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Guilletine Cross MVP Build (Stats&Equip)

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Dear all,


im a newbie to this server and as well as to this game since i spent couple of hours to understand this game first, about the character build of guilletine cross equips in specific like whodrops the Rip claw, punk beanie, and the rest, reason of posting this, like since new to this if i want to buy some thing from the market or a fellow dreamer it's quite expensive to be honest i dont have enough zeny to spend so prefer to hunt it down on my own if someone help me out would be appreciated ^_^_


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Hi, welcome to dRO!
The really simple setup needs a bit of financial investment and time put into it, but overall it's pretty easy.

You can get the Punk Beanie from the Vote4Points shop! You can access this from the Main NPC (who can be found in all main cities), or from the Vote4Points NPC. There's an easy tutorial for the V4P system over here: http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Vote_4_Points. (Sorry, still figuring out how the bbcode on here works!)
Middle and lower headgears can be whatever you want, the Returner's set stuff works just fine. By the time those disappear, you should have enough resources and zeny to grab anything you might like.

I personally recommend an Ice Pick and a Death Grimtooth [4] for people who are just starting out with a GX MVP build.
You can get an Ice Pick from vendors in the gold_mart map (easily accessed with @warp gold_mart, or by going to the Vendor House warp in Caspen!) for a decent sum-- you can easily afford this by selling loot and completing Zeph Quests.
You can get a Death Grimtooth [4] from the Daily Quest shop for two Daily Quest tokens, and you can get tokens for that shop by doing Daily Quests from the same NPC.

As for card setup on these daggers, I would just go with 4 Abysmal Knight on the Grimtooth, and if you get an Ice Pick [1] instead of an unslotted one, put an Abysmal Knight on that too. These are really easy to farm, just use @whereis Abysmal Knight and go hunting in the maps they spawn in. 
Other cards aren't too big a deal since you'll have the Returner's Set, which gives a lot of good stats and abilities. 

Stat setup is simple: you want maximum damage, 195 ASPD, and bulk to eat hits.

STR: 500
AGI: Enough to hit 195 ASPD; fill out your DEX first
DEX: 250-300 for accuracy, more if you'd like
VIT: 300+
INT: None
LUK: Extra points go here. You can fill it up for crit damage if you want, but it doesn't matter too much.


You don't need any special skills, most of your MVP hunting is going to be attacking and autocasting Sonic Blow.
Cloaking is good to shake off smaller mobs if you don't @jump constantly to search. 

Some of the big-ticket MVPs are Kiel D-01, Thanatos, and Tao Gunka, all of which can earn you a good 4b zeny or higher for their cards. But a lot of MVPs are still worth hunting, and can easily be killed with this set, so don't worry if you can't catch any of the more popular bosses!

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