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Opening 2 Additional WoE Castles

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As a result of our incredible growth in the last couple of months, from 600 to 1,000 players online, as well as the intensifying WoE competition, we have decided to open two additional WoE castles. 

One of the two new castles will open up for Saturday WoE, while the other one opens during the Sunday WoE. This means that during Saturday and Sunday WoE there will be 2 castles open for the entire duration of the war. The new castles have the same dynamics as the other castles that were open that day.

  • For Saturday, we are opening another WoE SE (2.0) castle with 3rd job skills enabled.
  • For Sunday, we are opening another WoE FE (1.0) castle with 3rd job skills disabled.

Although the castles have the same dynamics, they aren't exactly the same when it comes to the treasures they provide their guild. The original castles provide more daily treasure boxes than the new castles. This is to ensure that guilds have a harder time "compromising" and also so that there is always a "clear" winning guild.

The original castles have had the number of treasure boxes that spawn daily reduced from 23 to 20 treasures a day. The new castles will only spawn 15 treasure boxes a day. The castle economy will no longer play a role in how many treasures are spawned each day. The treasure boxes in all 5 WoE castles are still the same. In addition, all 5 castles will grant their members access to the Guild Raids, which is in the process of being modified to make it a lot more profitable for guilds.

** The new castles will be open starting this weekend's WoE (May 2nd and May 3rd). So make sure to make adjustments and prepare to conquer new territories! **

Please visit our wiki to see the WoE Schedule, Treasures and Castle details


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Hope to see more guilds coming

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