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Buying - 

Aluminum Pendant -

Copper Rosary -

Albite Garment - 

+10 Glorified Weapons For GX Example [Glorified Damascus]

Angeling Card

Atroce Card

Fused Baphomet Card

Easter Event Items   [2Slot Headgear, +500 & +450 Damage headgear,  Holy Property Armor i think its Mr or Mrs something]

Selling  / Trade - 

Charm Set [1k Pcs]

Fused Angeling

Fused Mistress

Fused Pharoh


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When you say Charm Set it is automatically 200pcs each color and are you serious about the price? 200pcs Charm Set = 1b only. Try to ask everyplayer, therefore 1000 Charm Set = 5-6b depends on the player.

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