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@  Arch Bishop... : (19 February 2018 - 09:25 PM) found it
@  Arch Bishop... : (19 February 2018 - 09:23 PM) Can anyone tell me the link of Mining Quest? I can't find it.
@  A B A : (19 February 2018 - 03:51 PM) u finished patty? guess im the only one left behind.
@  PattyAnn : (19 February 2018 - 12:46 AM) It is, Haze was supposed to fix it but the lights ain't being shown, so only way to pass if by watching YouTube video to write down the moves and click the cell in the right time
@  iGipsy : (18 February 2018 - 09:37 PM) is Dance2x quest bugged or what?
@  AllenAaron : (18 February 2018 - 01:09 PM) www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32425-bg-press-your-luck-update/ here.
@  Arch Bishop... : (18 February 2018 - 12:08 PM) can someone give me a link with a new prize of Press Your Luck in Casino or Press Your Luck in BG? Thankss
@  Arch Bishop... : (18 February 2018 - 02:54 AM) It's fixed now. I will explain in my post.
@  Arch Bishop... : (18 February 2018 - 12:37 AM) I tried other ragnarok i got black screen also
@  Essaimel : (17 February 2018 - 01:49 PM) d3d init error problem u should download all microsoft vcredist from 2013 until 2016
@  Arch Bishop... : (17 February 2018 - 01:45 PM) Ragnarok starts then black screen appears.
@  Arch Bishop... : (17 February 2018 - 01:45 PM) Mine is 1.9gb. Dragnarok and other ragnarok h
@  soulkaizer1 : (17 February 2018 - 10:58 AM) 2,004,056kb / 2gb something
@  Arch Bishop... : (17 February 2018 - 09:29 AM) Hello guys how many gig is your data.grf in your Dreamer RO Folder? The exact pleaseee Thank youuu
@  Arch Bishop... : (17 February 2018 - 08:57 AM) When I Open Ragnarok I get blackscreen now. I change the resolution and the old setup but no luck.
@  Arch Bishop... : (17 February 2018 - 08:17 AM) I have now fixed the error buy using opensetup program but now I have the next problem which is I get black screen when I open ragnarok
@  Arch Bishop... : (17 February 2018 - 07:41 AM) I did. but still T~T
@  Xero : (17 February 2018 - 07:40 AM) Make sure you install it in a fresh new directory
@  Arch Bishop... : (17 February 2018 - 06:46 AM) I mean any online right now?
@  Arch Bishop... : (17 February 2018 - 06:46 AM) Any Troubleshoot helpers for ragnarok?


Christmas Event 2016 [Phase 3]

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The Christmas Season 2016 has arrived to DreamerRO!

Put your farming gear on and get ready to hunt those pesky Christmas Minions!



Santa Claus was delighted with all the help he received last year in the Christmas Factory!

Our Dreamers did such a fantastic job that the factory is running smoothly and productivity is running record high!

Antonio the Christmas Bandit managed to grow a new army of pesky Christmas Minions and they have now invaded the Christmas City with hopes of ruining the Holidays. Although the minions are not dangerous to the people of the city, the thieves are making it impossible for them to get out of their homes and get their Christmas supplies in order for the Holidays.


As a result, Santa Claus and his helper are recruiting volunteers that would be willing to collect and deliver Christmas Supplies to the people of the Christmas City. Those volunteers that successfully deliver Christmas Supplies will be rewarded with Christmas Tokens. These tokens will be used to purchase exclusive Christmas Headgears and services!



Santa Claus has made his arrival to Lutie, the city that he calls home. Santa Claus is providing transportation to the Christmas City free of charge to anyone who is interested in helping him deliver supplies!


Although the Delivery of Christmas Supplies will not begin until Phase 2 of the event, you can already apply for a Supplies Delivery Permit by speaking with Santa Claus.



NPC: Santa Claus

Location: xmas 145 135

Supplies Delivery Permit

This permit will allow you to get delivery jobs from Santa and also allows you to instantly teleport to the Christmas City by double clicking the item. Before you can obtain your Delivery Permit, you must complete a small quest for Santa Claus.


Note: Keep in mind that you can enter the Christmas City without the delivery permit. This item is account bound.


Requirements to receive a Delivery Permit:


During Phase 2, you will be allowed to speak with Santa, who will give you a list of supplies and the address to the home where they must be delivered. When you successfully deliver the Christmas Supplies, you will be given a Delivery Receipt, which will be exchanged for Christmas Tokens by Santa Claus. (More information about Supply Deliveries comes during Phase 2)




Christmas Bandit - (@mi 2654)

- Known for teleporting as soon as a player comes within visibility to avoid being killed! Spawns once every 15 minutes.




Tini Taini - (@mi 2657)

- Only one of this monsters is alive at a time. It spawns instantly after it is killed.




Botaring - (@mi 2722)




Little Fatum - (@mi 2723)




Sockey Smokey - (@mi 2724)




Christmas Woodie - (@mi 2725)





NPC: Christmas Pet Breeder

Location: xmas_city 160 190


The Christmas Pet Breeder has arrived to the Christmas City and is bringing along his collection of tasty taming foods favored by the Christmas Minions. Like everyone else, he needs Christmas Supplies to get gift ready for his children, so he is trading his famous taming foods for Christmas Supplies!


These taming foods can be used to tame all of the minions (except the Bandit). Once caught, they can be hatched with a pet egg incubator and they all eat pet food.


Quests for Taming Items and Pet Effects:




NPC: Christmas Hunter

Location: xmas_city 150 190


Since many of you enjoyed the Hunting Race during the Halloween Event, we have decided to bring it back for the Christmas Event! 

When the Christmas Hunter starts the Hunting Race, all the players inside the Christmas City will have 60 minutes to kill as many minions as possible. Each time you kill a minion you will be awarded points depending on which minion you killed. At the end of the race the hunter that accumulated the most points will be the winner of that Hunting Race! 


  • Prize for the Winner of each race is 1 Raffle Ticket and 1 One Wish (as well as all the loot you collect from minions!)
  • The Christmas Hunting Race runs 12 times a day so it should accommodate even the busiest of the schedules!


View Hunting Race Schedule:



Event-Long Race

But that's not all..The Christmas Hunter is also running an Event-Long Race! This means that starting today, every minion that you kill will award you points for your total. At the end of the Christmas Event in January, the 3 hunters that accumulated the most hunting points throughout the entire event will receive 60 donation credits each!


The points for the Event-Long Race count even when the Hunting Race is not running. Now we will be able to really know who were the over all consistent top hunters during the entire Christmas Event...so get ready to compete!




NPC: Santa's Gift Assistant

Location: xmas_city 160 190


Christmas is known as the season of giving. This year is very special because for the first time in the DreamerRO history our players will be allowed to send Christmas Gifts to each other thanks to Santa's Gift Assistant. This NPC will allow you to send tradeable items as surprise gifts to your friends for a small fee of 100M Zeny (price will change into Christmas Tokens after Phase 2 so take advantage of the bargain now!).


The item that you send as gifts through the NPC will remain hidden until the morning of December 25. In the morning of Christmas everyone who was sent a surprise gift will receive a notification indicating that they have a Christmas Gift waiting for them at the NPC. Once they claim the gift then will unwrap it and see which item was sent to them by their friends!


How does it work?




NPC: Christmas Token Shop
Location: Unknown until Phase 2


As we mentioned previously, this year will be a little different. Instead of adding dozens of quests for Christmas Headgears, we have decided to add them all into the Christmas Token Shop. This shop will include all of the Christmas gears from the previous years, as well as a handful of new ones. The main source of Christmas Tokens is by Delivering Christmas Supplies to the people of the Christmas City. However, there are other ways to earn them as well!

If you are tired of farming or simply need a break from the Christmas City, you can earn Christmas Tokens by participating in
PvP and Battlegrounds. Each kill inside the Hero Arena, 3rd Jobs Arena and Battlegrounds Arenas will award you with 1 Christmas Token. The Christmas Tokens are account bound.





Getting Started With The Deliveries

The focus of the second phase of the event is to start delivering Christmas supplies to the residents of the Christmas City in order to earn Christmas Tokens. During the first phase of the event we mentioned that Santa was recruiting people to help him deliver Christmas Supplies. In order to deliver supplies, you must first complete a small quest to earn you Delivery Permit.


Once you have your Delivery Permit, you can speak with Santa at Lutie and ask for a Delivery Mission. At that point Santa will check his records and will give you a list of Christmas Supplies that were ordered by a citizen of the Christmas City. Santa will provide you the name of the family and their address inside the Christmas City.


Once you have received your Delivery Mission you will need to go inside the Christmas City and find the location of the home where you must deliver the Christmas supplies to. You will be provided the coordinates of the house and you can use /where to find your way to the house.


When you arrive at the right place, the homeowner will open the door and will receive the supplies that he requested. As a payment for your delivery service and the cost of the supplies, the homeowner will pay you with Christmas Tokens. The amount you get paid varies randomly from 100 to 150 tokens per delivery mission.





Christmas Gear Trader

The Christmas Tokens can be used to purchase exclusive Christmas Gears available through the Christmas Gear Trader NPC located in the middle of the Christmas City. Instead of collecting christmas supplies and exchanging them for headgears like you typically do, you will collect Christmas Tokens instead and purchase the headgears through the shop. 


The shop will start out with 3 items today, tomorrow 3 items will be added to the shop. Every day when the server time hits 0:00 another 3 christmas headgears will be added to the shop. Nobody knows how many items will become available over all, but all of the items from the previous seasons will arrive at the shop eventually. There will be a handful of new items that will also be implemented into the shop, however does will be the last to arrive to the shop.


NPC: Christmas Gear Trader

Location: xmas_city 150 190

Surprise Christmas Presents

On top of the Christmas Tokens, the homeowners also have a 20% chance of feeling generous and giving you a Surprise Christmas Present as a show of gratitude! The Surprise Christmas Presents are considered a glorified Gift Box and they can contain anything from consumables, christmas gears, zeny, donation items, equipment and miscellaneous items! The presents cannot be opened until the end of the event on January 7, 2017. Until then, you should try to collect as many as possible!


Homeowners Mini-Games

Since they are locked inside their homes as a result of the invasion of the Christmas Minions, the homeowners of the Christmas City are extremely bored! Don't be surprised if they invite you to play a game with them after you deliver your Christmas Supplies! The games range from Dice Roll, Guess the Color, Rock Paper Scissors, Find the Ball and more! -- If you decide to play with them and you win, the homeowners will reward you with a Surprise Christmas Present!


Guide to Christmas Home Deliveries
[House#] - [Family Name] - [Game Type] - [Location]

1. Wilkinson  - No Game - xmas_city 130 55

2. Brown's - Dice Roll - xmas_city 80 65

3. Jone's - Mistletoe Trade - xmas_city 45 65

4. Harris - Rock/Paper/Scissor - xmas_city 40 120

5. Baker - No Game - xmas_city 40 180

6. Perez - No Game - xmas_city 35 225

7. Rogers - Dice Roll -  xmas_city 50 295

8. Morgan/Church - High or Low - xmas_city 235 315

9. Foster - Rock/Paper/Scissor - xmas_city 250 230

10. Diaz - High or Low - xmas_city 270 220

11. Tucker - Mistletoe Trade -  xmas_city 270 185

12. Morales - Dice Roll -  xmas_city 270 160

13. Wagner - Guess the Color - xmas_city 270 125

14. Andrews  - Find the Ball - xmas_city 275 95

15. Grene - Find the Ball - xmas_city 260 100

16. Lawrence - Guess the Color - xmas_city 240 40

17. Lawson - Mistletoe Trade - xmas_city 165 40

18. Hopkins - Guess the Color - xmas_city 205 190

19. Walters - Rock/Paper/Scissor - xmas_city 120 265

20. Haynes - High or Low - xmas_city 110 190

Christmas Delivery Games Guide:

When you successfully deliver supplies to the correct home, there is a 20% chance that the homeowner will find you entertaining enough to invite you to play a quick game. 

  • No Game - This house does not offer the chance to play any games.
  • Mistletoe Trade - If you happen to have a mistletoe in your inventory at the time of the delivery, the homeowner will offer you the chance to trade it for a Surprise Christmas Present.
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors - You will play one round against the owner of the house. If you win he will reward you with a Surprise Christmas Present.
  • Dice Roll - You and the homeowner will both roll one dice (numbers 1-6). If you happen to get a higher number than the home owner, he will give you a Surprise Christmas Present. A tie does not count as a reroll or a win.
  • High Or Low - The home owner will choose a number higher or lower than 5. (5 is excluded). He will then ask you if you think the number he picked is higher or lower than 5. If you guess correctly the homeowner will give you a Surprise Christmas Present.
  • Guess The Color - The homeowner will choose 1 out of 4 colors at random. Red, Blue, Green or Yellow. He will then ask you which color you think he's thinking of and if you guess correctly he will give you a Surprise Christmas Present.
  • Find the Ball - The homeowner will hide a ball inside 1 out of 4 cups. He will then ask you to pick which cup you think the ball is hiding under and if you guess correctly he will reward you with a Surprise Christmas Present.
NPC: Christmas Paragon
Location: xmas_city 165 195
Christmas Paragon
This exclusive mini-game is the Christmas version of the Press Your Luck NPC. It gives you the opportunity to earn huge rewards by trading in your One Wish. There is a total of 7 stages, each one offering different prizes. Stage 1 gives Christmas Supplies, Stage 2 gives Consumables, and the rewards continue to get better until you reach Stage 7, which includes fancy rare items!
The chances of winning are much higher in this mini-game because each time you play you accumulate Paragon Points. You can use those points to jump ahead and start at a higher stage. You can jump all the way up to Stage 5 by paying 40 Paragon Points. Obviously, this greatly increases your chances of winning the game!




The last phase of our Christmas Event consists of the release of new Christmas Gears, the ancitipated opening of Surprise Christmas Presents and information about the rares that will be released during our Christmas Finale Party!

Christmas Gear Trader
- As if this NPC wasn't already offering a huge collection of exclusive Christmas Headgears, we have decided to add 11 new headgears to the NPC. They will be released 3 at a time every day until the 5th of January, that's when all of the tradeable christmas gears will be available. You will have until the 8th to make any purchases from this NPC.
Collectible's Trader NPC
This popular NPC is back and he has brought along his collection of Christmas Headgears! The items in this NPC have donation effects and are all account bound. You can exchange your tradeable donations for these account bound exclusives! Aside from last year's collection, the NPC is also offering 3 brand new headgears. In total there are 4 top headgears, 3 middle headgears and 3 lower headgears.
Snowday Beanie [1]
- Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 35%
Siberian Husky Hat [1]
- Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 20%, Provides immunity to Freeze.
Solid Winter Hat [1]
- Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 15%, Increases Heal and Sanctuary effect by 500% (Priests)
Christmas Cake Hat [1]
- Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 25%, Increases magic damage to demi-humans by 20%.
Vivid Wings [1]
- Reduces after-skill delay by 45%
Bear Onesie [1]
- Reduces after-skill delay by 45% Bugged until further notice
Frosty Wings [1]
- Increases physical damage against demi-humans by 25%, MaxHP+10%
Festive Balloons [1]
- Provides immunity to Strip Weapon, Armor and Headgear. Movement Speed +60% and Max Hp +5%
Christmas Cake Ring [1]
- Provides immunity to Strip Weapon, Armor and Headgear. Movement Speed +60% and Max Hp +5%
Northern Star Ring [1]
- Provides immunity to Freeze and Silence, increases Movement Speed by 60%.
Christmas Raffle
Did you manage to farm any raffle tickets during the event? If so, those raffle tickets will offer you a small chance to earn a free rare item! Sadly not everyone will be able to win a free rare..the chances of winning are 1 in 40 but that doesn't mean you need 40 tickets to win a rare! You can get lucky and win with only a couple of raffle tickets. Likewise, if you have 40 raffle tickets it doesn't automatically mean you will get a rare..but your chances are really really high if you do. It will all depend on luck...Hopefully you were a good kid last year and Santa will bless you with a rare during the raffle!

The raffle will start at 11:30 AM on January 7, 2017 and will be available for 24 hours. That means you have 24 hours to use all your raffle tickets before the NPC is removed. There will be an unlimited supply of rares available so you do not have to worry about them running out of stock.
As usual, there will be a Meele and a Magic version of each rare item. There will be 2 different sprites to choose from.
Rare Effect: Increases physical or magical damage against demi-humans by 25%, reduces after-skill delay by 30%.
              Celestial Spirit (Fully Animated)                                                           Snow Dragon Spirit (picked by community)
front_pic.png                                                  snowdr.png
If you already have a rare item, or you are not interested in winning any of the rares available via raffle..then we have a surprise for you! This year we will have an exclusive set consisting of 3 items (top, mid, low) that will also be available via the raffle npc.
God of Creation Set (Account Bound)
Open spoiler to view set's effect.
Zeny and Donation Rare Items
There will also be rare items available via Donation and Zeny for all those who enjoy collecting rare items. The official rare release will begin on January 7, 2017 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time. Like the raffle rares, the donation and zeny rare will be available for 24 hours and have an unlimited supply. Also, you can buy more than one rare per account.
The rare items that will be available for Donation and Zeny will be the following:
              Celestial Spirit                                                                         Guards of Glacial
front_pic.png                                             blue_shields.gif
Celestial Spirit has a standby animation, block animation, attack animation and casting spell animation.


The Guards of Glacial only own a block animation.


Donation Prices:
Celestial Spirit - 50 Donation Credits (not tokens)
Guards of Glacial - 50 Donation Credits (not tokens)
Zeny Prices:
Celestial Spirit - 180b Zeny
Guards of Glacial - 180b Zeny
Christmas Event Finale
To conclude our Christmas Event we will be hosting an in-game party which will commence right after the rare raffle is completed. We estimate that the Christmas party will begin at approximately 11:45 AM Eastern Time and will last anywhere from 2-3 hours. During the Christmas Party we will be hosting various in-game events, opening Surprise Christmas Presents and giving away lots of good prizes! Make sure to attend our party so you don't miss out!
Christmas Supplies Exchanger
We understand many of you have extra Christmas supplies and possibly not as many raffle tickets as you'd like. On January 5th, a new NPC will make his appearance at the Christmas City and he will be exchanging your extra loots for raffle tickets. He is known to charge a hefty amount of supplies in exchange for the raffle tickets so make sure to keep collecting as many supplies as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • You can use any job to enter the Christmas City. No entry quest is required.
  • You can use any item inside the Christmas City, but 3rd job skills are disabled in the map.
  • Raffle Tickets, Mistletoes and One wish will be required for future phases.
  • The event finale and rare release are expected to occur on January 7, 2017 all Christmas content will be removed on the 8th.
  • Erroring? Can't autopatch or receive the latest updates? download the manual grf here.
  • Note: Make sure to report any and all bugs discovered to avoid a harsh punishment for breaking the rules!


Special Credits:

  • The entire SP and GM team for helping me plan the event.
  • [GM] Shuvi for coding the Christmas Paragon
  • Magna Divinus, Kailya and Horakthy for providing the new Christmas Minions
  • Magna Divinus for helping with the sprites and creating the Celestial Spirit and God of Creation Set.
  • Yozef Zian for providing the graphics for this topic and Christmas themed login/loading screens.

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wow. Thank you sir haze ..





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Note: If you discover a tradeable item that can be sent using this NPC please cancel the transaction and report as soon as possible. All transactions are being logged and abusers will be dealt with harshly.


You mean untradable? 

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Thanks HaZe <3

ps: Anyone wanting  a guild to join while farming. PM me; MeanKailya or look for a Christmas Helper member <3

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wow. Thank you sir haze ..







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wow. Thank you sir haze ..





KEK Graphics Inspiration e.e

The Hype! :'D
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is it possible to give gifts to ppl wif space b4 thr ign?? like for example ign: (space)blablabla(space)?
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is it possible to give gifts to ppl wif space b4 thr ign?? like for example ign: (space)blablabla(space)?

Any character with spaces in front or end of the name, or with symbols, might have issues receiving gifts. It would be best to send them to another character in that account with a simpler name.

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First One In!

Oh wait, when I @mi-ed 2654 (christmas bandit mob id), I found out that :
-it has 15000000 HP
-the mob ID is actually 1247
-it is ghost lv 4 WTF

PS : I just killed it lel
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nice event. but... bye BG  :th_sob:

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OMG!!!!Traalalalal farming mood...........

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Good Game.  :th_lv:

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Yeah. Farm ..farm and ... Farm
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It's the most wonderful time of the year <3

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