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We have a Guild Trailer with >25m views. Yes. A mother fucking Trailer.



"You start to forget the things you should remember.

And you can't stop remembering the things you should forget.

We always had the power. Not anymore.

All we have is each other.

We're Ghosts. 

Fighting for something that can't be killed.

Soldiers stand against their enemies..

But Ghosts.... 

haunt them."




7 Sept 2016 - Today we mark the significant day where, two guilds, which used to hate each other so much, merged, so that they could stand a chance against us. At least, that was what they thought.


It was still so clear in my memory that one of them said "I would rather quit than teaming up with those people". The one who said that, was in the war today, teaming up with people he sworn proudly that he wouldn't. Interesting. Indeed. Interesting.
However, this development, as I shared with my trusted team, was already well expected. Despite not expecting them taking this long, but I knew it all the while that this would happen. Because their e-ego, and e-pride, were both stomped to the ground by us long enough for these fools to eventually team up against us shamelessly, regardless how much they hate each other. And the amusing part is that, they cannot quit.
Stop playing because they couldn't PvP is not equivalent to quit. Quit, is just a e-lie to others or even to themselves for their e-ego and e-pride to feel better. We knew it well enough that when the chance is back for them to finally play again, they would. Like what happened today.
Gepard Shield surprised everyone, including myself, I did not see that coming. If there is one thing I would like to complain, it is that it stopped my team and I from collecting proofs to get these motherfuckers banned for good! We are half way there, just a few more videos and I would, certainly, get some of their top cheating bastard nailed. Give me a few days, I will find time to upload these and show you guys on how fast these fuckers are, and how they did wonders like auto dispelling every Assumptio I casted.
Nevertheless, looking at the war today, I am finally no longer dispelled 24/7, I finally could outheal the bolts of certain fucker which I never could without switching to maya, and I finally see how these pathetic fools failed without their cheats.
Gepard Shield killed 3 PvP guilds, and we are the only one left - and we all know what that means. For 2 weeks, exactly 2 weeks today, that we did not face any single challenge, they avoided all the wars, even when we were just 5. 
Cheaters and abusers may have temporary advantages, but the ones who get the fundamentals right will always prevail. Today they are back, after training their hardened fingers for 2 weeks when they had not actually used them for 5 years, united, against us. Not just 2 guilds, plus all the outsiders who wished to fight us. Like the good old times, the whole server against us. By doing so,
They indirectly agreed that we Ghosts are too strong, and they also proved that they could not take us down legitimately.
And that's exactly why, today as well,
They lost.

A message to all non-member and future members, pick your side carefully. Pick a side where you can grow legitimately, pick a side where the leaders actually care for you being good than having you just to just be an expendable suiciders where not a single heal will land on you.
People who know me respect me. People who don't call me arrogant, of which, I also earned my right to be.
But I get the right things right. Remember that.



Active PvPers may have noticed us long ago, we were an inactive PvP guild made up by a group of semi-retired players who shared the same core values in PvP. We did not open recruitment, as the whole idea was to PvP when everyone is free and haunt others like a ghost, and to play only with people we could work well with.
Apparently after one or two months, it did not work well. First, it was difficult to wait until EVERYONE is free. Second, while we maintained out number of 5-10 in each PvP session (mainly 5 lol), our competitors grew and came in with 10-20. So after months, or one whole year of laying low, we are back.
We started by getting core players who were influential in the server who share the same core values with us, then we expanded the guild from that small circle to where we are today. And you ask what are our core values?
I thought you already knew? ;D

TL;DR. We are a PvP guild.
Our members rarely made it into the Top 5 Killers ranking, but our guild is consistently in the Top Guild ranking with, often, the best and undisputed K/D ratio. Numbers do not lie, it simply means few things:

  • Our guild kills are more equally distributed compare to other guilds.
  • Our guild focuses more on quality PvP, not suicide / 1-2 skills game play.
  • Our guild has more life (who the fuck with 2k kills and 2k deaths in a week would have a life?)

@go 23



  • Be able to speak and comprehend English.
  • Be able to understand and willing to comply with rules below.
  • Be fully geared and knowledgeable for PvP in the Job playing.
  • Be reasonable active in PvP, not just online.
  • Be willing to work as a whole and sacrifice own gain for guild gain.
  • Be willing to kill ANYONE outside the guild in PvP
  • Be OPEN, HONEST, and TRUSTED in dealing with members.


  • Mandatory to take the rules seriously at all Ranks. 
  • Mandatory to obey orders and decisions from Elites. 
  • Mandatory loyalty, betrayers will not be re-invited. Double sided will be expelled.
  • Mandatory to join the war if you are not AFK when an Elite summons for wars. **
  • Mandatory to finish the war. DO NOT AFK / ditch others half way in wars without good reason. **
  • Mandatory teamwork in wars. DO NOT go Solo / farming in wars.
  • Mandatory to survive reasonably. DO NOT be feeders in wars. 
  • Mandatory to speak English if you are talking in guild / party chat.
  • Mandatory to have a proper party before initiate / join a war. Otherwise leave.
  • Mandatory to respect EVERYONE in the guild.
  • Mandatory expulsion for solid racist case – we DO NOT tolerate racist.

**We see this as an emerging issue. Existing members please take it seriously.


  • Be geared and prepared for a test.
  • Come to our base & camp until a random Elite appears.
  • Ask for the test.
  • Don't fail.


The Demonic Four [ I ]
The four Elites of Ghosts, selected based on Leadership, Influential Power, Knowledge, and Skills. Serve as key decision makers whereby the vote result from the four is absolute. Each Elite is given the right to elect / replace TWO Rank II members.
The Eight Demons [ II ]
Proven to be key winning factors in wars, the Eight Demons carry individual title and elected by the Elites based on Skills, Contribution, and Leadership. Serve as sub leader in the absence of Elites and to be replaced upon having more suitable candidates.
Fear Sorrow Hatred Despair [ III ]
Promoted from Rank VI based on War Contribution and Activeness. Currently fixed at 16 positions.
Revenant [ IV ]
Promoted from Rank V based on Skills
Undead [ V ]
Confirmation after Probation Period based on survival & activeness.
Tactical Squad
Characters with special purpose, e.g. SL
Expendable 2nd  character in guild
Expendable Inactive members
Under Hell Trial
Members under Probation Period














In here we list down all the great guilds that had / have been "brave" enough to fight us since S.E.A. era,


Some of them can no longer be seen in PvP while Some of them are still fighting valiantly.

Their efforts and their names shall be remembered.


Nitrous Express & sub-guilds



Avalanche (appeared times: 2)



Deathmatch Legends



Vandalize Ur Peace



Art of War



Asinine Squad & sub-guilds



Neutral Legends









Ludicrous & sub-guilds



The Kunts



PvP Annihilation



The Anarchy



Symphony & sub-guilds (S.O.L.)






Ultimates & sub-guilds















Devils( appeared times: 1 )



Valiant Guardian & sub-guilds



Ressurection & sub-guilds






Aggression & sub-guilds






The Missing Nins



Orderis Nocturis









Prontera Boys












League of Shadows









Technicolor (reappear times: 1)









Bad Intention



The Saviors






Fighting Cocks



Revolutionary Front




And good luck to those who are still fighting.






*In here we do not claim the credit (or full credit) of "defeating them" or "making them gone".



Most of them claim to be gone for some glorious reasons such as "life",

but people believe what they believe and the truth will always be the truth.


If you have been in at least 3 of the guilds above, don't be worried,


we won't list you down as a hater or loser here,

but you know which category you are in.

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11 Aug 2016 - We Ghosts are expending our operation.
We are not active in the lame activities like 500 pvp / HHH / etc etc
But we are definitely doing better, much better, than our peers out there. Proven results had been delivered through the past 2 GvG, where, in a fair gameplay environment, we are the undisputed No 1 with 0 defeat 0 dead. You may watch the video on how quick we wiped our competitors, and how they were scared of us.
In here, we promote enhancing individual capabilities, while emphasizing on developing quality teamplay. Ones will see the vast difference with other guilds that rely purely on number, suicide, and cheats, which, explains their pathetic result in GvG. 
So again, if you can accept the facts that we are not active in HHH / 500 PvP / BG / COD / etc,  and we do not support number + suicide gameplay (mainly because we are not poor shits that are in needs of those shits).
You may considering joining us, for better skills, better teamplay, and better gameplay.


Thank you.

10 June 2016 - About the GvG, we did well, maybe we prepared a little bit too much, maybe we overestimated our enemies, maybe we underestimated ourselves.


0 defeat 0 death, the gems I prepared for Resurrection were never used, we won overwhelmingly.


I guess this happens when the those guilds that are so used to exploiting cheats and suicide classes can no longer play in a fair gameplay like this, it's rather disappointing especially when we won this easily when Rajou and I are inactive and rusty, and Von was using Aolo for the first time.


Thanks for everyone who came online, those who came to be standby replacement, and those who supported us.



We did not fail you.




There wasn't any GvG event since Ghost came active, and this is the first one on 11 June 2016. 

Congratulations to the Ghosts guild for winning the Guild vs Guild tournament!


And July! Two in a row!


GVG Tournament Winners


07 . 30 . 16




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off topic: but have you actually played COD Ghosts? that cod franchise sucked bigtime.

I hate COD so much lol, it's filled with 12 year olds now :c

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Pray to the guild of my old leader!

Good luck Xad~

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"You start to forget the things you should remember.
And you can't stop remembering the things you should forget.
We always had the power. Not anymore.
All we have is each other.
We're Ghosts. 
Fighting for something that can't be killed.
Soldiers stand against their enemies..
But Ghosts.... 
haunt them."





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off topic: but have you actually played COD Ghosts? that cod franchise sucked bigtime.

Nope. Play Station sucks HAHAHH

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