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New player here!

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Most of your questions can be answered here at forums. But i'll give you keywords on what to search (Mining forging,Zeph quest,Bossnia farming,Caspen dungeon, Mvp hunting,Mats hunting) most of them helps a lot when it comes to farming. I can't give you concrete explanations since most of them can be found here at forums enjoy.

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^What he said

Let me also tell you about Daily Quest service. They go for 500m each provision. Here's how it goes:

The buyer will give you a list of the items you need to farm, along with it the amount they need. Farm those items. Once you're done farming, PM him/her again and give them the items, while they pay you 500m.

If you do about 2-3 services a day, you could get around 10-11b every week. Even more if you're a madman and do like 10 services per day (LOL). That isn't counting the $$$ you get from zeph, mining, or even War of Emperium.

Good luck! :th_e8:

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Please see below for my suggestion on how you can earn money as a newbie and buy items that you need to gear up:

1. Do zeph quest  - Loot all the cards and miscellaneous stuff that will be drop by the monster while doing your quest. ( This will be helpful when doing daily quest and ScavengerHunt )

Reward: Zeny, War badges, DM points & you can easily farm stuff that will be useful when doing DQ quest and ScavengerHunt. Plus that fact that if you finish the 500 zeph quest, you'll get 1 DM hades and a possibility of getting a Destiny helm if you finish the 120 DQ task as well.

Tip: Create your own guild so you will have an extra storage ( Guild Storage ).

2. Do the Daily Quest of yourself and others - Since you are already looting some stuff when you do Zeph, this should be somewhat easy.

Reward: Zeny ( Usually 500m ), DQ Coin and 35 Dtokens if you completed 120 DQ quest.

3. Scavenger Hunt - This should also be easy since you'll have most of the requirement from the loot you got from zeph quest.

Reward: DM Points ( Some useful items can be bought thru the DM shop ). If you are able to complete 175, you'll get 1 God creation halo from the achievement.

4. Mining - You need to have at least 500m to buy a drill boots and start up mining. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to earn money just by pressing few buttons on your keyboard but it requires a lot of patience since it is somewhat boring and you need to be in a higher level to get better loot.

Reward: Minerals that you can sell or forge.

5. Forging - You can forge stuff out of the minerals you get from mining. Prices Vary and of course there is a chance that you'll fail in creating items but if you successfully created one, then the income is better than just by selling the minerals.

Reward: Zeny and if you are able to successfully forge 35 items, you'll get a God Creation Hair from the achievement.

Hope this help.. GLHF.. See you in game 😄


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You can also visit @go 2 (geffen), you can get better guidance there since most of the players there are newbie mixed with some veterans. Goodluck and I hope you enjoy your stay in the server.

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Welcome bro.

Try to do mining and wof mining gear to get instant refine armor and hat +3 +5

Sell it at +9 or +10 for 50-110b for armor

If you dont know what im talking about

Simply shout aaron name at #main chat channel

He will guide you, to any newbie pls shout out aaron name

Make him super busy guiding since he really active XD

Hahahahha !

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