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Selling Stuff I Stole From Seamless & Artemia's Stash

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  • Sleipnir of The Gods (Bear's power/ ATK 3%) 100B <~ PM Seamless idi*t
  • Sleipnir of The Gods (Speed of Light/ Max Hp 3%) 10B
  • Black Kaho Horn 10B
  • Gem Of Bolts 8B
  • Super Saiyan Hair 8B
  • +0 Temporal Boots (INT) 100B


  • Ghosting 500M
  • Devilring 500M
  • Dark Illusion 500M
  • Lord of The Dead 500M
  • Gemini S-58 1B
  • Judicious Eremes 1B
  • Benevolent Cecil 2B
  • Sniper 3B
  • Cautious Howard 2B
  • Graceful Magaretha 2B
  • Obsessive Magaretha 2B
  • Fused Doppelganger 5B


  • Costume's Cloak of Invisibility 15B


  • Lilith 30B
  • Echidna 30B


ezpz! Reserve it, PM me, leave your IGN, find me @geffen.

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2 hours ago, Code Printer said:

ill buy saiyan hair and cecil 🙂


-Filling Machine

Sorry i was offline, are you on?

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