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Heartrider SIG

400 kills

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Bowling Bash (BB) Type:


Headgear: 30% Reduction Demi-Human + Gemini Card (Redux Type)

                  30% Damage + Gemini Card (Damage Type)

                  ODH + Gemini Card (Anti-Knockback)


Mid-Gear: EJ + Gemini Card


Low-Gear: Music Ring/Fusion Chakra + ESL Card (if Rich)

                 Dark Chakra/Black Headphone + ESL Card 


Weapon: Shamshir + Thana + VR card + 2 Sword Guardian card

               Shamshir + VR card + TG card + 2 Sword Guardian card

               Shamshir + VR card + 3 Phereoni card (for flee type)


Garment: Aesprika

                Elite Aesprika + SinX card


Shoes: Sleipnir + GEC card


Accessory: Medal of Honor + Horong card

                  STR Meg


*PS/ this guide work for me and it have add EQ you can add and explore more but this the basic you can use for 400 kill with RK BB type.. Good Luck.. My suggestion is EXPLORE more with this basic guide and build your RK with your own build.. Thank you.. 


Last but not least press the green button if you like.. :D


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