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I play in a high rates server (DreamerRO) is there any vs MVP guide for GX Im super new to RO

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Hi, as the title says I play that ragnarok server, high rates. (DreamerRO) i. I did a GX and I know the basic of the games and what not. Im level 500 and job 120.
I saw some guides on their page but all of the items that they suggest are either not found in the database, or just won't say how to get them ( also some items might be server custom)
I remember that around the 2000's I played RO for some weeks and I had an Assassin Cross and was doing around 50k in critical damage. now I'm doing around 3k against MVP's so I have 0 ideas of what I did before and what Im doind wrong now.
Also if some quest are worth doing (not server exclusive) please let me know.
Any help is appreciated


my issue has been solved!!

______________________________________ happymod 


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Hi Zack!


You may want to read this guide for beginners:



Additional tips are as follows:

Make your GX a hero so that you can have additional stat points and good equipments. You can also go for (or let me say you must) Elite Hero Quest so that you can have the best weapon your GX will have (This will be your main weapon)

Create a Warlock and do ZEPH QUEST (for you to earn zennies). It is also possible for you to do the DAILY QUEST so that you can exchange the quest tokens for high-yield MVP Cards. Never forget to start your Dreamer day by doing Daily Quest it is a big help for you to grow.


Have a good play!


Insanely Ninja

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