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Kaitou Kun

Royal Guard HHH Grand Cross Build

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Hello there, this will be a pretty detailed guide ❤️ 

- This is only Available for HERO and ELITE HERO only.
- This build is working for me.
- My Personal Build.
- This build can only be achieve by player with enough budget to buy this items

STR - 200
AGI - 200
VIT - Rest
INT - 500 max
DEX - between 170 or 200
(Your choice)
LUK - ~

Kiel D-01 Card/Emperium Card/Siren Card
Creed Helm (or any headgear with the same effect)

Kiel D-01 Card/Emperium Card
Rockstar Guitar (+30 Stats Wing with 25% delay) (or any wing with the same effect)
Bloody Wings (45% delay) (or any wing with the same effect)

Glorified Orc Hero Card/Orc Hero Card
Sunflower Ring
Candy Ring (or any aura with the same effect)
Music Ring (or any aura with the same effect)

ARMOR - Tao Gunka Card/Fused Angeling Card/Amdarais Card
Malthael's Holy Nova Armor
Magnetite Body Armor

*Note: You need to have at least +8 to maximize the bonus stats of each item (especially if you are using Fused Angeling Card)

WEAPON - Fused Atroce/Celine Kimi/Fused Dracula/Tyrant Cecil Card
Exodia [Elite Weapon]
+10 Old Parasol
+10 Glorified Holy Avenger

              [PK OFF] Alice Card/Lilith Card
[PK ON] Thara Frog Card/Hades Card
+8 - +10 Onyx Guard (For anti-knock back)
+8 - +10 Libra Shield (For anti-knock back)

GARMENT - Antique Book Card
+8 - +10 Rustic Mantle
Elite Asprika
Keeper's Manteau

SHOES - Fallen Bishop Hibram Card
Twilight Shoes
Sleipnir of the Gods
Poseidon Shoes

*Note: I would not recommend to use Howling Wind because of it's LOV auto cast

Scaraba Card/Gem of Safety
Medal of Honor
Specialist Glove

Grand Cross
(main skill)
Auto Guard
Auto Berserk
Reflect Shield

Monster inside HHH which is pretty easy to kill:
Phantom Xel
Phantom Pan
Phantom Rad
Phantom Symphoria
Phantom Latte
Phantom Chiyome
Phantom Calla
Phantom Tsuchie
Phantom Musica

Need to Avoid (especially if you are not using Fused Angeling Card to make them Undead Property)
Phantom Mia
Phantom Darkness
Phantom Lucielle

Yggdrasil Berry (if
Holy Enchant Scroll

Tips and Tricks:
- First you gonna lure atleast 2 or 3 mobs at a time
- Avoid those 3 Phantom Mobs if you dont have Fused Angeling Card on your build (if you make them a Undead Property, it will be a piece of cake)
- You can't use Yggdrasil Berry inside HHH if you are PK ON, but if not you can use it for survivability
- Use @esc if you want to jump and @refresh if the items you put on your BM still not showing
- Always use Holy Elemental Scroll

Comment if there is any question/suggestion ❤️ 

Edited by Kaitou Kun
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