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New Support Players and GMs!

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I like how admission of SPs turned 180 degrees, from non-PVP players to nearly a full PVP admission in this batch.

You're welcome. xD

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Hello Dreamers!


This is just a quick announcement to inform you that we have hired 9 new support players to assist with the questions sent via @request and on the forums. The SP will also be monitoring the global channels to ensure that the channel rules are being followed, and will assign a short mute to anyone who breaks them. Any abuse of power by any of the support players can be reported to a GM via support ticket, the forums or @request and will result in a harsh punishment.


Please welcome our new Support Players:

  • Kosukke
  • Tobias Eaton
  • ßlancnoir
  • § Sky §
  • ii Shinobi ii
  • Sky Princess
  • StrawHat Arosts
  • Shougo Satake
  • Theos Darcy


In addition to the new support players, we also give a warm welcome to a new support GM who will also be in charge of assisting our players with their questions, as well as hosting events and keeping an eye open for abusers. The new GM goes by the name of [GM] Olyvia so make sure to say hi when you see her!


Last but not least, we would like to welcome back our [GM] Shuvi, who had taken a short break but has once again found time to help DreamerRO. Shuvi is a great developer with a ton of knowledge about DreamerRO and we are extremely happy to have her back in the team.


Our support player applications are still open, and we are looking for a few more players in the South America and North America time zones. 


Our Lord and Savior.

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