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Ancient Samurai Achievement 2019

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Due to popular demand the Ancient Samurai Achievement is back again! This time with a few more days to give even more players a chance to complete these achievements and be able to get their hands on this sexy Ancient Samurai Set.

Below are the details about this new achievement:

  • Ancient Samurai Lvl 1: Earn 200 Kills in any Battlegrounds OR Hero Happy Hours Arena. Reward: 2 Billion Zeny
  • Ancient Samurai Lvl 2: Earn 500 Kills in any Battlegrounds OR Hero Happy Hours Arena. Reward: 1 Fortune Headgear Chest
  • Ancient Samurai Lvl 3: Earn 850 Kills in any Battlegrounds OR Hero Happy Hours Arena. Reward: 1 Ancient Samurai Set

- You have until April 10, 2019 to complete these achievements! You can earn kills inside Battlegrounds or Hero Happy Hours and both arenas will add up to the same counter. This includes the new Phantasmagoria event!

Those of you who completed these achievements last year will need to use a new character if you'd like to achieve it again. Otherwise, you will not receive the rewards. Also, the counter has reset to 0 for everyone.


Ancient Samurai Set (Account Bound)


Samurai Helmet (Top)
- Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 35%
Samurai Blades (Mid)
- Increases magical and physical damage against demi-humans by 15%
- Reduces After-cast Delay by 40%
Samurai Blades (Low)
- Become immune to Freeze and Silence status ailments
- Increases walking speed by 60%
Ancient Samurai Combo
- Magic and Physical damage increased from 15% to 25%
- Allows the user to see hidden enemies
- All Stats increase by 5.
For the Non-PvP Players
We understand not all of our players are into PvP or simply do not have time to complete these achievements within the specified time. But don't be sad! You can still obtain the Ancient Samurai Set through our donation system!
  • Costs 80 Donation Credits OR 120 Donation Tokens (Miscellaneous Shop at the Donation Mall)

The same as the achievement, the set will be available in the Donation Token Shop and Credit Shop until April 10, 2019. It will be removed after that and the only way to obtain it in the future will be through Fortune Headgear Chests.

So what are you waiting for?


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nice. I can do BG. Looking forward to this set!

@HaZe if we use Elite Kill booster, will it still be counted?

Edited by 7deadlysins
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6 minutes ago, FARMNKILL said:

killing npc in hhh lite count as kill?

No, only player kills.

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12 minutes ago, MAAARRK said:

Is there a NPC where to see the progress of it??


Use command @acheck > limited time achievement

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On 3/31/2019 at 12:28 AM, zpunk said:

Use command @acheck > limited time achievement

Thankssss crit

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