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BG Press Your Luck Update

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It has been a little over a year since we implemented this beauty. Ever since its implementation over 650,000 Victory Badges have been used, resulting in thousands of winners and over 100 Rare Item winners!
The BG Press Your Luck NPC has brought a ton of activity to the battlegrounds, and even though it was effective already, we have updated this player favorite gambling game to make it even more exciting!
We have added dozens of items to the BG Press Your Luck NPC, including a brand new Stage 9, which offers the players an opportunity to win a rare of choice!

As you may already know, the Press Your Luck NPC can be found at (@go bg) and it consumes 1 Victory Badge per play. You can earn Victory badges by winning a round of battlegrounds or participating in Division Events!


  • The items in Green have been newly added to the BG Press Your Luck.
  • The items in Red have been removed from BG Press Your Luck.
  • The rest were already available.


Stage 1 Prizes
 - Ygg Berries 50x
 - Box of Thunder 50x
 - Box of Sunlight 50x
 - Box of Storm 50x
 - Elemental Enchant Pack 1x
 - Blessing Scroll lvl 10  10x
 - Increase Agility lvl 10 10x
 - Choice of +20 Stat Food 3x
 - Flame of True Sight 5x
 - Attack Power Up 3x
 - Magic Power Up 3x
 - Super Size Scroll 1x
 - 50 STR Dish 3x
 - 50 DEX Dish 3x
 - 50 INT Disg 3x

OR Continue to lvl 2 - Risking No prize
Stage 2 Prizes
 - Bubblegum 1x
 - Bloody Branch 5x
 - Magic Surprise Box 1x
 - Melee Surprise Box 1x
 - Concentration Scroll 5x
 - Gym pass 1x
 - Ghostring Scroll 2x
 - 100M Zeny Bag 1x
 - Choice of +20 Stat Food 5x
 - Flame of True Sight 10x
 - Attack Power Up 5x
 - Magic Power Up 5x
 - Super Size Scroll 3x

OR Continue to lvl 3 - Risking No prize
Stage 3 Prizes
 - Fashion Voucher 1x
 - Glorified Orc trophy 1x
 - HE Gum 1x
 - 500M Zeny Bag 1x
 - Skin Color Coupon 1x
 - Big Defense Potion 5x
 - Big Magic Defense Potion 1x
 - Magic Surprise Box 5x
 - Melee Surprise Box 5x
 - Gjallarhorn 10x
 - Guild Experience Scroll 1x
 - Lucky Scratch off 1x
 - 50 STR Dish 10x
 - 50 DEX Dish 10x
 - 50 INT Dish 10x

Or Continue to lvl 4 - Risking no Prize
Stage 4 Prizes
 - 1b Zeny Bag 1x
 - Gjallarhorn 15x
 - Bloody Branches 50x
 - Magic Surprise Box 10x
 - Melee Surprise Box 10x
 - Ghostring Scroll 10x
 - Hero Exp Scroll 1x
 - HE Gum 2x
 - Pure Oridecon 1x
 - Pure Elunium 1x
 - Heroic Power Up Box 1x
 - Thanatos Egg 1x
 - Magaleta Egg 1x
 - Ghostring Egg 1x
 - Undead Scrolls Big Pack 1x
 - Elite Weapon 3 Day Boost 1x


Or Continue to lvl 5 - Risking no prize
Stage 5 Prizes
 - Assassin Cross Card 1x
 - Thanatos Card 1x
 - Kiel Card 1x 
 - Turtle General Card 1x
 - Fused Phreeoni Card 1x
 - Fused Pharaoh Card 1x
 - Fused Moonlight Card 1x
 - Tao Gunka Card 1x
 - Lord Knight Card 1x
 - Whitesmith Card 1x
 - High Wizard Card 1x
 - Ghostring Card 1x
 - Maya Purple Card 1x
 - Fused Doppelganger Card 1x
 - Addax Card 1x
 - Orc Hero Card 1x
 - Golden Thief Bug Card 1x
 - 1b Zeny 5x
 - Villainous Shadow Card
 - Malicious Shadow Card
 - Malevolent Shadow Card
 - Draconus Card
 - Shadow of Nydhoggur Card
 - Naght Sieger Card
 - Name Change Scroll

Or Continue to lvl 6 - Risking no prize
Stage 6 Prizes
 - Marshmallow Hat
 - Noble Hat
 - Condom Hat
 - Darkness Wings
 - Poring of Balance
 - Dark Chakra
 - Harpy Wings
 - Poring Aura
 - Golden Dragon Helm
 - Feather Valkyrie Helm
 - Keepers Armor
 - Keepers Shield
 - Keepers Manteau
 - Randgris Balloon
 - Cloak of Invisibility
 - Swords of Arctic
 - Blessings of Porings
 - Stormy Headphones
 - Cards of Infirmity
 - Beads of Power
 - Ignus Fatuus
 - Abbadon Aura
 - Black Goku Hair
 - Neo Arctic Wings
 - Luminous Wings
 - Northern Elf Aura
 - Elvis Hair
 - Super Saiyan Hair
 - Elucidator

Or Continue to lvl 7 - Risking no prize
Stage 7 Prizes
 - Darth Vader Hat
 - White Pimp Hat
 - Nike Cap
 - Pink Cap
 - Spartan Helm
 - Ancient Ninja Sword
 - Parrot Wings
 - Piamette Doll
 - Super Saiyan Aura
 - Tiamat Aura
 - Phoenix Spirit Aura
 - Sword of Red Dragon
 - Regins Axe
 - Vivid Wings

 - Shield of Aeneas
 - Book of Toth
 - Shield of Evalach
 - Malevolent Shoes
 - Libra Shield
 - Obelisk Manteau
 - Obelisk Shoes
 - Obelisk Shield
 - Ambrose's Undead Armor
 - Poseidon Shoes
 - Twilight Boots
 - Combat Asprika
 - Executioner's Armor
 - Armor of the Forgotten
 - Malthael's Holy Nova Armor
 - Elite Asprika

Or Continue to lvl 8 - Risking no Prize
Stage 8 Prizes
 - Choice of Magic/Melee White Dragon Spirit
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Valkyrie Wings
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Randgris Wings
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Antai Dragon
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Blade of Black Dragon
 - Choice of Magic/Melee White Swan Spirit
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Susano'o
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Hitsugaya Wings
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Blades of Sparda
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Hyourinmaru Spirit
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Icarus Fire Wings
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Thanatos Sword
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Kiel's Spirit
 - Choice of Magic/Melee Tyrael Wings


 OR Continue to lvl 9 - Risking No prize (50% success chance)


Stage 9 Prize (new)
 - Rare of Choice - excluding Sword of Destiny, Madara's Susano'o Spirit and Tradeable Incarnation Spirit.

We hope the update on BG Press Your Luck further increases the activity of Battlegrounds and offers our players another way to obtain some of these items.
Thank you all for the support and keep us going strong!


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Idk but if anyone skip stage 8, I will just cry hahahaha.
Super nice update btw aw! +1

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Idk but if anyone skip stage 8, I will just cry hahahaha.
Super nice update btw aw! +1

the rate/chance for stage 9 isn't that bad, it's only a choice for those who got the same rare already and do not want another copy for their accounts, or they simply do not like the rare they got at stage 8 :D

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Stage 9 Prize (new)

 - Rare of Choice - excluding Sword of Destiny and Madara's Susano'o Spirit



We can pick the tradeable IS right?

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