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Sam Rhecker


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I've been looking for topics about someone's experience on a bug he/she encountered while doing the Z-Gang Quest. Unfortunately there is none and I think I am the only one doing it. As a completionist type of gamer, I tend to do most of the original quests from iRO while waiting for Zeph's Misison to cooldown. It's not that hard to do when most of the guides can be found online. What makes it a lot easier is the @jump and @warp command features being available for DreamerRO.

My case - I am nearing the end of this quest until i encountered this bug that somehow creates a loop and stops you from progressing. Basically, I am on the stage where I was able to get inside the Z-Gang's base after entering the garbled passwords. (No.15 of the iRO Wiki page for this quest https://irowiki.org/wiki/Z-Gang_Quest)

The game dialogue continues to the point where the 3 members  of the gang are arguing until they summoned monsters. I beat and kill these monsters. - From this point based on the iRO wiki page, there was supposed to be a dialogue between members about launching a 2nd wave of monsters, revealing themselves, them handling the stolen book to you, etc., but none of these happened. Instead, I was warped at the entrance, was asked to enter again the passwords and repeat the same actions above.

I did this several times but i keep getting the same results.

I tried messing up with the game by doing nothing when i got inside the base. For about 3-5 minutes the monsters kept attacking me and then they died - me, not doing anything. A couple of seconds later, I was warped again at the entrance.

I also tried using the @jump command inside the base and to my amusement I met some NPCs (see attachment). From here I am stucked with the quest.


@HaZe your thoughts on this please? I don't know much about how script and coding works but from what I see and understand is the original quest map was somehow overlapped by DreamRO's custom quest or event map.


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