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My most Precious Treasure

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My most precious treasure

Chapter 1 Surreal

Well Sans is here to Bring ya Awesome Stories LOL Enjoy my Newly made story default_smile.png 

It all began with a Scream

Noise lingers down the room, mixed with overflowing Joy made from my friends.

Everyone is so noisy Unlike me who's reading all day cause ya I don't have Friends, Those sounds will break your ears along with the silence

But I like it this way. it's weird that I like it maybe because for me They're all my Friends.


Until then...

Everything was Change To shock

the Scream of Joy and Overflowing fun and our room has been Change from despair, Sadness and brokenness.

All because of One Incident. 

We are having fun on Our Field trip until we got hit by a Track, Many of my most recent Friends Died and i was left with no Friends again

I like to scream to shout but I can't you will never be able to bring them back my head was torn Everything into pieces I can't remember anything but sadness


huh? ..... "I'ts okay now everything's gonna be alright ^^" ..a smooth sensation touches my body and it wraps around me like It was Hugging me. I don't know what that is

But it's Comforting... I don't like it to fade. and I'm afraid if I look it might be gone. but I faced my fears

I looked

no one's in there everything is black and I was swallowed in the Floor and I saw my Friends seeking for revenge I Shout again and All of it was just a Dream

I woke up on a Hospital.

I wished even the accident was a dream too but It just can't. But then that sweet Presence whom comfort me. That I can't forget.


3 months ago

"DARYL!!! Y U NO PLAYIN??" he grabbed The tennis ball and Was asking to daryl to stop reading and play with them.

"ohh Sorry ^^" maybe next time?....EHH?! YOU'RE BORING BOOOHHH HOPELESS KID

"Man, maybe you should play with us a little bit longer you need a Sports Club to enter Though"

" Ya know I'm weak Rick, I have Low energy and reading is my Hiding place"

"Reading is my Hiding place my ass" well anyways Do you know Our new Classmate?

"who?" ..

6 months later

I can't remember her name I think I've saw her before and she's with me with.. I can't remember That dream seems Surreal, I don't know if She's real or maybe because of stress.

" Reading again huh? ^^" ...."Eh? ohh iF it isn't hitomi. What are you doing here?"

" Nothing just passing by ^^" are you alright.. Yeaa ^^ " help yourself with our school ^^ though there are many people we still care about that incident."

"yea your school help me with Evrything to transfer here. It's nice for the Councils to accept me Freely."

"well I'm gonna go back to Our room" ...."ok take care hitomi default_smile.png ". He stand and feel a disturbance within his stomach. He worried as It sounded horrible.

"Eh, need to eat though."

As he walk his way to the canteen He saw someone He can't seem to remember. Someone He might've seen But He's not sure.

" uhm wait a second" he's voice suddenly Shouted this, and He Doesn't know a single thing about it. Wait for me HEY!!

It was a girl.. There were too many people in the hallway and all of his eyes are set unto her. he chase the girl and Lost From his eyesight but then Again He continued to Search and search.

"Watch this for a bit default_smile.png this will be your theme while He search for the girl lmao)




 tears suddenly flow down his cheeks as He Found the girl. He suddenly asked her name.

"uhm Your name is?," everything slowed down the leaves Fall down so slow than It usually was.

The girl Replied " Wake up Daryl ^^" 


-To be Continue ^^

I hope you like my Story Guys ^^ Don't forget to tell it to your friends and ask them to read too ^^ till next time! bye!!

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My most Precious Treasure

Chapter 2: The Lazy Detective

hi guys!! ^^ sans is back again!!! To give ya The chapter 2 of the story, I just got because I can't forget a dream lol!! 


Daryl woke up on a dream, with sweat all over his face and body and making as best as he can to breath, tears flow down on his cheeks as


his pupils turned so small. As it's looking from far away, Then the scenery went all on to his eyes down to his pupils, and finally, we're back on time.


"Good morning" a sweet lovely voice he heard as he turn to look. " Oh sister? are you going out for work?". "Yea can you do me a favor"


She get her purse and quickly unzips it, "Here, take this to mail's office", The lazy young man Intrigued with a confusion and quickly asked a question. " Why would you want to mail it to mom when we can call her on phones?" his sister frankly smiles and said "y'know we don't have a mother now she's on heaven drinking a sake with dad." The boy was shocked as he forgot that they don't have a parents now. "really?" he asked. " are you out of this world?" she replied. "why my brother didn't knew? are you dead?" Daryl smiles and said "well I was just used to do this before, it's been a long time since you've ordered me to sent mails." his sister checks on her wrist watch and was shocked how the time elapsed. "anyway bro, Take your breakfast and go to school already!"


their school was filled up with a lot of people whom just finished their long Long summer, Everyone's so eager to look for a school club. some people invites and some has choreography to attract students.


But Daryl seems to find it boring as he bluntly said " be careful wasting your energy guys" everyone stared at him and laughed as he walks away.


"You're amazing Daryl" he's friend replied while laughing. " i didn't even knew you'd waste your time saying that to them


"Well I just want them to know that what they do really bothers me" his friend laughs at him so hard that he got stomach ache. Daryl Frankly Replied "Rick that was energy wasted just now"


"if I remember correctly, you're motto was- " Rick replied and Daryl continued what his about to say "Don't do it if I don't need to, and if I need to, do it quick"


"yea" that really is your motto. Daryl Pick his bag and get the letter that was meant to be delivered to the mail's office before going to school. " Can you help me deliver this to the mail's office?" 


"sure" his friend replied so fast as he knew that Daryl was up to something. "what are you up to?" rick asked " Just to be safe" he replied, "is this one of your mystery games again?" Daryl stared at him and asked


"how'd y'know?" rick smiles well you're a reader but I find it Intriguing when it comes to your mysteries, you always call me out remember? Daryl Smiled " Speaking of which we will have a call from my sister because she felt shocked about what happened" rick was questioned "HUH?! what happened?" Daryl smiles and said " you'll know in about 3 seconds. suddenly his phoned rang and his sister Alie was on the phone. Daryl presses the loud speaker on. " are you safe bro? I was almost got a Car accident" she replies with sweat all over her body and has difficulty on breathing" Daryl replied " that's why I told you saving time is better than to go all out without thinking" "did you already know that this will happened?" his sister replied and was fluttered.


the people who are looking on the scene was suddenly freeze and the time goes back to rapidly. The car accident was returned to a driver who's driving with a speed of 120 kmph and Daryl was just about to wake up on a bad dream. when He suddenly looked at the window and saw the car that droves as fast as it could in which the naked eye would've been notice. His sisters that is finally opening the door and was rushing to work was questioned by Daryl " why we need to mail it to mom when we can call her on phone?" and then their long conversation starts, she immediately goes to her car and drove but was block by a car who's going out of his house, Alie got no choice but to over take but was blocked with a trash can. She realized she's late for work. and drove at 90 kmph and 45 kmph on highway and was about to hit by a car who's driving at 120kmph, she avoid the car and smashed the brakes as she could, and the car was smashed to a truck who's on a different lane. The rushing sister failed to realize that his brother just saved her from talking to him so long and making her late for work, Now she have an excuse.


"i can't believe you'll know that"  Rick was stunned about what happened and how Daryl saved the life of his sister without even wasting an energy,


"everything falls into place. It's like a chain reaction. If I didn't wake up too early.. The time flashbacks again as it's showing what could've happen


"Good morning, huh? you're still asleep? okay I'm gonna leave you with a note on the table" the sister quickly gets out of the house and sits on her car perfectly.


The car that was about to blocked her, failed because it isn't got out of it's house and the owner was just about to sit on the car.


Alie is driving at 90 when a 120 kmph accidentally hits her and was thrown to a ten wheeler truck who's on the opposing lane.


this explains on how his sister could've been dead by now.


Rick claps and said " as expected from my boring friend" Daryl frankly smiles.


when they're about to take on the bus a mysterious beautiful girl shown up and Daryl together with Rick was stunned because of her beauty.


the bus was left with many people and Daryl and the mysterious girl was standing struggling because of rush hours. When suddenly Daryl got tripped and the purse of the girl was thrown to the ground.


Daryl helped her and the girl Replied with a thanks However, She stopped Daryl from going out and said " none of you shall come out of this bus until we find who stole my wallet. Daryl gazes at her purse and it mysteriously has a whole where you can fit your hand in there. Daryl holds his breath and said " another mystery needed to solve"


-To be continue

Hi guys I hope you enjoy the story default_smile.png Chapter 3 will be out soon so chill out default_smile.png

enjoy this short song cause it might Intrigued you to mystery stories lol

click 720p so you'll experience it in HD LMAO


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