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We are Overgeared, we strive for greatness in everything. We believe that helping others and setting gratifying goals is better than just being fully geared by end game equipment.
Only by equipping yourself with ample knowledge and skill and leaving a legacy you'll truly become one of us.


  • Our mission is to help our fellow players reach a peak.
  • Create a fun and vibrant guild that maximizes their experience.
  • Develop their skill and knowledge in the game.
  • Groom them to be the best.
  • Support each other in things that matter.
  • To provide everyone with zeny for gambling

To be the leading Social Guild in providing the best assistance to Amateurs and Veterans alike.

We strive to:

  • Cultivate a community which enables its member to achieve their full potential
  • Promote rewards based on individual contributions and ensure equality of opportunity.
  • Act with intent at all times in a transparent, accountable and ethical manner
  • Be pro at gambling


  • Founder - provide assistance for the improvement of the guild in a whole. Sponsor events and rewards.
  • The 3 Imperators - The Leaders of the guild. They decide on what to do with the guild and provide their recruits with full support.
  • Each imperator have their own recruits. Members titles will be based on who recruited them.


  • DO NOT be involved in any Dramas.
  • DO NOT bear hatred towards any guild members.
  • DO NOT beg.
  • ALWAYS follow the Server Rules
  • ALWAYS treat all members with respect and fairness regardless of age, gender, location, religion or background. 
  • ALWAYS be honest and trustworthy to everyone in the guild.
  • ALWAYS report and ask for help if needed.
  • ALWAYS take these rules seriously. Failure to follow these rules shall result to disciplinary action.


  • We pay Salary on a Weekly Basis and 2 Different sets. 

Weekly Minimum Points is 40 to be able to receive Salary.
This means you need to get 5-6 points per day to reach 40 pts. Do DQ and WoF once a day and you already get 6 points. Or You can AFK for most of the week and grind those 40 pts in 3 days or less.
Example #1:


Monday: AFK
Tuesday: AFK
Wednesday: AFK
Thursday: AFK
Friday: 4x Zeph Quests (1 Zeph per Hour) + WoF + DQ = 14pts
Saturday: 4x Zeph Quests (1 Zeph per Hour) + WoF + DQ = 14pts
Sunday: 4x Zeph Quests (1 Zeph per Hour) + WoF + DQ = 14pts
Total = 42pts and you are eligible to get Weekly Salary

Example #2:


Monday: DQ + WoF = 6pts
Tuesday: DQ + WoF = 6pts
Wednesday: DQ + WoF = 6pts
Thursday: DQ + WoF = 6pts
Friday: DQ + WoF = 6pts
Saturday: DQ + WoF = 6pts
Sunday: DQ + WoF = 6pts
Total = 42pts and you are eligible to get Weekly Salary

If i were you guys, i'd go for the Top Point Contributor  since you're gonna have the chance to get 20b zeny plus all the zeny you'll get from Zeph Quests and other stuffs. Really worth it.

If we Win Honorable Guild Competition, you'll get 

  • Top 1 Point Contributor: 20b
  • Top 2 Point Contributor: 15b
  • Top 3 Point Contributor: 10b
  • The rest who reached 40 minimum pts: 5b

If we Lose Honorable Guild Competition, you'll still get

  • Top 1 Point Contributor: 10b
  • Top 2 Point Contributor: 8b
  • Top 3 Point Contributor: 6b
  • The rest who reached 40 minimum pts: 3b




  • Daily Quest - 4 points ( Available every 00:01 Server Time )
  • Wheel of Fortune - 2 points (12 hours device CD)
  • Scavenger Hunt - 1 point (1 hour device CD)
  • Zeph Quest - 2 points (1 hour device CD)
  • Survival Event (winner) - 10 points
  • Poring Catcher (winner) - 10 points
  • Dice Event (winner) - 10 points
  • Goblin Invasion (winner) - 10 points

What is Merit Points? This is basically just the Honorable Points you gather daily/weekly.
Example: You get 130 Honorable points this week, that will be your Merit Points.

What's it for? We will be putting up shop in our Guild Club. In it you can buy Cards, Equips and More using your Merit Points.
We monitor your Weekly Point Contribution and add it to the Club for you to use it in the shop.
After buying, Merit Points should be deducted immediately by any of the 3 Guild Leaders. 
Example: In the Shop, we put in <White Knight Card> for 400 Merit Points. Once you reach 400 points, you can just Message any one of the Leaders to trade in the card for your points which they should deduct in Forum Club as soon as the card is given.


  • Contact Any of the Leaders in-game or in Forums ( Artemia, Latte, Seam )
  • Or go to Geffen if you want a potential instant Invite
  • Goodluck

** IMPORTANT Once you're joined, make sure you ask Any Leader to invite you to the Forum Guild Club, that's where you'll be using your Merit Points. **

Thanks Artemia for the Banner

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