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Are Rainbowring Hat drops disabled?


I came back to the server a month and a half/2 months ago, as always, did a few zephs with the rainbowring hat, got no elemental converters. Ingame a SP said that as far as he knew the rate was dropped by a lot, but he wasn't 100% sure. He suggested for me to give it another try and just in case to post asking here, so here I am. Just did a zeph where I had to kill 72 of each monster. Before starting put 1 of each converter in my inventory, 1 cursed water and 1 holy water(because I'm almost sure that in the past at least cursed water could be dropped from the hat). Finished the quest(over 360 monsters killed, since I alwyas kill a few others in the middle of the quest) and got 0 elemental converters, finished it with 1 of each only in my inventory. The wings of light/dark/new year's hat are working, with a very low drop rate, but working, so is rainbowring rucksack, at a slightly higher rate than wings of light/dark/new year's hat.


Sorry about the long question, but wanted to explain how I came to the conclusion that it seems like it's not working ATM. So is it working or not? And if not, is that a bug or was disabled on purpose?


Thanks a lot for the answers.

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