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Vending System Update

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The merchant's vending skill has received a major update! One that unlocks great potential for our economy and for our buyers and sellers.


The merchant's vending skill had a huge flaw in our server because it used only Zeny as a currency and this meant that people could sell only up to 2 billion zeny worth of items per shop.


This update now allows our Merchants to choose from one of the 3 following currencies:

  • Zeny (still capped at 2b max zeny)
  • 100M Zeny Bags (capped at 32k)
  • 1b Zeny Bags (capped at 32k)

This means that our merchants can now sell items worth up to 32 TRILLION zeny per shop! 


How does it work?

  1. When you open a vending shop a dialog will appear, allowing you to choose the currency for your shop.
  2. If you want to sell Ghostring Card for 900M zeny using 100M zeny bags, the price would be 9.
  3. If you want to sell Hades card for 200b Zeny using 100M zeny bags, the price would be 2,000. 
  4. If you want to sell Hades card for 200b Zeny using 1b zeny bags, the price would be 200. 

How can you know what currency the shop uses?

  1. You will see the currency in front of the Shop's name. (Zeny, 100M Z-Bag or 1B Z-Bag)
  2. You will see the currency on your chat box when you first open the shop.

Needless to say, you should always pay attention to the shops currency to avoid paying more Zeny than you thought it would cost.



You must be aware that @whosell will display the shops using Zeny Bags before any Zeny Cash Shop, because the prices of these shops will almost always be lower than the price in Zeny Cash Shops.



The Zeny Bag Shops do not have any vending tax. However, the Zeny Cash Shops still have a 5% vending tax.



The Zeny Bag shops work perfectly find with @autotrade, just like they do with Zeny shops.


vendlist.jpg vendtest.jpg


This update would of been impossible without the work of rAthena's developer, Lilith.


We hope you all enjoy this new feature on the vending system. We are certain this will increase the amount of merchants in the vending arena and will make it much easier for our players to buy and sell.




Enjoy Dreamers!

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I REALLY LOVE THIS UPDATE <3 one of the Best update imo.. kekekekekekkekekek :th_no1: :th_no1: :th_no1: :th_e3: :th_e3: :th_heh: :th_ok:  +9999

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now we can sell anything at our price +1 for this update!

but can you make @whosell have more spesific result?? *just suggest*

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Nice update but can you please remove the Tax for converting 100m bags into 1b bags and vice versa

There is no tax on vending with Zeny bags. The exchange tax helps against inflation. (You already see people QQing about economy and high prices)


wow nice, but can you put @security for this i can buy w/o turning off my item transfer TY

Will look into this

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RIP @go 33, you will be missed.  :th_heh:  :th_heh:

in fact that better you can just buy the item from the vending shop instead of find  the seller afk on go 33 and  you will have bad time  waiting him :th_ok:

Edited by moodyboody2

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some questions i might ask



Can Gms able to let us players use vending skills on go 33?



can we put a shop on go 33?


I think its good that we separate vending like this to the original vending area cuz its too huge makes us laggy




and there are too many characters + adding this makes it full



so yeah make it enabled to go 33

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