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Area of Splash for Fused Bapho or Icicle Ring

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It seems that I posted my topic in the wrong section so please let me post it here.


So I've been asking about the splash effect of both icicle ring and fused bapho and it was answered but I think my point was not clear enough. After the patch the from other day, icicle ring splash range was nerfed from 2 to 1 which I think was the point of the original description. I would like to suggest to return the effect of the icicle ring to 2 splash range.

In addition, I humbly suggest in increasing the splash range of fused baphomet card from 1 to 2. Fusing the card may not be that hard but the principle of making it makes me feel to suggest this. Personally, I'm using the card for mob killing inside caspen and edp damage was also nerfed as far as increase in atk is concern thus, splash range would be a good compensation for the loss. 1 splash range is not that OP in my opinion so it would be appropriate to suggest this.

Feel free to express your opinions for further discussions.

A simple request from a humble gx farmer.



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