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Summer Donation Promo 2019

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Greetings Dreamers!

Thanks to the player reviews we have received in the last couple of weeks, we have seen a flood of new players joining our server and our online count is steadily rising! In addition to getting new players, we have also seen an explosion of interest in regards to the recent release of Job Balancing Patch #1 and Patch #2. We've noticed a huge number of players that have already begun trying out all the changes and creating new characters to try different classes.

In order to help jump-start the creating of new characters from veterans and newbies alike, we felt it was the perfect moment to release a donation promo. Typically this only happens once a year during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, but we've decided to make an exception this time.

We're hoping this donation promo allows our players to get a head start  on their new character by making it more affordable to get those MvP cards, Headgears or even the instant Elite Hero Scrolls.

For a limited time only, all donations between 5$ and $49 will receive 2x credits.

Donations of $50 or more will receive 3x the amount of credits!

This means if you donate 20$ you will receive 40 donation credits ~ Donate $40 and you will receive 80 credits ~ Donate $60 and you will receive 180 credits. 

This donation promo will end on Sunday, July 14 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. 


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A good deal and a lot of support towards the server! Well done Mr. Admin ❤️

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1 minute ago, harvey2396 said:

is there any option to donate i dont have credit card . and how many credits will i get i donate 20dollars?

need asap


Send a support ticket, you can Donate via Western Union and HaZe will give you the info on where to send there. 
$20 = 40 Credits / 40 Donation Tokens

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