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Shadow Chaser Holiday Farm~

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fyi this is my build and ive seen others attempt and try to do this lol

Requirements: at least 100% after cast delay and howling boots

Items Consumed : Alcohol

Gear List:


Upper Head Gear- angeling beanie  | kiel d-01 card

Mid Head Gear- -45 delay wings /  | kiel d-01 card

Lower Head Gear- Night Vision Googles | anything honestly

Armor- any armor  | any card atm

Weapon- any elemental sword | 2cecil demons 1x chepet

Shield- any shield (or any anti push back shield ex. strong shield) OR IF YOUR FUCKING RICH +8 oblesik shield  |alice card

Garment- valkyrie manteau (+4 for reflect)| kasa

Shoeshowling boots | dark lord card

Asseories-  2x alchemy gloves | gazeti card or gem of safety



str- around 400(to carry items)

agi- 168 (or till u have 195aspd)

vit- 1+ (a good amount of vit to not instant die)

int- 500+ (max int so u dont need to carry recovery sp items)

dex- 1 (or 2 cecil demons)

luk- 1



How does this Work?

First off you copy the skills Illusion Doping and Meteor Storm.

  • Illusion Doping is a genetic 3rd job skill that has insane aoe at least 50x50


  • Meteor Storm is used with conjunction of auto spell cast( a skill chasers have)


Find a large mob and use illusion doping to attract agro

Mob the mob in a small circle then begin auto attacking with auto spell active

You auto cast skills should proc


Is this faster than GX Mecury Relic?

Yes absolutely faster how ever using shadow chaser has its downsides

  • Cannot kill any of the boss mobs
  • Cannot kill any of the Peculiar Mobs
  • A Lot of down time search for a large mob


Thx for reading and have fun farming in Halloween XD



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2 minutes ago, kinomeowmeow said:

include shadow chaser skill auto shadow spell 😄

was editing for pictures as soon as u posted LOL

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update to this guide thanks to the introduction of  floating fabric

dex now changed from 172 to 1

or wep change to 1 chepet 2 cecil demons

using safety gem will also negate the teleportation

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