But
Eluminare : You can get closer to someone
Eluminare: Here in game
David: yea
Eluminare : And then boom
David : LOL
Eluminare : You won't control your feelings
David: well
David : i admit that happens
David : but
David : human nature
David : is the problem
Eluminare: Well basically humans are like animals
Eluminare : In fact we are animals
David : like one mistake in a game
David : and this person will be like
David : blah blah blah
David : then shit will go down
David : both in game and irl
David : you can think of all mmos as a fantasy world where you wanna ask reality
Eluminare : Yea
David: combine the two
Eluminare : That's a good way to
Eluminare : Mix both worlds
David: and it wont fit together
Eluminare : I like the way you're thinking
Eluminare : Okay great
David : fantasy = you can fix mostly anything or you just dont give a shit
Eluminare : Hm
Eluminare : Yea true
Eluminare : Depends on how much you love this game
Eluminare: Okay thanks
Eluminare : It was interesting

After that I warped to comodo. I met one of my friend who's also playing a female character, even if he's a guy irl.
Character: Female Sniper
Real Gender: Male
Fake name: Caroline

Eluminare : I'm making an interview
Eluminare : About
Eluminare: Why guys are playing female characters
Eluminare : And since you're one
Eluminare : Could you tell me please why?
Caroline : Because
Caroline : mhh
Eluminare : Mhm?
Caroline : well you know let's just imagine
Eluminare : Ye?
Caroline : there's two type of people playing in this game
Eluminare : Mhm?
Caroline : those who are in the skin of their characters
Caroline : and those who consider they are "following" their character's adventure
Eluminare : Ohhhhh
Eluminare: So one type of person
Eluminare : Is "roleplaying"
Eluminare : And another one is just playing game
Eluminare : Right?
Caroline : And following all days a girl as a guy is maybe one of those reasons
Caroline: technically
Caroline : or like
Caroline : "look how my character is nice/pretty/sexy!"
Caroline : But sometimes also, it depends on the design
Eluminare : But
Eluminare : A guy would never act like that
Caroline : on some games, girl designs are usually better than guys
Caroline : Virtual vs reality
Caroline : thats it
Eluminare : Hmmm
Caroline : Dont forget Guy's are more about
Caroline: Watching and touching
Caroline : and girl is more about words
Eluminare : Wow
Eluminare: But some guys here in game
Eluminare : Are falling in love into the
Caroline: and "respect to their own person"
Eluminare : "Pixel character" of his "Girl"
Caroline: what do you mean?
Eluminare : So guys are not like that
Caroline : example
Eluminare : Okay so
Eluminare : Long Distance Relationships
Caroline : Me loving your "character?"
Caroline : or me loving my "character"?
Eluminare : "your characteR"
Eluminare: not
Eluminare : "my character"
Caroline : 'your" by CENSORED CHARACTER NAME?
Eluminare: Are in a relationship
Eluminare: ....Are you trolling me?
Caroline: not really
Eluminare: ...
Eluminare : Okay next question
Eluminare : Did you ever hide the fact you are a guy
Eluminare : Who plays female chara?
Caroline : No, i don't hide
Caroline : when we say "hello girl"
Caroline: i say im a guy
Caroline : Simple
Eluminare : Wow really?
Caroline : Yup
Eluminare : Very nice
Caroline : Oh yeah
Caroline: people saying they are girl
Caroline: playing girl
Caroline : while they're boys
Eluminare : Yea
Caroline : there may be 600 reasons
Eluminare: What do you think about this kind of guys?
Eluminare : Like what?
Eluminare : Exaamples?
Caroline : 1st : Free stuffs and items
Caroline : 2nd : you get more favors (basically the same as first i guess)
Caroline : 3rd : They wish they were girl
Caroline: 4th : They are gay and want to attract boys
Eluminare: Wow
Eluminare: That's logic
Caroline : 5th : They are girls that sued to be boy
Caroline : "use
Caroline : "used
Caroline : thats what i think anyway
Eluminare: Mhm
Eluminare: And which of them you are?
Eluminare: Better looking sprite?
Caroline : I'm into the category " Girls are cute, and as a boy i'd prefer look over a girl character than a boy during hours"
Eluminare : Wow
Eluminare : XD
Eluminare : I really like it
Eluminare : I mean.
Eluminare : I like the way you're thinling
Caroline: But i think that one of the reason why
Caroline : girl always play girl
Eluminare : It's creative and interesting
Eluminare : Mhm?
Caroline : even in game with definite characters like League of legend
Eluminare: Yea
Eluminare : Why?
Caroline : is because she doesnt put this much attention into physical
Caroline : but into the "interior"
Caroline : and they are like, always following the norms
Caroline : "i'm a girl so i'll take a girl"
Eluminare : Hmmmm
Eluminare : Not really
Caroline: nope?
Eluminare : Many girls are attention whores
Eluminare: Just look around
Eluminare : If there is a girl sprite around
Eluminare : People are talkative
Eluminare : When the girl is gone
Eluminare : Thern there is an awkward silence
Caroline : Guys being attention whore
Eluminare : I guess that's the reason why we always choose female
Caroline : probably

After that i went to the Aldebaran...I even found a good target to my next interview but...someone kinda..ruined it..*sigh*
Characters: Female Sorcerer and Female Super Novice
Real Genders: Female (I guess?....) and Male
Fake names: Alice and Johny

Johny : do you have a dick ?
Eluminare : ....................
Eluminare: this kinda
Eluminare: ruin my
Johny: under
Johny : dat drape right there
Eluminare: intreview
Johny: is there a bulge ?
Johny : youre hiding
Eluminare : Johny you're not helping me
Alice : okay back to the topic
Johny : plz answer truthfully
Alice : whats your problem ?
Johny : Alice
Eluminare : ................
Johny : Alice is
Johny : Confirmed Female
Eluminare : Okay apparently
Johny : carry on
Eluminare : I've got a feeling
Eluminare : ......
Eluminare : Oh dear boy

If you're reading it - thank you so much "Johny" :P
The next place I've been looking for the interview was in prontera church. My friends were getting married so I had a great opportunity to talk to some people about it:
Character: Female Sorcerer
Real Gender: Male
Fake Name: Elisabeth

Eluminare : Okay so i'm making an interview
Elisabeth : for what ? 
Eluminare : About why people
Eluminare: I mean guys
Eluminare : Are playing female sprites
Eluminare : Could you tell me why you do?
Elisabeth  : Hmm
Elisabeth : Well.
Elisabeth : Ive been using female char ever since i play ragnarok.
Eluminare : But why?
Eluminare : Prettier sprites?
Elisabeth  : Yeah
Eluminare : But when a guy whits
Elisabeth  : Sexier char i think hihi
Eluminare : You're a guy
Eluminare : I mean
Eluminare : You're a girl then
Eluminare : Do you admit that you are?
Elisabeth  : Lol
Eluminare : Or you're telling them you're a guy?
Elisabeth : If they talk to me or asked me if i am a girl.
Elisabeth  : I will tell them the truth ofcourse. I am a guy. 
Eluminare : But if they won't ask
Elisabeth : They will notice 
Eluminare : Then you'd keep it to yourself right?
Eluminare : You think so?
Elisabeth  : On how i talk
Elisabeth  : or 
Elisabeth : How i act.
Eluminare : Hmmm
Eluminare : So you're "manly"
Elisabeth  : Dont know. Lel.
Eluminare: But you guess you are right?
Elisabeth  : Not sure though. 
Elisabeth  How come you're asking me those question? Just a bit of curiousity.
Eluminare : Oh
Eluminare : I'm making an
Eluminare : Interview
Eluminare: About guys in game xD
Eluminare : Playing female sprites
Eluminare: You were here so i asked you
Elisabeth  : Oh youre going to post this ?
Eluminare : Hahaha maybe XD
Eluminare: I can cover your name
Eluminare: If you don't want people to see you in public
Elisabeth  : Ok. Make it sensored just like p*rn hehehe
Eluminare : Hahahha okay xD
Eluminare : Thanks anyway :3
Elisabeth : Sure. Goodluck on your future interview lol. Hey i need to go in my bed now. 
Elisabeth : Had to get up early tomorow cos my daughter will be going to school.
Eluminare : Awww cute
Eluminare : Go go go then
Eluminare : :)

Same place, different person:
Character: Female Warlock
Real Gender: Male
Fake name: Christina

Eluminare : I'm making an interview
Christina  : ow
Eluminare  : About guys who are playing female sprites in game
Christina : for what?
Christina  : ah
Eluminare  : You're a legit girl rght?
Christina . : im not girl XD
Christina . : hahaha
Eluminare : Wow
Eluminare : XD
Eluminare  : I always thought you are a girl!
Eluminare  : So you fit to my interview!
Eluminare  : Okay then could you please tell me why are you playing female character?
Christina : hahaha
Christina  : oh
Christina  : coz i like the sprite of female chars 
Eluminare  : Oh so it more fits
Christina  : not like male chars 
Eluminare  : And it's more pretty?
Christina  : yeah
Christina  : XD
Eluminare  : I see
Eluminare : You think we have too many
Eluminare  : Girly look equipment?
Christina  : yeah 
Christina : ./slur
Eluminare  : Oh
Eluminare  : But you're okay with that anyway?
Christina : and also when other players talk to female chars they have kinda respect
Eluminare  : Or you'd rather see more manly looking equipment?
Eluminare  : Oh
Christina  : hmmmm
Eluminare : So you think no one will bully you
Eluminare  : Because you're playing female sprite?
Christina : yeah sort of
Christina  : XD
Eluminare  : Okay so
Eluminare  : They bullied you as a newbie >_>?!
Eluminare : Even if you were playing
Eluminare  : Female char?
Christina  : yah -.-
Christina  : in BG
Christina  : even you have female chars
Eluminare : Haters gonna hate everywhere and anywhere
Christina  : they will kill you as long as they see your not geared
Eluminare  : But hmmm
Eluminare  : If people ask you if you're female or not
Eluminare  : Do they answer?
Eluminare  : I mean
Eluminare  : Do you answer them
Christina : i say male
Eluminare  : The truth or not?
Christina . : yeah
Eluminare  : Oh so you're not lying
Christina  : everyone knows im a boy XD
Eluminare  : Apparently not everyone - I didn't xD
Christina  : XD
Christina : yeah 
Christina : but most of all
Eluminare  : Mhm
Christina : i like female
Christina  : when geared
Christina  : looks so dominant
Eluminare : I see XD
Christina  : hahaha 
Eluminare  : So i guess i know your fetish now
Christina  : ./no1
Eluminare  : Hahaha but
Eluminare  : Did anyone ever hit on you?
Christina  : now a days
Christina : no one
Christina  : XD
Eluminare  : Wow really?!
Christina : yeah
Eluminare  : Not a single time?
Christina  : hahaha
Eluminare  : Damn amazing, guys often are hitting on female sprite xD
Christina : well i wear rare so they wont hit me XD
Christina  : its kinda intimidating
Eluminare  : Ohhh i see
Eluminare  : Okay xD
Eluminare  : Anyway sorry for this random interview hahaha
Christina  : oh no
Eluminare  : And thanks for answers xD
Christina : its fine
Christina : thanks also im kinda bored too

After that I talked to the one of the most popular person on this server..His point of view was also interesting.
Character: Female Shadow Chaser
Real Gender: Male
Fake name: Miranda

Eluminare  : Okay so i'm making
Eluminare : An interview
Eluminare  : About why guys are playing female character here in game
Miranda : interview?
Eluminare  : Could you tell me why your character is female?
Miranda : waaaa
Miranda : because female characters are kawaii!
Eluminare  : So female characters are just prettier than male?
Miranda : yesh?
Miranda  : look at the headgears
Miranda : all those ribbons
Miranda : jus t don't look right on a guy
Eluminare : Many girlish sprites
Eluminare  : And it doesnt fit
Eluminare : Male characters?
Miranda  : sure
Eluminare  : Did anyone ever thought you are woman?
Miranda  : of course
Miranda  the entire GM team
Miranda  : people still think i'm a girl
Miranda : also
Miranda  : people are nicer to girls
Miranda  : like if i did something noobie
Miranda : or ask a noobie question
Eluminare  : You really think that GM team believe you are a girl?
Eluminare  : And yea
Miranda : player can be meaner toward the guy than a girl
Eluminare : You are right about the people being nicer to gils
Miranda  : not anymore
Eluminare  : Mhm
Miranda  : but before they told i was a girl
Eluminare  : Did anyone ever harass you here in game?
Miranda : from time to time
Miranda  : of course i got hit on
Eluminare  : So guys are hitting on you?
Miranda : well you are talking to a loner
Miranda  : so when i do show up in toen
Miranda : and sit around
Miranda  : rarely
Miranda  : but i do get hit on
Eluminare  : Do you enjoy it?
Eluminare : Or you don't care?
Eluminare : Or you laugh?
Miranda  : of course not
Miranda :  /swt
Eluminare : Wha
Eluminare : >:C
Eluminare  : I'm just making sure!
Miranda : i was going to say
Miranda : mommy issues
Eluminare  : Go on
Miranda  : and relationship issues
Eluminare  : Ohr really?
Eluminare  : Tell me more
Miranda  : but that's like
Miranda  : college thesis type
Miranda  : you can even go into the
Eluminare  : Is it?
Miranda  : girl trapped in a guy's body
Miranda  : gay
Miranda  : unsolved childhood issues
Miranda  : emotional issues
Eluminare  : So that sounds like something
Eluminare  : Serious
Miranda  : yea
Miranda  : well remember
Miranda : this is a game
Miranda : and a lot of times
Miranda  : it's an escape
Miranda  : but anywho
Miranda  : keeping it simple
Miranda : female char is cute
Miranda : and people tend to be nicer to them
Eluminare  : Okay
Eluminare : Thanks ^____^

Next person who agreed for an interview was my close friend who's playing male character but was used to play the female one as well.
Character: Male Warlock
Real Gender: Male
Fake name: Ted

Eluminare  : So
Eluminare : Hey nub
Eluminare  : I'm making an interview about
Ted : Wut
Ted : Xd
Eluminare  : You know what right?
Ted : no idea
Eluminare  : Okay
Eluminare : It's about guys who are playing female sprites
Eluminare  : Right now you're playing a male one
Ted : ye thats me
Ted : Xd
Eluminare : But you said you used to
Eluminare : Play female one
Eluminare  : Tell me why?
Ted : Lel dats easy
Ted: 1 sec door
Ted: well I always used to say im a guy but
Ted : when people didnt know that
Ted : it was like easy to get items
Ted : and people randomly gave big discount
Ted : also I used to play female sprite
Ted : cuz back then before I knew anything about RO
Ted : people always told me female sprite has faster cast animations and hit animations
Ted : Xd
Eluminare  : Oh?
Eluminare  : SO you were
Eluminare  : Getting free items
Ted : people still say that
Eluminare  : For playing fmela chars?
Ted : yeah
Ted : and got much discount
Eluminare  : Did you flirt with them to get items?
Ted : nah I was just being myself
Eluminare  : But
Eluminare : Hmmm
Ted: and I complained I didnt have dis and that
Ted : like I usually do
Eluminare : I think every girl needs to flirt a little bit to get items
Ted: and when I was a girl they gave it to me
Eluminare  : So are you sure you didn't?
Ted : yeah
Ted: you dont have to necessarily flirt
Ted : to get itemz as female
Eluminare  : I always thought it's necessarry factor
Ted : the necessary factor are tits
Ted : LOL
Eluminare  : Pixel tits
Ted : are still tits
Ted : huehuehue
Ted : the reason I changed back to male was
Ted : shit got crazy
Ted : Lol
Ted : some people are way too thirsty
Ted : Xd
Eluminare  : Hm
Eluminare  : I see
Eluminare  : okay
Eluminare : Thank you so much XD

The next place i visited was Payon. I met there one of the most popular AB on our server..We had a nice talk about female sprite characters as well.
Character: Female Arch Bishop
Real Gender: Male
Fake name: Julia

Eluminare : Julia
Eluminare  : Are you there?
Julia  : nope
Eluminare  : ...
Eluminare  : K
Eluminare  : LOL
Julia  : KEKEKE
Julia  : joke
Julia : what is it
Eluminare  : Why are you playing female character?
Julia : i think it has
Julia : Better spam
Julia  : than male AB
Eluminare  : Is that the only reason?
Julia : tried long time ago
Julia  : Yup
Eluminare  : Oh
Eluminare  : How many people think you are a legit girl?
Julia  : LOL
Julia : i always tell them
Julia : im a guy
Julia  : all of them knows
Eluminare  : o_O
Eluminare  : But if you meet person
Eluminare : FOr the first time
Eluminare : And someone thinks you are girl
Eluminare  : And starts hitting on you
Julia  : some thinks
Eluminare  : Then what?
Julia  : but i reply
Eluminare  : You're like
Julia  : i have a big fat cock
Eluminare : "Hey stop gay"?
Eluminare  : So they are
Eluminare  : Scared of you then
Eluminare  : XDDD
Julia : nope
Julia : they like me because im kind
Julia  : KEKEKE
Julia  Though sometimes BULLY
Eluminare  : Hmmm
Eluminare : Well what about other guys?
Eluminare  : Why are they playing female sprites?
Julia : what u mean other guys
Julia : idk
Eluminare  : Any ideas?
Julia : None
Julia  : to ask items?
Julia  : LOL
Eluminare : Well i interviewed few people i think
Eluminare : And many of them said cuz of items
Julia : asking for items?
Eluminare  : Apparently it could be a first reason
Julia  : LOOOOOL
Julia : i dont need to ask items
Julia  : i farm alot
Julia  : KEKEKE
Eluminare : But some guys
Eluminare  : Are assholes
Eluminare  : XD"
Julia : Very
Julia  : But yea
Julia  : try Male AB
Julia : and spam heal
Eluminare  : Yea i know
Eluminare  : I tried it once
Julia  : XD
Julia : annoying right
Julia  : lol
Eluminare : Female AB is more smooth
Eluminare : XD
Julia  : ^^
Eluminare  : I get it xD
Eluminare  : Okay thanks
Eluminare  : x3
Julia : Np

At the end I talked to 2 legit girls..Sadly my stupid client lagged so i didn't save the second convo.
Character: Female Arch Bishop
Real Gender: Female
Fake name: Valeria

Eluminare : Okay so hey there
Eluminare: Im making an interview about
Eluminare : Guys who are playing with female chara
Valeria: Oke
Eluminare : I'm going to post it on the forum but dont worry i'll cover your name
Valeria: Doesn't matter
Eluminare : So no one will know who i was talking to
Valeria : Don't have to cover xD
Eluminare : Oh really? brave woman
Eluminare : So
Eluminare: You're a 
Eluminare : Legit woman right?
Valeria What do you mean?
Valeria : LOL
Valeria: Ofc
Eluminare: Like 100% girl irl
Eluminare : Okay
Eluminare : Did anyone ever
Eluminare: Thought you are a guy in game?
Eluminare : Was suspicious or something?
Valeria : Yeah
Valeria : I get it a lot
Valeria: lol
Eluminare : Were they rude to you or something?
Eluminare : Or in what kind of situations
Valeria : They ask if I'm a real girl
Valeria : But
Eluminare : They thought you are a guy?
Valeria : Of course I find it insulting
Valeria : And
Valeria : I figure I shouldn't reply
Valeria : And they think I'm guilty or something
Valeria : lol
Valeria : But tbh
Eluminare : Mhm?
Valeria : I could care less about people thinking
Valeria: I mean
Valeria : If people believe
Valeria : Or not
Valeria: Cause
Valeria: I just played RO to play RO
Valeria : Not to prove anything
Valeria : If that made sense
Eluminare : Yea it makes sense
Eluminare: That's a very normal
Eluminare : Way of thinking to be honest
Eluminare : Did you ever wanted a guy to be sure
Eluminare : Like 100% of you being a girl?
Valeria: Well
Valeria: I've only given my info to certain people
Valeria : Whom I trust
Valeria : And that info is not even very open tbh
Valeria: Like geez
Valeria : Who chats in gtalk
Valeria: LOL
Eluminare : You wanted to be noticed?
Valeria: Hmm
Valeria : Well it's normal, sometimes yeah
Valeria : I don't push people away
Valeria: Unless they creep me out
Valeria : Or harass me
Valeria: Or like
Valeria : if I'm overwhelmed
Valeria I move away
Eluminare : Mhm
Eluminare : What do you think about guys who are playing female characters?
Valeria : I think it's normal
Valeria : Like
Valeria: Tbh 
Valeria : Game makers didn't give you gender options because of gender equality
Valeria : They gave that option because majority of the players are guys
Valeria : And guys like boobies
Eluminare : XD
Eluminare : So you think that's why?!?!?!?
Valeria: And cute girl sprites
Valeria : Make them wanna play more
Valeria : I guess
Valeria : Cause it's appealing to stare at your char
Valeria : And dress her up like barbie
Valeria : While doing badass things
Valeria : Like killing bosses and shiz
Valeria: Ok I'm just saying nonsensical things
Valeria : LOL
Eluminare : xDD I don't think that's
Eluminare: The main thing HAHAHAHA
Eluminare: BUT OKAY
Eluminare : Thank you XD

The last convo I had (I'M SORRY MY FRIEND I DIDN'T SAVE IT) was with another legit girl. She's a popular person and many guys are hitting on her. She clearly said that guys are bullying her sometimes as well because they think she's not a legit girl..but at the end when they realize she is they're changing and act like "angels" (that's her words). Also she said she had some benefits of being a girl in game --> one of her ex husbands gave her donations items and after they broke up, she didn't have to give the items back. When I asked her if she feels bad about it, she said simple "NO".
As you can see..people think in a different way..And what do you guys think about it hm?
If you want to, feel free to leave your comments below.
Thanks for your attention.
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i'm a guy and i also play female sprites in RO. i mean, i wouldnt want to stare at a male character for hours LOL

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I'm actually surprised how many people decided to talk to you.

If I'd ask a female Archbishop questions, she would report me for harassment. 

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Haha, this made my day, I had fun reading this topic.

I like the idea! :)

Thank you Nekko, i'm planning to make a 2nd interview the next week. Feel free to give me your ideas if you have any xD

Trust no one


That's a golden advice. You'd never know!

Mkkkkkkkay... U make me read every single thing.


Any thoughts? Conclusions? Feel free to share :p

stalkers will stalk the girls!

I didn't even stalk them! I was straight and made it simple!

mfw I flirt with almost every female sprite


But...aren't you playing female characters as well? That makes you look like lesbian I guess?

i'm a guy and i also play female sprites in RO. i mean, i wouldnt want to stare at a male character for hours LOL


Oh you'd fit to this interview then. Should knows earlier since you're in my guild XD so you just don't want to stare at male characters? Is it the only reason?

I'm actually surprised how many people decided to talk to you.

If I'd ask a female Archbishop questions, she would report me for harassment.


Honestly I was surprised too. In fact i had 4 more interviews but I didn't update them. Be nice and honest to people - maybe they won't think you are a weirdo.

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But...aren't you playing female characters as well? That makes you look like lesbian I guess?


My characters are male lmao you probably saw PPGN-001 going around  :O

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My characters are male lmao you probably saw PPGN-001 going around  :O

Oh yea you are right. I saw you few times I believe XD I thought you are one of crossdressers as well. Why are you using a female profile picture on the forum? :p

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Honestly I was surprised too. In fact i had 4 more interviews but I didn't update them. Be nice and honest to people - maybe they won't think you are a weirdo.

Where did you get the idea of me being a weirdo ?

I'll let you know that every time my majestic sprite passed them, they all went:





Although, saying "Hi. Wanna make sweet love ?" might of been a little overwhelming.

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Oh yea you are right. I saw you few times I believe XD I thought you are one of crossdressers as well. Why are you using a female profile picture on the forum? :p

He's just a beautiful guy >:O that sounds really homo

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Where did you get the idea of me being a weirdo ?

I'll let you know that every time my majestic sprite passed them, they all went:





Although, saying "Hi. Wanna make sweet love ?" might of been a little overwhelming.

I think you just gave me an idea for the next interview. An no..you're not. Your reality is just different than ours *pats*. Also let me know if you're online. I'd love to see these majestic pixels.

He's just a beautiful guy >:O that sounds really homo

O.o are you kidding me..? Asians lvl hard. Also yea, that's very homo. I think I was right about your "lesbo" thingy..but it turned into gay already.

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Oh you'd fit to this interview then. Should knows earlier since you're in my guild XD so you just don't want to stare at male characters? Is it the only reason?




yes a guy staring at a guy character for hours is kinda sad. lol

Edited by iraven88

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O.o are you kidding me..? Asians lvl hard. Also yea, that's very homo. I think I was right about your "lesbo" thingy..but it turned into gay already.

Asians are always hard.



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Are you addicted?

Warning: Every name in my "article" is fake. You are anonymous.


"Ragnarök Online, alternatively subtitled  The Final Destiny of the Gods), often referred to as RO, is a Korean massive multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG created by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. It was first released in South Korea on 31 August 2002 for Microsoft Windows and has since been released in many other locales around the world." God bless you Wikipedia! As we can all see, Ragnarok Online is a pretty old game..it's been 13 years since the game was released and it's still alive. Of course there are a bunch of new 3D pr0 MMOS with a beautiful graphic and design but...what's better than the old classic pixel Ragnarok Online? (Personally I love this game). The current interview I made was about Ragnarok Online addiction. I'm playing this game for around 11 years and probably I'll play for another X years. I've decided to talk to my friends/random people about Ragnarok Online addiction in general. Here we go:


The first person I've been talking to was my guildmate.

Name: Jenna

Class: Archibishop

Irl Sex: Female

Eluminare : LEEEEEL

Eluminare : You left!!

Eluminare : D:<

Jenna : sorry blue screen D:

Eluminare : It's k!

Eluminare : Okay so today's interview is about the DreamerRO addiction

Jenna: Okie

Eluminare : Okay so the first question

Eluminare : For how long have you been playing dRO?

Jenna: I've been playing dRO for 8 months now

Eluminare : That's not a really long time hmm

Eluminare : And about RO in general?

Jenna : Like, 9 years. I quit, and come back every now and then

Eluminare : Wow 9 years is a lot o_o

Jenna: Yeah I was super young at the time

Eluminare : Ikr D:

Eluminare : Around 9?

Jenna: 9 or 10

Eluminare : Were you the only person who was playing Ragnarok then?

Eluminare : I mean..in your class

Jenna : Yes D:

Jenna : I played with my brothers though :D

Eluminare : OOOOOH so he was the reason why you started c:

Jenna: Yeah xD

Eluminare : Nais 8D Why are you still playing anyway?

Jenna : Playing this server? or the game in general?

Eluminare : Well RO in general

Jenna : because I got tired of Maplestory and other online games xD

Eluminare : But don't you feel bored or something?

Eluminare : o_o

Jenna : Kindaaaaaa

Eluminare : Well you're a member of my guild so that means you're into socializing but you pvp lately as well yes?

Jenna : Yup :D

Eluminare : Do you enjoy it c:?

Jenna : Enjoy socializing, yes. PVP? Only if I get kills xD

Eluminare : xD

Eluminare : How many times did you leave Ragnarok?

Eluminare : I mean about your breaks

Jenna : I quit so many times because of school xD

Jenna : I only come back during summer vacations

Eluminare : So you never left Ragnarok because of the drama in game?

Jenna : Not really

Eluminare : Ic

Eluminare : Do you think you're addicted to this game?

Jenna : To be honest, yeah. It's kind of hard to turn away from this game 

Jenna : qq

Eluminare : Damn so addiction is real

Eluminare : But why?

Eluminare : What makes you stuck in here?

Jenna : Friends

Eluminare : But you can always contact them outside the game

Eluminare : FB/Skype/Etc

Jenna : Trueeeeeeeeee

Eluminare : So you don't know why xD?

Jenna : LOL I really don't know

Eluminare : HAHAHAHA it's okay i think many people don't know xD

Jenna : This guild is kind of a second family to me

Eluminare : Awwww -hugs-

Jenna: -le hug- xD

Eluminare : Do you think RO is a time eater?

Eluminare : Like

Eluminare : You could do something more creative

Eluminare : Instead of playing RO?

Jenna: Yeah sometimes

Eluminare : Aw

Eluminare : Okay 

Eluminare : Last question

Eluminare : If you were banned for some reasons here on dRO

Eluminare : Would you leave for good?

Eluminare : Or you'd try to play again anyway?

Jenna : I'll take a break from it, and come back

Eluminare : So you won't give up anyway

Eluminare : Addiction is real xD

Eluminare : Hahaha okay thanks ^^

Jenna : xD You're welcome


The 2nd person I've been talking to was my mate - we never were a close friends but we had some nice talks in our gameplay. He's an old player on our server:

Name: Aidan

Class: Sorcerer

IRl Sex: Male

Eluminare : Suuup Aidan, do you have a moment?

Aidan: sure

Eluminare : Okay, i'm making an interview with people

Eluminare : About dreamerRo addiction

Aidan : nice

Aidan : i think i saw it

Aidan : in forums

Eluminare : Oh

Aidan : o.o

Aidan : addiction <3

Eluminare : Wanna talk xD?

Aidan : sure

Eluminare : Okay so tell me Aidan, how long have you been playing here?

Aidan : Since 2008.

Aidan : almost 8 years.

Eluminare : What the fuck

Eluminare : That's soooooooooooo long

Aidan: yeah

Eluminare : How old are you o_O?

Aidan : just turned 18 2 days ago

Eluminare : Ooooooh happy late happy birthday

Eluminare : Let me take some candies from my storage xD

Aidan : thx <3

Aidan : LOL

Eluminare : But interview first HAHAHAH

Aidan : shoar

Eluminare : So that means you've been here since elementary school o_O

Aidan: im not good with the school names in english

Eluminare : Your first school

Aidan: oh

Eluminare : When you were a kiddo

Aidan : yea maybe

Aidan : i start dro when i was 10

Eluminare : Did any other from your class

Eluminare : Were playing Ragnarok?

Eluminare : Or you only?

Aidan : Nope

Aidan : me only

Eluminare : How come you started playing Ragnarok in general?

Eluminare : Older brother?

Aidan: my brother were playing dro

Aidan : actually 

Eluminare : Hahah I guessed right!

Aidan : he used to play RO

Eluminare : Mhm

Eluminare : So you just followed your brother

Aidan : yea

Aidan : he start playing it 11 - 13 years ago

Eluminare : What the hell

Aidan : not the dreamer ro

Aidan : the Ragnarok

Aidan : he and hes friends

Aidan : had their own server

Aidan : name Hitit Ro

Eluminare : Oh 

Eluminare : I see

Aidan : badass server

Eluminare : Nice D:

Aidan : :D

Eluminare : Okay so why are you still here/

Aidan : here?

Aidan : idk

Eluminare : Don't you feel bored after 8 years?

Aidan : no

Aidan : bcuz

Aidan : its fun

Aidan : after all

Aidan : i like to PvP

Aidan : i quit when i dont have gear xD

Aidan : i left 3 times already

Eluminare :Ohhhh

Eluminare : Why?

Aidan : 3 times hacked 

Aidan : scammed

Eluminare : Wow

Eluminare : That's really lame

Aidan : lol

Aidan : thanks

Aidan : hah

Eluminare : So you just lost your motivation to play the game

Eluminare : But why did you come back?

Aidan : the longest quit was 1 year

Aidan : my friend were quitting

Aidan : he gave me hes all stuff

Aidan : so i had reason to play

Aidan : i had gears

Eluminare : Oh so you could play again

Aidan: yeah

Eluminare : Didn't you miss your friends?

Aidan : i didnt have much friends back then

Aidan : i was only PvP man

Eluminare : Mhm, how about now?

Aidan : its about the same now

Aidan : but im more social now

Eluminare : Ohhhh

Eluminare : I see :3

Aidan : i mostly afk in go 3

Aidan : check PvP

Eluminare : Mhm

Aidan : buy - sell

Eluminare : Do you think you're addicted to this game?

Aidan : nop

Eluminare : So you could easily leave?

Aidan : ofcourse

Aidan : and if i leave

Aidan : i give my stuff to newbies

Aidan : or make event to be fair

Eluminare : Wow

Eluminare : You're very generous XD

Aidan: :)

Aidan : People always steal from me

Aidan : or when i ask items from other guildmates

Aidan : they always think im as scammer

Eluminare : Wth

Eluminare : That's stupid

Aidan : yea

Aidan : now i have 1T worth items not mine

Aidan : my friends

Aidan : can give back all if he asks me to

Eluminare : Not bad :D

Eluminare : Okay well

Eluminare : That's nice to see players who could easily leave 

Eluminare : Because they are not

Eluminare : Addicted

Aidan : yeah

Aidan : actually

Aidan : im going to leave this ro tomorrow

Aidan : for 1 month

Eluminare : Real life stuff?

Aidan : yea

Aidan : im goin vacation

Aidan : some other country

Eluminare : Damn 

Eluminare : Enjoy your free time :3

Aidan : i'll try to ;)

Eluminare : Nais

Eluminare : Okay Aidan

Eluminare : Thanks for the interview xD

Aidan : np


Another "mate" of mine is a guy, an active PVP player.

Name: George

Class: Sorcerer

IRL Sex: Male

Eluminare : George

Eluminare : Are you busy?

George : nop but im leaving in 15 mins

George : why?

Eluminare : Damn

George : whats up :o

Eluminare : Well i'm making an interview about dRO addiction and i thought I could ask you some questions

Eluminare : Since you're often online

Eluminare : xD"

George : lmaoo ask Caroline :p 

Eluminare : Yea im planning to catch her later

George : she plays more than 12 hours a day

Eluminare : Yea ikr

Eluminare : She's sleeping now, gonna try later

George :: im busy irl now cant on that much anymore XD

Eluminare : OHHH

Eluminare : But you don't want to quit anyway

Eluminare : Because you're addicted

Eluminare : Right?

George : already did before but i came back

Eluminare : Why did you come back hm?

George : idk lol 

Eluminare : Hm..did you miss RO?

George : pretty much

George : gf doesnt want me to play this game

Eluminare :o_o why?

Eluminare : Time eater?

George : maybe :o

Eluminare : Is she jealous about you spending time with people in game instead of with her?

Eluminare : Ic

Eluminare : Btw for how long have you been in here?

George :: almost 5 years

George : suppose to be 7 

Eluminare : Holy crap that's long o.o

Eluminare : And how about the whole RO in general?

George : first and last server 

George : :p

Eluminare :dRO forever :P?

George : i tried other server ddnt like it

Eluminare : Oh I see

Eluminare : Last? So if you'd be banned here, you'd never start any other server again?

George : nop ill quit forever lmao

Eluminare : I see

Eluminare : Did you ever take longer break from dRO?

George : i did from 2012 to 14

Eluminare : Real life stuff?

Eluminare : Or you were connected to random drama in game?

George : yea ex gf..

Eluminare : damn, women are crazy...

George : ^ no shttt

Eluminare : XD haha

Eluminare : Okay thank you George ^^


^ This guy mentioned one of my good friends here in dRO - Caroline. I've decided to talk to her.

Name: Caroline

Class: Warlock

IRL Sex: Female

Eluminare : OKAY! So I think you're a good material for my interview

Eluminare : I was making an interview about old players and DreamerRO addiction

Caroline :: LOL

Caroline : ooooh

Eluminare : Why are they still playing etc etc but i'm going to cover your name

Eluminare : So don't worry

Caroline : Okay

Eluminare : It will take a moment only xD

Caroline : sure

Eluminare : Okay so the first thing for how long have you been in here?

Eluminare : +/-

Caroline : mmmm probably 5-6yrears roughly

Eluminare : Damn but you're around 22 so it's like 1/4 of your life o_O

Caroline : I know right. haha i feel so old =3=

Eluminare : XD lol sorry i didn't mean to make you feel old hahaha

Caroline : haha its okay p:

Eluminare : I've been playing the entire RO for around 11 so i feel like i waste a half of my life

Eluminare : Don't you feel like you waste your time?

Caroline : Im around the same, and no. Not really, cause i meet amazing people and its 

helped me grow

Eluminare : Oooo so you keep having friendships from the past?

Caroline : Yeah, I keep in contact with a few of them and keep up to date :)

Eluminare : Awwww that's good, friendships are important. Mmmm tell me, what's the most important factor that keeps you here?

Caroline : mmm for me, probably the friendships, community and all the hard work ive put here..

Caroline : but generally the people i meet

Eluminare : Damn i don't remember previous answeres but i think many players said the same D:

Eluminare : So people in general

Eluminare : Do you think you are addicted? Just from the objective point of view

Caroline : haha a little, cant help but sneak on when im suppose to be doing homework

Eluminare :xD I know the feeling so you're not alone

Eluminare : Are you thinking about the stuff that happens in game irl?

Eluminare : Like overthinking?

Caroline : mmm i try to avoid that, i try to keep personal life out of ro much as possible..

Eluminare : Shesh that's good, overthinking is bad in general i think @-@

Eluminare : Hmmmm let me think if i i have something else

Eluminare : Oooooh what are you doing mostly here in dRO? 

Eluminare : I think you're kinda balanced since you're socializing but i know you are activ

e in pvp as well

Caroline : mmm now, town talker, Killing Hades, ED and PvP. but mostly talking...

Caroline : haha yeah

Eluminare : So it's 50/50 good, purffect woman! (I'm talking to le woman people)

Caroline : haha

Eluminare :Thanks baby x3

Caroline : no problem dear


The next person I've been talking to was completely random to me --> We're neither friends or mates but we had a good conversation:

Name: Bob

Class: Royal Guard

IRL Sex: Male (I guess --> talks like a guy :P)

Eluminare : Heeey 

Bob :hi

Eluminare :The interview is about the DreamerRO addiction

Bob : ohh

Eluminare : How long have you been playing here?

Bob : late 2009 i think

Eluminare : Wow so it's around 6  years already

Eluminare : Kinda long

Eluminare : And how old are you right now?

Bob : 21

Eluminare : so 15..

Bob : i think so

Eluminare : You started playing in the middle school, nice

Bob : ahhaaha

Bob : ya

Eluminare : is DreamerRO the only server you were playing on?

Bob : nop

Bob : dro

Bob : is my 2nd server

Eluminare : So you were playing Ragnarok more than 6 years?

Eluminare : o_O

Bob : not really

Eluminare :Mmmm explain xD?

Bob : ive been

Bob : inactive in dro

Bob : for a year

Eluminare : Oh

Bob : i just came back

Bob : last xmas

Eluminare : Why did you leave?

Bob : work

Bob : and

Bob : real life

Bob : lol

Eluminare : Mhm so just real life in general

Bob : ya

Eluminare : Why did you come back?

Bob : i dunno

Bob : i keep

Bob : coming back

Bob : i dunno why

Bob : lol

Eluminare :: Because of friends?

Eluminare : Pvp?

Bob : ya

Bob : i tried other server

Bob : but

Bob : dro is best

Bob : atm

Eluminare : xD i see

Eluminare : Do you think you're addictred on it?

Bob : i think so

Bob : hahaha

Eluminare : Mhm, so if someone would tell you to quit

Eluminare : For example

Eluminare : Your gf

Eluminare : Would you quit?

Bob : ya

Eluminare :Or you'll play secretly?

Bob : nah

Bob : i think

Bob : 6years is enough

Bob : im planning to quit

Bob : soon

Eluminare : So even if you're addicted you wouldn't have a problem to leave?

Eluminare : Oh

Eluminare : Why?

Bob : work

Bob : again

Eluminare :Ah I see

Bob : i need to work

Eluminare : So RO is a time eater and you can't play and work at the same time?

Bob : so i could finish my studies

Bob : ya

Eluminare : Mhm I see

Eluminare : But if you'd ever be banned for something

Eluminare : Would you leave RO for good?

Bob : here in dro?

Eluminare : Or you'd try to start again?

Eluminare : Yea here in dro

Bob : i think so

Bob : because

Bob : i know how to get items and shits fast

Eluminare : So you wouldn't lose your motivation to play anymore?

Bob : ya

Eluminare :Wow amazing

Eluminare : I think many people would lose motivation o.o"

Bob : if

Bob : i have time

Bob :: lol

Eluminare : Mhm

Eluminare : What do you like the most here on dRO?

Bob : i got my friends to help me

Bob : elite quest

Eluminare : Elite quest?

Eluminare : LIke farming

Bob : ya

Bob : no

Bob : the whole elite quest

Bob : because other

Bob : servers dont have it

Eluminare : Mhm?

Eluminare : So  you're a typical farmer/pvper in game?

Bob : pvper

Eluminare : So you don't really care about friendships between people here?

Bob : i care about friendship outside pvp arenas

Bob : but were in pvp arenas

Bob : i still try not to kill them

Bob : lol

Eluminare : XD

Eluminare : Hahaha I see

Eluminare : Okay anyway

Eluminare : Thanks for the interview ^^


The next person I've been talking to is my "good old ex friend" - He asked me to cover his name this way...EHHH WELLL....

Name: Babe (LOL)

Class: Ranger

IRL Sex: Male

Eluminare : You're an old players so i've decided to talk to ya

Babe : :D

Babe : im older than u <3

Eluminare : I know you are sheeesh

Babe : xD

Eluminare : Okay so

Eluminare : This week i'm making an interview

Eluminare : About RO addiction

Babe : ooo

Eluminare : Yea kinda interesting for every player here

Babe : so will my name be posted on as well?

Babe : cause then ill make it funny

Eluminare : No no i'll cover your name

Babe : :[

Eluminare : I cover every name

Eluminare : With fake name

Eluminare : Unless you don't want me to?

Babe : can i be "Babe"?

Eluminare : UM LOL yea sure

Eluminare : Okay so

Babe : xD

Babe : ok

Babe : Tell me, for how long have you been in here?

Babe : Roughly 4 - 5years and this might be an under estimate

Eluminare : Wow 5 years

Eluminare : That's long I think

Eluminare : Did you play any other servers before? o_O

Eluminare : Or dRO was your first server?

Babe : Ive had well over 12years of Ro experience and this server was the only one 

that kept me for so long

Eluminare :Hm so you think you're addicted on this game?

Babe : In some ways, yes.

Eluminare : 12 years is like...a half of your life

Eluminare : Hmm 

Eluminare : What makes you addicted to it?

Babe : yea its quite some time lol

Eluminare : You're not an active pvper I guess

Eluminare : You're mostly here in Caspen

Babe : Honestly, its just the competition and trying to reach the goal you've set you


Eluminare : Competition...what kind of competition?

Babe : Back then when I first started I would never sit in Caspen

Babe : Its only after the years when the competition died down thats when i decide

d to help others cause ive achieved everything i wanted to

Eluminare : So you were an active pvper

Babe : Yes I definitely was

Eluminare :Do you have any goals at the moment?

Babe : None because I have already achieved my goal

Babe : But to others it might not be enough

Eluminare : Hm yea but look

Eluminare : You said you're addicted because of the goals

Eluminare : Right now you said you have no goals

Eluminare : Then why are you here?

Babe : Correct, the only thing thats keeping me right now are the friends I've made here.

Eluminare : So it's not even about the whole gameplay, it's more about the people you met in here?

Babe : Most of them left but a good amount are still here and i just enjoy socializing i guess

Babe : Yes

Eluminare :Oh so it's like chatting on....for example "skype" but in game?

Babe : Its a little bit of both i guess

Eluminare : Game+Blablablaing with people?

Babe : Skyping and or while chatting in game

Eluminare :: How many times did you take a break from RO?

Babe : Roughly 3 times

Eluminare : For how long and why?

Babe : The longest time was a bit over half a year and the reason being is because of ingame drama

Eluminare : Oh so you just wanted to avoid some shits and rumors

Babe : Exactly

Eluminare : Any other reasons?

Babe : Another reason was because i broke my first elite weapon and got lazy to make a new character, therefore i just took a break from RO due to frustration

Eluminare :Oh damn that's shitty

Eluminare : And the 3rd time?

Babe : the 3rd time was still due to online drama

Eluminare : So seems like you're often connected with drama hmm

Eluminare : But well...HERE YOU ARE AGAIN

Babe : Honestly, when you're playing on a competitive server like this, you are bound to encounter haters and problems

Babe : But that was in the past, so now I just like sitting in caspen and socialize and help people who are struggling to get used to this server

Eluminare :: But you are here again. What happened?

Babe : The main reason why I am back right now was because a dear friend of mine

 wanted me back again. And after my first day back I felt really welcoming to see prior friends that i had and even met some new friends

Eluminare :So you're planning to stay here again.

Babe : Most likely because I have a lot more free time on hand.

Eluminare :: Ohh i see

Eluminare : What would you do if you were banned for example and you could never play again?

Eluminare : Don't you feel like RO takes your precious time?

Eluminare : And you could do something better instead of sitting here?

Babe : Honestly, its summer time and if you have a passion for something i dont find it a problem.

Babe : Dont get me wrong, i still have a personal life aside from games

Babe : Thats also the main reason as to why i strictly stay in caspen

Eluminare : Hmmm

Eluminare : Oke doke

Eluminare : Anyway that's all xD

Eluminare : Thanks ~


After that I was trying to talk to one of my friends - people says he's a pr0 WL but I guess he sucks...I kinda failed...

Name: Retarded Asshole (sorry, you ignored me as hell >:C)

Class: Gay Warlock

IRL Sex: Yeti

Eluminare : Dont even try to ignore me !

Eluminare : >:C

Retarded Asshole : noo

Retarded Asshole : i jus dun want LOL

Retarded Asshole : no pls

Eluminare : I DUN CARE

Eluminare : Okay so

Eluminare : The interview is about the DreamerRO addiction

Retarded Asshole : oh

Eluminare : How long have you been here on dRO?

Retarded Asshole : il go exall

Retarded Asshole : bye

(Retarded Asshole :) is not in the mood to talk with anyone.

(Retarded Asshole :) is not in the mood to talk with anyone.

(Retarded Asshole :) is not in the mood to talk with anyone.

Yeaaaaa...no comments LOL


The last person I had a talk with was pretty nice. I've planned to talk to her for like 10-15 minutes to make an interview..We ended up talking for almost 4h. Hey you! It was really interesting and thanks again for such a wonderful talk :)!

Name: Elisa

Class: Royal Guard

IRL Sex: Female

Eluminare :Eeeeeeeei

Eluminare : Ei ei ei ei ei ei

Elisa : hi

Elisa : what made you come here xD

Eluminare : OOOOH i'm so happy you're not afk XD!

Eluminare : WELL

Eluminare : I remember you were often chilling in here so i've decided to check if you ar

e around

Eluminare : I have a stupid request

Elisa :yes what is it?

Eluminare : Well i'm making an interview with people who were playing here for a while

Eluminare : And since I know you've been here for..x years

Eluminare : I was wondering if I could ask you some questions

Elisa : well sure

Eluminare : Okay so

Eluminare : For how long have you been here?

Elisa : I am not sure honestly

Elisa : but around 3-4 years I guess

Elisa : I stop playing RO

Elisa : like 3 years ago before I start looking again for a private server

Elisa : because I miss ragnarok

Elisa : I saw dRO at RMS 

Elisa : it has a lot of positive review so I joined

Elisa : and I love it

Eluminare : Oh so previously you were playing on an official server o-o?

Elisa : yeah official, I play on some private though didn't stay too long

Elisa : well maybe it's better to say that the servers are the one that doesn't last too long lels

Elisa : most of them wipe after months or so

Elisa : I think we simply love the game

Eluminare : So do you think you're addicted?

Elisa : addicted, I think it's more of LOVE for the game haha

Elisa : I love the game so much it's not like I am addicted to it, I simply miss it even though there's a lot of new games already

Eluminare : You're an active pvp player right?

Elisa : not really I am just a PVE player hah

Elisa : I PVP sometimes

Elisa : but I AFK a lot

Eluminare : We're all afk queens and kings i think

Eluminare : So what's the most important factor that keeps you here?

Elisa : honestly I love the challenge that the server gives but ofcourse what keeps me stay here is because I met my bf here

Eluminare : Sounds like Long Distance Relationship?

Elisa : yes it is, though we have communication. We still love staying here. It feels like home

Elisa : We don't play on other server, but we play other games sometimes but we always go back here

Elisa : to AFK ofcourse

Elisa : hahaha

Eluminare :: xD

Eluminare : Do you think if your bf would be gone

Eluminare : Then you'd stop playing here?

Elisa : no

Elisa : I will wait here

Elisa : he can't be gone

Eluminare :: *___*

Eluminare : That was amazing damn you have no idea, i have a goose skin

Eluminare : Seriously XD

Elisa : xD

Eluminare : The longest RO break = how long?

Eluminare : And was it connected with the irl stuff only? Or in game drama?

Elisa : 3 years after the last private server I guess

Elisa : I had to take my license in accounting

Eluminare : Ohhh so the serious business

Elisa : kinda haha

Elisa : I can still remember that it took me

Elisa : 3 days to 500 my char

Elisa : because I didn't know that there is this death island

Eluminare : "Newbie lack of knowledge"

Eluminare : Yea ikr i was the same

Eluminare : But it took me like a week i guess, i was cursing a lot

Eluminare : I saw people lvling up so fast i was like "fucking cheaters"

Elisa : hahaha I know that feeling

Eluminare : Okay i think the last quesstion

Eluminare : If you'd be ban here for the whatever reason (it's just the example)

Eluminare : Do you think

Eluminare : You'd have enough will to rebuild everything you made here?

Elisa : I honestly do not need to rebuild anything

Elisa : I have a lot of accounts already I don't hunt anymore but If my main is going to get ban

Elisa : I don't need items either

Elisa : I can simply sit here and talk with my friends who visit me sometimes

Eluminare : Okay i think that's it xD

Eluminare : Thank you so much

Elisa : xD nP



This game is addicting like every other game..my question is why? Is it because of our friends? Or it's because we want to competite with someone? Maybe we need some challenges? Or maybe, like Elisa said, it's not an addiction, it's a real love to this game? What's your opinion? Feel free to comment below.

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That stupidity retarded gay warlock is interesting... Mmm nice interviews, well donde Elu, keep it doing good as hell.

Edited by The Taco Burrito Player

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