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Halloween Event 2016 [Phase 3]

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The Halloween Festivities have arrived at DreamerRO!

Get ready to relive everything you loved from last year's event, as well as new experiences, quests and monsters!



Many of you may remember the famous Witch Morgana, who made her first appearance during last year's Halloween Season. Morgana was delighted with all the help she received last year cleansing the Halloween Field from those pesky Halloween minions, so delighted that she came back again this year to ask for your help once more!


Witch Morgana
caspen 75 265



It turns out the Halloween Poring managed to escape the cleansing last year! Although his army was diminished, he has now taken over a new city along with a new, stronger army. Morgana needs your help to get rid of the Halloween Poring and his new army once and for all, and she's ready to reward you greatly for your efforts!


The first phase of the Halloween Event is all about preparing for Halloween. In order to prepare for the event, you will need to follow Morgana's instructions and visit the new Halloween City. Inside the Halloween City you will find the Halloween Poring and his minions, all of which drop valuable items that will be required for future Halloween Quests!



Before you can gain access to the new Halloween City, you will need to complete a small entry quest for a Halloween Hat. This quest is provided by the With Morgana in Caspen. 
Halloween Entry Quest Requirements:

  • 400x Fabric
  • 200x Soft Feathers
  • 200x Piece of Black Cloths
  • 20x Wraith Cards
  • 5x Dark Lord Cards

The Halloween Hat not only allows access to the Halloween City, it also allows you to create powerful Poisons that will be required for the upcoming Halloween Quests. You will also receive a Poison Making Guide Book when you complete the entry quest.
Note: The Halloween Hat is account bound but the Poison Guide Book is character bound. You cannot complete the entry quest using a Guillotine Cross.
The Hallow Poring is the Halloween City's Mini Boss that drops the most desireable loot and controls all the minions in the city. For this reason, he is known to teleport as soon as a player comes near him in order to escape.

  • Gjallarhorn - 100%
  • War Supplies 100%
  • Halloween Candy - 100%
  • 100M Money Bag - 70%
  • Spirit of the Halloween - 15%
  • Fashion Voucher - 10%
  • DreamerRO Raffle Ticket - 3%
  • Donation token - 2%

     Haunting Dolly

  • Ghoul Ears - 25%
  • Devil's Horns - 25%
  • Halloween Candy - 20%
  • Echium Poison Herb - 20%
  • Dicondra Poison Herb - 20%
  • Gladiolus Poison Herb - 20%
  • Marigold Poison Herb - 20%
  • Spirit of Halloween - 0.25%
  • Raffle Ticket - 0.50%

    Nightmare Glob
    Pet Benefits: Increases all stats +10. When Loyal, the pet increases HIT + 50. Feeds on Ygg Berries.

  • Voodoo Doll - 75%
  • Bloody Knife - 75%
  • Devil's Horns - 5.50%
  • Panacea - 20%
  • Echium Poison Herb - 3.00%
  • Nightmare Glob Tame - 0.20%
  • Halloween Candy - 0.50%
  • Halloween Spirit - 0.01%
  • Raffle Ticket - 0.02%

    Nefarious Leecher
    Pet Benefits: Increases all stats +5. When Loyal, the pet increases Max HP + 3%. Feeds on Ygg Berries.

  • Spooky Syringe - 75%
  • Vampire Fangs - 75%
  • Devil's Horns - 5.50%
  • Dichondra Poison Herb - 3.00%
  • Box of Sunlight - 20%
  • Halloween Candy - 0.50%
  • Nefarious Leecher Tame - 0.20%
  • Halloween Spirit - 0.01%
  • Raffle Ticket - 0.02%

    One-Eyed Goblin
    Pet Benefits: Increases all stats +10. When Loyal, the pet increases ATTACK + 100. Feeds on Ygg Berries.

  • Bloody Knife - 75%
  • Voodoo Doll - 75%
  • Ghoul Ears - 5.50%
  • Undead Elemental Scroll - 100%
  • Gladiolus Poison Herb - 3.00%
  • Halloween Candy - 0.50%
  • One-Eyed Goblin Tame - 0.20%
  • Halloween Spirit - 0.01%
  • Raffle Ticket - 0.02%

   Winged Ghoul
    Pet Benefits: Increases all stats +7. When Loyal, the pet increases FLEE +40. Feeds on Ygg Berries.

  • Vampire Fangs - 75%
  • Spooky Syringe - 75%
  • Ghoul Ears - 5.50%
  • Box of Thunder - 100%
  • Marigold Poison Herb - 3.00%
  • Halloween Candy - 0.50%
  • Winged Ghoul Tame - 0.20%
  • Halloween Spirit - 0.01%
  • Raffle Ticket - 0.02%


Halloween Poison Creation
Once you start farming Halloween items, you will start collecting a variety of Poison Herbs. These herbs can be used in combination with the Halloween Wizard Hat and Poison Creation Guide to create special poisons. These poisons will be a key element in most of the Halloween Exclusive headgears, so it is very important you save those herbs and turn them into valuable poisons!
How to Create Poisons?
The Halloween Hat will enable the skill "Lvl  1 New Poison Creation" -- You will be able to see and use this skill only while you are wearing the Wizard Hat. The success chance to create poisons is only 35% and all of the poisons are account bound. To create a poison just make sure to collect all of the items required by the recipe and then use the Create Poison skill. You can make poisons with any character except Guillotine Cross, as they have a higher success chance.
Poison Herbs and Recipes:

Elixir of Seduction

  • 1x Medicine Bowl
  • 1x Poison Creation Kit
  • 1x Echium Poison Herbs
  • 25x Spooky Syringe

Vial of Lunacy

  • 1x Medicine Bowl
  • 1x Poison Creation Kit
  • 1x Dichondra Poison Herbs
  • 25x Voodoo Dolls

Flask of Agony

  • 1x Medicine Bowl
  • 1x Poison Creation Kit
  • 1x Gladiolus Poison Herbs
  • 25x Bloody Knife

Tonic of Hysteria

  • 1x Medicine Bowl
  • 1x Poison Creation Kit
  • 1x Marigold Poison Herbs
  • 25x Vampire Fangs



Halloween Disguise NPC
Location: Middle of Halloween City




There is a Halloween Disguiser NPC in the middle of the Halloween Field!  It will allow you to choose your costume by disguising you into the monster you choose! (Out of the possible options). The NPC charges 15M zeny per disguise, and it lasts until you relog or leave the Halloween Field. This NPC allows you to farm items looking like your favorite monster in-game!



With the arrival of the Halloween Day closing in, the Halloween enthusiasts have begun arriving to the Hallow City in search of valuable Halloween loots!

Halloween Collector

Location: hallow_city 165 200


The Halloween Collector is a well known NPC in our server. He has been showing up during the Halloween Season since 2013. This year, he's bringing in all of the previous favorite head gears as well as a couple of new ones for the 2016 season.
View Quest Headgears Available:



Satan Wings [1] - (ID: 21862)


Effect: The wings increase physical damage against Demi-Humans by 15%,  Add a 3% Chance to inflict Stone Curse status when attacking, 5% Chance to inflict Curse status when attacking.



Vindicated Wings [1] - (ID: 21864)


Effect: The wings reduces after-skill delay by 35% and increase All Stats + 5.



Crown of Wrath [1] - (ID: 21863)


Effect: The hat Enables a 10% chance of gaining 70% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as HP with each attack.



Dead Gent's Hat [1] - (ID: 20801)


Effect: The hat reduces damage received by demi-humans by 30% and Increases mDef +3.



Halloween Fury Aura [1] - (ID: 20802)


Effect: Enables 1% Chance of Cursing enemy when attacking, Increases Walking Speed by 60% and Dexerity by 7.



Halloween Spirit Aura [1] - (ID: 20800)


Effect: Increases Immunity to Curse by 100%, Increases Walking Speed by 60% and Strength by 7.



Halloween Scarf [1] - (ID: 20803)


Effect: Increases Walking speed by 70%



Winter Wizard Hat [1] - (ID: 20807)


Effect: This Hat will Increase your MATK by 20% and the headgear cannot be stripped.




Little Devil's Set [1] - (ID: 20804, 20805 and 20806)


Red Little Devil Horns
- Reduces damage received by demi-humans 30% (35% if combo)
Red Little Devil Wings
- Decreases after skill delay by 35%  (45% if combo)
Red Little Devil Tail
- Become Immune to Headgear, armor, weapon Strip
• Little Devil Combo •
- Increase Walking Speed by 60%, All Stats + 10





Collectibles Trader NPC

Location: caspen 160 265




The Collectibles Trader has updated his amazing collection of head gears with limited edition gear specifically designed for Halloween! Keep in mind that all of the items in this NPC have donation effects and they are all account bound!
View Quest Headgears Available:

Merlin's Hat [1] - (ID: 21860)


Effect: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 35%




Darth Vader's Hat [1] - (ID: 20687)


Effect: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 35%



Magic Kingdom Hat [1] - (ID: 21661)


Effect: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 25% and reduces magic damage by demi-humans by 20%




Vampire Marshmallow Hat [1] - (ID: 21792)


Effect: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 35%




Hylozoist Hat [2] - (ID: 21865)


Effect: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 20%, it contains 2 slots.




Bloody Broken Wings [1] - (ID: 20732)


Effect: Reduces after-skill delay by 45%




Nefarious Wings [1] - (ID: 21861) 


Effect: Increases All Stats by 30 and Increases MaxHP + 10%




Bloody Angel Wings [1] - (ID: 21559)


Effect: Increases All Stats by 30 and reduces after-skill delay by 20%




Grim Reaper's Scythe [1] - (ID: 21867)


Effect: Increases physical damage against Demi-Humans by 15%, Adds a 5% Chance to inflict Stone Curse status when attacking, 10% Chance to inflict Curse status when attacking.




Morgana's Staff [1] - (ID: 21563)


Effect: Reduces after-skill delay by 45%




Black Goku Aura [1] - (ID: 21762)


Effect: Provides immunity to Sleep, increases Flee +20, and increases physical damage agaist demi-humans by 15%.




Hell Hound Aura [1] - (ID: 21549)


Effect: Increases movement speed by 40%, increases MATK and ATK Rate by 15% and provides immunity to Stone Curse.




Sinister Aura [1] - (ID: 20730)


Effect: Increases physical damage to demi-humans by 20%, increases MaxHP + 10%.




Wicked Aura [1] - (ID: 20731)


Effect: Increases magical damage to demi-humans by 20%, increases MaxHP + 10%.




Abbadon's Lightning [1] - (ID: 21866)


Effect: Increases movement speed by 60%, MaxHP + 5% and adds a small chance to inflict Stone Curse, Sleep or Coma on the enemy when attacking.







Halloween Hunter

Location: hallow_city 145 200


The Halloween Hunter makes his appearance in DreamerRO for the first time this year! He's heard a lot about how committed and hard working our Halloween Hunters, so he's here to see who's the best hunter out there! 
The Halloween Hunter will start a Halloween Hunting Race every 2 hours and he will broadcast globally when each race begins. This race lasts for 60 minutes, in which all hunters are encouraged to kill as many Halloween Monsters as possible inside the Hallow City.  Each monster killed will award the hunter with 1 point.
At the end of the 60 minutes the Halloween Hunter NPC will announce who was the hunter that accumulated the most points and will award that player with 1 Raffle Ticket and 1 Spirit of Halloween. You do not need to register for the race, just make sure to kill as many monsters as you can while the race is enabled so that your chances of winning are higher. At the end of the race the npc will show a ladder displaying the top 50 hunters as well as the amount of points they collected in the last race, that you will know exactly where you placed among the rest of the hunters!

View Schedule of Halloween Hunting Race:

All times posted using server time (use @time in-game to view the server's time)
Start Time ~ Finish Time
00:30 ~ 1:30
02:30 ~ 3:30
04:30 ~ 5:30
06:30 ~ 7:30
08:30 ~ 9:30
10:30 ~ 11:30
12:30 ~ 13:30
14:30 ~ 15:30
16:30 ~ 17:30
18:30 ~ 19:30
20:30 ~ 21:30
22:30 ~ 23:30


* Hallow Poring and Haunting Dolly do not award any points for this race.




Dead Man's Mystery

Location: Randomly around Hallow City



The Halloween Minions have been causing trouble in the Hallow City! Throughout the map you will find up to 3 different corpses, all of which have been killed by monsters, poison of a specific artifact. Your job is to find one of these corpses and solve the mystery of how this man was killed. 
Each time you click on a corpse you will be asked one of the three questions.

  • What monster killed the man? (Nefarious Leecher, Nightmare Glob, Winged Ghoul or One-eyed Goblin)
  • What poison killed the man? (Elixir of Seduction, Vial of Lunacy, Flask of Agony or Tonic of Hysteria)
  • What artifact was used to kill the man? (Bloody Knife, Vampire Fangs, Spooky Syringe or Voodoo Doll)

If you solve the mystery before anyone else, you will be awarded Halloween Loots, including a chance to win Raffle tickets and Spirits of Halloween!

*There is a cool down of 3 minutes for every failed answer and 5 minutes if you guess correctly. The NPC has a 5 minute cool down after the mystery has been solved he will teleport to new coordinates and you must find them again.


Halloween Trickster

Location: hallow_city 170 195



After eating all of your Halloween Candy last year, the Halloween Trickster makes his return to collect all your left over candies! 
The Halloween Trickster is a simple gambling NPC that will allow you to earn DreamerRO Raffle Tickets by playing a mini-game. The game is similar to press your luck, except there are only 3 rounds and the only reward is a raffle ticket.
When the game starts, the NPC will give you two choices.. Trick or Treat. Once you make your choice you will click next; if your choice matches the choice of the NPC then you will move on to Round 2.  Round 2 is similar to round 1, the same two choices with the same outcome. If you chose the correct answer 3 times in a row, the NPC will reward you with 1 DreamerRO Raffle Ticket. This ticket can be used to win Halloween Exclusive rare items during the upcoming raffle!.
It costs only 10 Halloween Candies for each attempt at the mini-game!



Halloween Token Shop

Location: hallow_city 160 200




If you are not a fan of PvM or you need a break from all the farming inside the Halloween City, you can also obtain all of the Halloween Season items by going to the PvP Arenas or via Battlegrounds. As of now, every kill inside the Hero Arena, 3rd Jobs PvP Arena and Hero Happy Hours will award you with 2 Halloween Tokens. Each kill inside battlegrounds will award you with 1 Halloween Tokens.


The Halloween Tokens can be exchanged for all of the items available via quest during the Halloween Season, including Fashion Voucher items. (Excluding rares). Since you are avoiding farming the Halloween Loots, you should not expect the prices to be affordable. The easiest way to get the items is still via farming and questing, however, this offers a new opportunity for our PvP players to also obtain these items by doing what they love the most...KILLING OTHER PLAYERS!






The Witch Morgana has finally updated her collection of Halloween head gears and she is ready to start trading your poisons for these unique gears! Morgana is now offering the quest for 25 Halloween head gears, including the Little Nightmare set from last year!


View Spoiler for Morgana's Quests:




Bloodcurdling Wings [1] - (ID: 21874)


Effect: Reduces after-skill delay by 45%



Hallow Bone Wings [1] - (ID: 21875)


Effect: Reduces after-skill delay by 20%, all stats + 10 and adds a small chance to cast Stone Curse when attacking.




Lude Hood [1] - (ID: 21876)


Effect: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 25%, increases effectiveness of Heal Skill by 100%.




Maideen's Vision [1] - (ID: 21877)


Effect: Increases Movement Speed by 50%, Enables user to see hidden enemies and increases HIT by 75.




Calavera Mask [1] - (ID: 21878)


Effect: Adds a chance to cast various magic skills when attacking the enemy.




Witch Slayer Hat [1] - (ID: 21879)


Effect: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 15%, after-skill delay by 15% and adds a 2% MATK per refine rate of this headgear.




Vampire Scarf [1] - (ID: 21880)


Effect: Range +2, Perfect Hit Rate + 7% and Movement Speed + 40%.




Defiler's Dark Mana [1] - (ID: 21869)


Effect: Increases Movement Speed by 50%, MATK + 15%, PD + 5.




Skull Witch Hat [1] - (ID: 21565)


Effect: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 25% and increases ATK and MATK by 10%.




Moonlight Wings [1] - (ID: 21564)


Effect: Increases all stats by 25 and reduces after skill delay by 20%




Halloween Hunter Cap [1] - (ID: 21562)


Effect: Increases Long Range damage by 20% and Dex by 15.




Race Horse Mask [1] - (ID: 21560)


Effect: Increases ATK by 10% and Movement Speed by 60%




Witch Morgana's Hat [1] - (ID: 21558)


Effect: Increases MATK by 20% and INT by 15.




Fox Hood [1] - (ID: 21556)


Effect: Adds a chance to cast various magic skills when attacking the enemy.




Deviling Balloon [1] - (ID: 21554)


Effect: Become immune to Strip Armor, Strip Weapon and Strip Headgear




Little Nightmare Set [1] - (ID: 21551, 21553, 21555)



Little Nightmare Mask

A devilish masks that offers great protection against human attacks when worn.
- Reduces damage received by demi-humans 30%
Little Nightmare Wings
A pair of dark colored wings that increases your ability to cast spells.
- Decreases after skill delay by 35%
Little Nightmare Tail
A devilish tail that protects the wearer against armor divestments.
- Become Immune to Headgear, armor, weapon Strip
• Little Nightmare Combo •
- Decreases after skill delay by 45%
- Increases all stats by 10




Demon Minstrel Hat [1] - (ID: 21552)


Effect: Increases magical damage against boss and demi-humans by 15%, reduces damage received by demi-humans by 20%




Hardo Gay Hat [1] - (ID: 21547)


Effect: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 30%




Alchemy Ring [1] - (ID: 21545)


Effect: Increases Walking Speed by 60%, All Stats by 10 and ATK/MATK by 10%




Mystical Chakra [1]  - (ID: 21546)


Effect: Increases MaxHP and MaxSP by 10%, increases physical and magical damage against boss monsters by 15%.




Dark Lord Mask [1] - (ID: 21871)


Effect: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 20%, Enables the use of Lvl 7 Meteor Storm and Adds a small chance to inflict Curse or Stone Curse on the enemies hit by Meteor Storm.




Fallen Vampire Wings [1] - (ID: 21870)


Effect: Reduces after-skill delay by 20%, increases all stats by 15 and provides immunity to Strip Armor and Strip Weapon.




Spellring of Darkness [1] - (ID: 21872)


Effect: Increases Movement Speed by 40%, Enables Permanent Endure and Increases HP Rate by 10%









Halloween Mask Trader
Location: hallow_city 150 195


This year we are bringing back one of the most enjoyable events of the season, the Trick or Treat event! During the Halloween Trick or Treat event, there will be 20 houses spread around Caspen city, all of which will be giving out freebies to all the players that wear a Halloween Mask. The Trick or Treat event will run for 24 hours starting on November 5th at 11:45 Eastern Time. If you want to claim your Trick or Treat freebies you must make sure to quest for one of the available Halloween Masks. The masks are account bound and dual clienting during the Trick or Treat event is strictly prohibited.


View available Halloween Masks



They all have the same effect.
Occupy the top headgear slot
increase Movement Speed by 50% and 1 slot.
The Halloween masks are account bound!




  • You must be wearing a Halloween Mask (Quest from Phase 3)

 The Halloween Mask NPC will be disabled before Trick or treat event starts, so make sure you get your Halloween Mask in time for the events.


There are a total of 20 houses open for the Halloween Trick or Treating event. All of the houses are virtually the same, however, each house will trigger a different reward for each person. That means that if your friend gets a good item at a certain house, it does not mean you will also get a good item at that same house. Whatever item you get at each house will depend purely on luck.



It s very simple to go out trick or treating, just put on your mask and visit each one of the 20 houses. Knock on the door by clicking on it and wait for the Home Owner to open and give you goodies. We recommend you walk around with your friends and compare what you each get at each house to make the most out of the event.


Chances depend on player and not on the house:

  • 5% chance there will be nobody home
  • 25% You get a not-so-good item (i.e Candy)
  • 45% You get a not-so-bad item (i.e Usables)
  • 20% You get an average item (secret)
  • 5% You get a good item (secret)

We will have new items available via trick or treating aside from what was already available last year. By new we do not mean new custom sprites, just current items that were not given out during last year's event.


Do not expect overpowered items or free donations to be given out during the trick or treat event, keep in mind how easy it was to obtain your mask.. That being said...everyone should participate and get free goodies! 

  • You may only visit each of the 20 houses once
  • Using more than one account to participate in events is against the rules and will result in a ban of all related accounts.
  • If you cancel out the dialog before receiving the reward, you will lose that reward for that house.


Here is a map of the houses that will be open for Trick or Treat:




The GM team will be hosting an in-game Halloween Party right after the Donation Release and the Halloween Raffle end. We expect the rare release and the raffle to end approximately on November  5, 2016  - Time: 12:00 PM Eastern Time During the Halloween Party players will get a chance to mingle with other players while the GM Team hosts in-game events.  
The events hosted during the Halloween Party will be the typical GM Hosted Events such as:
  • Dice Event
  • Safety Wall Event
  • Bomb Survival Event
  • Rainbow Road Event
  • Hide and Seek
  • Monster Disguise
  • Poring Looter
  • City MvP Invasions

Although these are your typical events, rest assure it will be worth to join the events during this Halloween party. We will be given out tons of prizes during these events such as rare items, donation tokens, Zeny and raffle tickets. We are expecting hundreds of players to join each one of this events so it will definitely be a spectacle to remember! 


The Halloween Party will last approximately 45 min-1 hour..It may even go longer if the party goes well


We are aware this is the time when Hero Arena Happy Hours takes place. We are not forcing anyone to miss HHH but I think you can all survive missing this one HHH in order to make it to the Halloween Party.




The Halloween Raffle will provide you with a chance to earn an special rare item! In order to participate in the raffle, you will need to collect as many DreamerRO raffle tickets as possible. You can collect raffle tickets at the Hallow City.  You will be able to use the raffle tickets at the NPC, and each ticket will provide you with a small chance to win a rare. Having a raffle ticket does not guarantee that you will win a Halloween rare item.


For this year's Halloween Event we have two different rare items to choose from! The Itachi's Susano'o and the Ghostly Skulls! You will be allowed to choose between the magic and melee version, as well as the sprite of the rare.


Raffle Information:

Schedule: November  5, 2016  - Time:  11:15 AM Eastern Time

NPC Location: caspen 255 260

The Raffle Event will run for 24 hours after original release. 


Item Effects:

  • Melee Version: Increases physical damage against demi-humans by 25%. Reduces after-skill delay by 30%. Occupies the middle headgear spot
  • Magic Version:  Increases magical damage against demi-humans by 25%. Reduces after-skill delay by 30%. Occupies the middle headgear spot

                                               Itachi's Susano'o [1]                                                                                            Ominous Skulls [1]                                                             

UU7Nh3j.gifxyzHbdV.gif    CZB8GIB.gifCGZoA3z.gif



It has become a tradition to release rare items during the Halloween Event finale and this year is no different! You will be able to purchase Halloween exclusive rare items via Zeny and Via Donation Credits. There will be three different options to choose from: the Tiamat's Deadly Curse, Itachi's Susano'o or Ghostly Skulls.


Item Effects:

  • Melee Version: Increases physical damage against demi-humans by 25%. Reduces after-skill delay by 30%. Occupies the middle headgear spot
  • Magic Version:  Increases magical damage against demi-humans by 25%. Reduces after-skill delay by 30%. Occupies the middle headgear spot                      

Tiamat Deadly Curse - ID: 21534


(Better preview coming soon)


Halloween Item Prices:


Via Donation

  • Ominous Skulls - 50 Donation Credits (not tokens)
  • Tiamat's Deadly Curse - 60 Donation Credits (not tokens)
  • Itachi's Susano'o - 60 Donation Credits (not tokens)

Via Zeny:

  • Ominous Skulls - 170b Zeny (no discount coupon)
  • Tiamat's Deadly Curse - 180b Zeny (no discount coupon)
  • Itachi's Susano'o - 200b Zeny (no discount coupon)

Donation Rares Information:

Schedule: November  5, 2016  - Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Timezone

Donation NPC Location: caspen 150 205

Zeny Seller NPC Location: caspen 260 256



The Rare Seller NPCs do not become available until after the scheduled time. 



All of the rare items available via Raffle, Donation and Zeny are Account Bound.


This season there are no limited amounts of supply! You can buy more than 1 rare item per account and you also do not have to worry about the NPC running out of quantity. The Rare items will be available for 24 hours after release and anyone with can buy them during that period, as long as they have the zeny or credits to buy them.




Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I use any job to enter the Halloween City? - Yes, you can.
  • Can I use last year's Halloween Hat to enter the map this year? - Yes, it's the same hat, so you can save time!
  • Are custom Items enabled in the Halloween City? - Yes, they are.
  • Can I use Bubblegum/HE Gum in the Halloween City? - Yes you can and it will not be removed on map re-entry like last year!
  • Will there be new quest items this season?  - Yes, there will be.
  • Can I use 3rd job skills on the map? - 3rd job Skills are disabled in this map
  • Will there be a rare release this season? - Yes, so save your raffle tickets! (more info on rare release during future phases)
  • Can't Patch?/Erroring in Halloween Maps? - Download the Manual GRF and replace it with the one inside your dRO folder.
  • When will the Halloween Event End? - The closing date for the event is November 5th, all Halloween NPCs will disappear on the 6th.
  • Any tips? - FARM FARM FARM AND FARM! You will need a ton of Halloween Drops and Raffle tickets to get the most out of the event!

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Cant login after update the patch for halloween..GE error. Is the new installer up..?



PS. fixed with new grf

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great new items + mobs but 1 question what about last year mobs and loots i still have 4k all loots they are rubbish now :c?

If you are referring to the Bloody Crystal Ball, Wicked Powder, Event Pumpkin etc etc..then yeah, they will not be used this year.

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Haunting Dolly can be detected using @showmobs, please fix ty

Fixed, thank you


I have my last years hat but it wont work

It should work. Do you mean you can't enter the map ? 

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oh maaan I've been saving up my cursed antidotes and evil books for nothing... Oh well better start farming then

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