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Rebellion Caspen Dungeons Farming Build

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Take Notes

This is my personal build, it works for me, might not work for you..feel free to change later.

This is for those who want to farming DMs or to those who wants to make the 3k caspen dun kills for Rebbelion.

This Build Need 100% Delay Reduction if u wanna spam Rapid Shower.




  Death Cyclone / Peacemaker Colt (Tyrant Card / Fused Doppleganger x3 (18% damage to medium size monster)

  Creed Helm / Strawberry Cap (Kiel D-01 Card)
Mid Headgear
  Union Wing (Or any long ranger damage wing) (Kiel D-01 Card)

Low Headgear
  Dragon Aura /Any Medium Damage Aura (Kiel D-01 Card)
  Royal Garment (Increase Maxhp by 10%) (Draconus card)
  Any Shield (Ogretooth Card)-(reduce damage from medium monster)
  Twilight Boots (Furious Seyren Card)

  Albite Garment / any Garment (Menblatt Card)

  Sheriff Badge (Gold Scaraba Card)
  Elite Glove (Gold Scaraba card)


Str - 150

Agi - 150

Vit - 152

Int - 50

Dex - 500

Luk - 463


Thats Its for Now~


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what skill to use sir? rapid shower? desperado? 


edit: oh shit im so stupid, i didn't read that

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