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5vs5 PvP Tournament - [ENDED]

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The tournament has ended! - Scroll to the last post for the results!

The prize will depend on the amount of parties that participate in the tournament. At least 3 parties are needed to run the tournament. Event will be cancelled if not enough parties register. The prize is per party to be split among the party members. The party leader will be given the prize.

  • 3-4 parties - Prize: 150b
  • 5-6 parties - Prize: 250b
  • 7-10 parties - Prize: 350b
  • 10+ parties - Prize: 500b

* Second place will receive 20% of the reward as a consolation prize.

Additional rules may be added prior to the tournament start date. Make sure to check the topic and read the rules prior to the tournament starting.

  • 3rd Job Skills enabled
  • Party of 5 players max
  • Once tournament starts, the players cannot change class, character and cannot replace any of the original 5 players
  • Any item, equipment or skill that works inside the 3rd Jobs PvP arena will work in the tournament
  • You may not use buffs from non-party members (FCP, Soul Link, etc). All party members will be killed and will be given a couple of minutes to re-buff before fight starts
  • Each fight must not take any longer than 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes are up, the GM will end the fight and select a winner based on remaining players alive and/or overall performance.
  • Resurrection is not allowed (nor is token of Siegfried). Players will be warped out of the arena when killed.
  • Elimination style tournament. Once a party loses once, they are out of the tournament. (If only 3-4 parties register, we will do 2 loses to get eliminated)

How to register:

  • Be ready 15 minutes before the tournament start date. That means in a party with all 5 members in it. The tournament host will announce where to go in-game 15 minutes prior to the tournament.


  • The party name must not include any spaces or weird symbols. You will be asked to remake the party if the name does not meet requirements.
  • You are expected to be ready 15 minutes prior to the tournament start date. We will not wait for anyone.
  • If any of the party members gets disconnected during the event your party may forfeit or fight 4vs5. Again, we will not wait for anyone.
  • The tournament will be streamed live via Twitch. A link will be provided on this topic prior to the event starting.

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We didn't have a lot of different parties, but we have 4 quality parties that delivered a solid performance and an entertaining event. Our streaming peaked at 80+ viewers and the vibe in-game was excting.

The tournament was a double elimination tournament due to the lack of participants.. but that made it as interesting as it could of been.


  • MI6charlie
  • MI6 LO
  • MI6
  • NabTeam (April's 5vs5 Winners)


First round was won by MI6 against NabTeam after a pretty decent match. Since it was double elimination, it meant NabTeam had a chance to fight their way back into the final... and boy, they did. They beat MI6 charlie to get back into the final against Mi6 for a rematch.

After 2 intense fights of over 5 minutes each sometimes.. NabTeam was the winner of the 5vs5 Tournament.



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