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@  Seina Yamada : (22 February 2017 - 02:20 PM) Press Your Luck / Gonryun 34 19 / buying it on player
@  enteng : (22 February 2017 - 10:23 AM) sorry to bother already okay
@  enteng : (22 February 2017 - 10:19 AM) hi where can i find the answer for dusk glow
@  heyheyhey : (22 February 2017 - 08:51 AM) Ohh i'll just make a discussion later about this hahaahaah.. Just tough about a solution... But for now Got to sleep :)
@  heyheyhey : (22 February 2017 - 08:50 AM) Well that's kinda unfair reeting to 0 again when you still haven't got the requirements...Well Is there a way which could help the points be commutative even when DC.. So it won't revert back to zero..
@  Xero : (22 February 2017 - 08:45 AM) Probably you didn't get your 500 yet. Maybe 499.
@  kyrieeleison... : (22 February 2017 - 08:32 AM) may be another condition is && with the boolean DoesThisGuyDeserveSalary lol
@  heyheyhey : (22 February 2017 - 08:27 AM) But I din't got my salary sir so maybe I still haven't got the 500.. But so sad still that I had to start at zero when DC... Is this a bug? o division event just works this way?
@  Xero : (22 February 2017 - 08:12 AM) If you have already have 500 points, the game will change the boolean of DoesThisGuyDeserveSalary from FALSE to TRUE. It won't start from 0 again, and you should still be able to claim your salary.
@  heyheyhey : (22 February 2017 - 07:56 AM) HOw sad it is I got DC last 10 mins of STP and I already have 500 points. Then I started from 0 again so no more salary manage to get only 400.. :( :th_sob: :th_sob:
@  Xero : (22 February 2017 - 07:39 AM) Novice > Archer > Hunter > Rebirth > High Novice > High Archer > Sniper > Ranger
@  MeshiRei : (22 February 2017 - 07:24 AM) can someone teach me to be ranger from scratch
@  kantusacharles : (22 February 2017 - 06:33 AM) Notlikethis!
@  Xero : (22 February 2017 - 06:32 AM) Sometimes, holding on is more painful than letting go.
@  kantusacharles : (22 February 2017 - 06:31 AM) ok i will check it
@  kantusacharles : (22 February 2017 - 06:30 AM) lord xero one more question, everytime i read or hear or see the words hatred it gives me a heart / head / butt ache
@  Xero : (22 February 2017 - 06:29 AM) 350 LUK, 350 DEX, 500 STR, Hatred on Draconus, Death Tablet, Creed + Vanberk, NVG + OHC, any wings + Vanberk, 2 STR megs, Sleipnir + Antique Firelock, Aesprika.
@  kantusacharles : (22 February 2017 - 06:26 AM) i really need star gladiator build that kills draco easily i need to help newbie by giving free scale
@  kantusacharles : (22 February 2017 - 06:25 AM) @justme another sad moments i forget it, but i still remember him in my heart lul hahaha
@  Xero : (22 February 2017 - 06:08 AM) iDraconus Ripper



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#356676 Battleground Ranking System

Posted by HaZe on 19 February 2017 - 08:20 PM

I have heard from various veterans that hate battlegrounds (and never did battlegrounds before this update) that the update is good. Many are doing it now to earn the medals and taunts so they can show them off in PvP rooms and in towns. If we can get people who don't like to BG to go in and spend some time in BG then we did something right... Now the people that DO like BG will have more people joining the feature and overall it should be more active than it was before this update was implemented.


The best part is that we got the attention of some veterans without having to implement more over powered items that would make it harder for newbies to catch up.

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#356673 Hero Shop Rotation (02/2017)

Posted by HaZe on 19 February 2017 - 08:06 PM


Hello Dreamers!

This is just a quick announcement to inform you that the Hero Shop has been rotated! 


As many of you already know, you can obtain donation like headgears, equipment and exclusive items by participating in the Hero Happy Hours! The kills inside the Happy Hours Arena award Heroic Coins, which are used to purchase items from the Hero Shop.


You can find the Hero Shop at the Hero Temple or directly warping to [ayo_in02 115 170].



The Hero Shop is rotated every 3-4 months, which means you have more than enough time to collect your favorite item(s).


In this rotation we included the tradeable Incarnation Spirit rare item. The reasoning behind this is to add an item that our players can farm and sell for a hefty amount of Zeny. We plan on sinking tradeable Incarnation Spirits by using them as an ingredient to convert them into more exclusive account bound rare items via the Collectibles Trader NPC. (Kind of like we did with Hyourinmaru Spirit a few months ago). This way the prices of the IS will not go too high due to low demand, and the price will not go too low because our players will be trading them for account bound versions in the future.


** Keep in mind that the prices of any and all items may change at any moment without warning. **


Thank you and enjoy! 


Do you want to increase the server's population? Or have more people in PvP and WoE? Consider renewing your Ratemyserver review once a month for maximum exposure! Each review is seen by hundreds of new players and many of them will join the server thanks to you. Return the favor, write a Ratemyserver review today!

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#356556 Battleground Ranking System

Posted by HaZe on 18 February 2017 - 09:38 AM



Greetings Dreamers!

Today we are releasing a very special update regarding our Battlegrounds System. It consists of a system that allows our players to earn Battleground Points (BGP) each time they win a battlegrounds round. These points are used to unlock Battleground Ranks, which in return unlocks access to various commands to show off your rank to the world!


Each time you participate in a battlegrounds round you have the opportunity to earn BGP when you win. However, you can also lose BGP when you lose a battlegrounds round.

  • Each win awards anywhere from 20-25 BGP (random)
  • Each loss deducts your BGP by -15 to -20 BGP (random)
  • Losing in Tripple Inferno only deducts 10-15 BGP since 2/3 teams will lose.
  • You can earn 3 BGP for breaking an Emperium in Conquest or Rush, and 1 BGP for capturing a flag in CTF.


While you accumulate BGP you will have the opportunity to move up in the battleground ranks. There are 10 ranks available ranging from Beginner to Master. All of the ranks have their own Battleground Medal, Name Tags and also the ability to unlock taunting sound effects.




When you use the command @bling, the battleground medal belonging to your rank will appear on top of your character for 3.5 seconds, along with a nice sound effect and a visual effect. You can listen to the sound effect of each badge by clicking the links below.

Aside from the command to display your battleground badge you will also gain access to "Taunting" Sound effects as you climb through the ranks. These taunt sounds can be used through the commands @t1 ~ @t6. Each one will produce a sound effect that will be heard by all the players on the map. These sounds can be used anywhere except in Caspen town.

In addition to the beautiful Battleground Medals and the the awesome taunting sound effects, we also implement the commands @bton and @bgoff. These commands will display your current Battleground rank in front of your name. Example: [Master] HaZe  or [Bronze] HaZe.
In the battlegrounds waiting room you will find a new npc that is in charge of everything related to this system. He will provide you with information about the system, display your stats, show the global ranking and sell you BGP Boosts.
You can use BGP Boosts to increase the amount of Battleground points you can earn after each round by 50%. Instead of receiving 20-25 BGP when you win, you will earn 30-37 BGP while the boosts are active. At the moment there are 24 Hour boosts and 72 Hour Boosts.
  • 24 Hour BGP Boost - 3 Donation Credits or 5b Zeny
  • 72 Hour BGP Boost - 8 Donation Credits or 12b Zeny

If you want to purchase the boosts with zeny you can speak with the Ranking Manager at the BG waiting room. If you prefer to purchase using donation credits (not tokens) you would need to speak with the Donation Girl npc and find them under the Donation Services menu. The boost box is account bound but once you open the box the boost itself is character bound. The NPC will award each account with a free 1 day boost to get you started into the system, you can claim it via the BG Rank NPC at @go bg.



The battleground ranking is based on characters and not on an entire account. That means if you are a Master on your Warlock, your other characters on that account will not be Master.


This is a very complex system and there are bound to be some bugs. We will be rewarding all bug finders anywhere from 5 credits to 100 credits depending on the severity of the bug. If you find a bug regarding the system, such as a way to avoid losing BGP or earning unlimited BGP, or any other bug, please open a support ticket to report it and get rewarded for finding the bug.


At the moment there are no item or monetary rewards on this system. This is a for fun update which we hope veterans and newbies can equally enjoy without increasing the gap between them. However, in the future we may decide to expand the system and add rewards to it, depends how it all works out.


The system is under observation and we are open to any and all feedback regarding this system.


Special Credits:

  • Entire GM and SP team for helping with the brainstorming and discussion
  • Magna Divinus for converting the images into sprites for the medals and providing sound effects for taunts.
  • GM Denoel for helping with the graphics for the medals.

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#356074 Valentines Event 2017

Posted by HaZe on 11 February 2017 - 10:35 AM


Valentine's Day is a special day where we celebrate Love and Friendship!

It has become a tradition in many parts of the world to give gifts and show your love to those you care about the most!




Cupid has arrived to the city of love birds, Jawaii! 
 He has brought with him 9 Valentine Exclusive headgears that you can obtain by completing item gathering quests!

Location: jawaii 200 290









Cupid has brought with him a good friend, the Valentine's Gift Assistant!

You can use this NPC to send your friends and loved ones a special present for Valentine's Day!


How Does it work?


  1. The NPC will first ask for your friend's character name. Any character on that account will be able to pick up the gift.
  2. The NPC will ask you to enter the item ID of the item you want to send as a gift. (must be tradeable and be in your inventory)
  3. The NPC will ask the quantity of the items you want to send as a gift. (Example: 10x Ygg Berries)
  4. The NPC will ask you to enter a message to go along with the gift. (Example: Happy Valentines Day my lovely friend!)
  5. The NPC will ask whether you want to send the gift anonymously or sign using your character's name.

After all the details are entered the NPC will charge you 100M Zeny in cash as fees for sending the gift.


The gifts you send via this NPC will remain hidden until Valentine's Day arrives (February 14th server time)


The NPC gives you access to view all your transactions and will inform you when you gift has been claimed and when the gift has been opened. That way you can easily keep track of all your Valentines Gifts.


Note: If you discover a account bound item that can be sent using this NPC please cancel the transaction and report as soon as possible. All transactions are being logged and abusers will be dealt with harshly.



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The Valentine's Present cannot be opened until after February 14th.
  • All Valentine NPCs will be removed on Sunday 19th, at 23:59 PM Server time.
  • The location of the Valentine's NPC is [ jawaii 200 290 ]

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#355985 New WoE Times & Castle Rotation

Posted by HaZe on 10 February 2017 - 09:29 PM

hmmm it is better 2 cas in 1 hour.. because it will more challanging that way..

Where is the challenge in having 1 castle empty for 58 minutes of WoE?

Challenging IMO = Higher Difficulty/Competition.


With 1 castle open at a time, every guild that wants to woe needs to compete against each other and fight for the castle...instead of getting a free castle because they managed to get a last min break on the empty castle.


Can you elaborate on how 2 castles in 1 hour makes it more challenging? 

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#355951 Archived Changelogs (2011-2016)

Posted by HaZe on 10 February 2017 - 04:26 PM

This topic contains changelogs from previous years and are archived here for future reference.


(The main topic got too large and we had to move them to another topic so we could continue updating the main changelog topic)


2016 Updates


2015 Updates


2014 Updates


2013 Updates 


2012 Updates


2011 Updates


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#355909 New WoE Times & Castle Rotation

Posted by HaZe on 10 February 2017 - 06:45 AM

so there is no challenge in WOE then if 1castle per 45minute........ =.=

I'm not sure what you tried to say..

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#355882 New WoE Times & Castle Rotation

Posted by HaZe on 09 February 2017 - 05:35 PM

I thinks the rules where guild/ally  cannot own two castle in one woe is better, that really gives others chance to take the other castle. So if those giant guilds really mean it when they say they want #woegreatagain, they wont use tricks like using dummy guilds just to take the other castle. Or you can implement that during woe days players may only join one guild a/day, even if you cant make a script like that, players can report it. With this, small guild will have chance to farm in the other castle .

Unlike now, the giant guild will have higher chance getting all the castle cuz they just need to focus defending one castle at time.


just my opinion.

The max size of woe guilds is still 40 members and alliances are still disabled. All the WoE rules we implemented previously did not help "new" guilds to compete. We still had 2-3 guilds WoEing at the end of the day and I did not see new guilds rising up. The only thing those rules did was cause a bunch of drama after each WoE, people reporting each other, confusion amongst guild members and more drawbacks. This is a War event. A guild with 5 players should not get a free castle just because a rule says that a big guild can't own more castles. If they want a castle they need to recruit, organize themselves and fight. Not just run in and break and emperium and get free treasures for a week without any effort.

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#355872 New WoE Times & Castle Rotation

Posted by HaZe on 09 February 2017 - 02:38 PM

Greetings Dreamers! 

This is a brief announcement to inform you that the castles that are active during the War of Emperium have been rotated. In addition, we have made quite a few changes to the WoE times and the amount of castles open at the same time.


It is worth noting that we still have 6 castles available for WoE, one for each of the cities. However, there will no longer be 2 castles open at the same time. We noticed that WoE activity has always concentrated in one of the two castles open, which left a castle empty for most of the WoE time. We hope that giving each castle its own WoE time will ensure that each castle gets the activity it deserves. 


View WoE Times:



With this new Woe schedule Guilds will no longer need to worry about splitting between the 2nds or 3rd WoE castle. We may be able to start seeing 3rd jobs exclusive or 2nd jobs exclusive WoE guilds which only fight for the the type they prefer. This way a guild that focuses in 2nds job WoE does not have to worry about being over run by a giant guild that owns the 3rd jobs castle. Of course, there will still be guilds that will attempt to participate in both WoEs.


The new WoE times also allow for a wider audience to attend WoE, since theoretically WoE will now be 2 hours instead of 1 hour and we also added a new WoE time on Sundays.


WoE Treasures and New Dungeon

In addition to the castle rotation and new woe times, we are also planning the revamp of WoE treasures and a brand new guild dungeon. However, we want our players and guilds to get accustomed to new woe times before we introduce the new treasures and the new dungeon.


We have also decided to completely remove the Guild Salary that was given after each WoE. The salary was introduced in an attempt to increase the amount of guilds that participated in WoE and to assist leaders with the salary. Unfortunately the salary did not increase the amount of different guilds that join WoE and instead dumped hundreds of billions of Zeny into the economy each week. We are confident that the new castle treasures and dungeon will make up for the lack of guild salary given by the server by rewarding guilds with items instead of raw zeny. This will hopefully have a positive effect on our economy.


The current castle holders will still be the owners of the new castles and the economy/defense level of the castles will remain the same as the previous castle. i.e If the old prontera castle had 100 points of economy, the new prontera castle will also have 100 points of economy.


We hope that these changes improve the activity of WoE and we will be monitoring these changes to ensure they work as expected. We welcome any feedback or suggestions about these changes but we do ask that you have an open mind about them.


Thank you and enjoy!  :th_no1: 

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#355278 Warg Strike Pouncing

Posted by HaZe on 30 January 2017 - 07:20 PM

Same cell stacking is disabled during WoE, which means more than 1 person/monster can fit in one cell. Once WoE is over, cell stacking is enabled once again and prevents more than 1 mob/person from being on the same cell. I think that's why it was working the way you explained and then it wasn't after woe ended. 

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#355061 Deathmatch Shop Update 2017

Posted by HaZe on 28 January 2017 - 04:19 PM

Thanks for the update. 


However... Hades card in there? I know you want people to all have the same chance to get things but dont you think putting a 2% raidboss card in there with same effects a bit overkill? Not to mention the amount of effort Hades hunters take to actually be online to camp it. 


Not gonna say it's a bad thing tho. But it just feels unfair for the current original Hades card owners and hunters.


So...... Maybe nerf the DM version a bit? Like maybe 5% Neut and 5% reflect? 

The only reason Hades was added it's because since its implementation the MvP has been monopolized for 1 or 2 parties and leaves 95% of the community with no hopes of ever having one. I think 2-3 months of hard core farming for 1 MvP card is fair enough. The card is a raid card but the effect is not good enough to be worth 500b Zeny. There are items that give a lot more benefits than Hades card and are not even 10% of the price.


There are no Elite Dungeon boss cards in the DM shop because they are not monopolized like the Hades card.

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#355050 Deathmatch Shop Update 2017

Posted by HaZe on 28 January 2017 - 03:40 PM


Greetings Dreamers!

Today we present to you an update that has been long awaited by the community, a huge update to the Deathmatch shop!


After much deliberation, the staff team agreed that an update to the DM Shop would be among the most beneficial updates we could possibly do right now most of our server features are linked to the DeathMatch System.



We are pleased to announced that all collectible donation items (the account bounds in the donation girl) have been added to the Deathmatch shop npc. This is just another step that ensure our players get the most out of the server without any limitations!


Aside from the donation items addition we also reduced the price of various items in the shops, including the Death Weapons. We added account bound copies of some of the equipment in the Combat Shop and made them available in the DM shop as well. You can also find new usables in the shops and even DM shop exclusive rare items and sets!



You can earn deathmatch points through various features in our server, such as:

  • Caspen Dungeon - 1 DM per 5 monsters killed
  • Save the Princess - depends on mob killed 1~250 monster points (new)
  • Coliseum Arena - 2 DM per kill
  • No Custom PvP - 2 DM per kill
  • 3rd Jobs PvP - 2 DM per kill
  • Deathmatch - 2 DM per kill
  • Battlegrounds - 2 DM per kill (new)
  • Hero Happy Hours - 2 DM per kill (new)
  • Hero Arena - 3 DM per kill
  • Clash of Division - 3 DM per kill
  • WoE - 3 DM per kill
  • Zeph Hunting Missions - 20 DM per mission
  • Daily Quest - 50 DM per quest (new)
  • Scavenger Hunt - 150 DM per hunt



Exclusive DM Shop Items!


Can you already feel the exciting power of these new exclusives? With the Set below, we'll finish the Dragonball Z themed sets, which have been pretty hyped on DreamerRO so far!


Super Saiyan God Rosé! - Exclusive DM Shop Set (Account bound)




Divinity Blades! - Exclusive DM Shop Rare (Account bound)


Rare Effect: Increases physical or magical damage against demi-humans by 25%, reduces after-skill delay by 30%







Deathmatch Shop

located at casp_auct 02 35 25



We are very happy about the update and we are certain it will increase the activity of many features on the server. The prices are all under observation and we may lower or increase the price without any warning. 


If you have anymore suggestions of items that would be a good addition to the shop do not hesitate to suggest them on this topic!


Special Credits:

  • Magna Divinus for creating the Super Saiyan God Rosé Set.
  • The GM Team for helping with the Idea and the prices!

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#354673 HHH Event Party Capacity Reduced

Posted by HaZe on 23 January 2017 - 06:27 PM

This is just a quick announcement to inform you  guys that the party capacity inside the Hero Happy Hours PvP Event has been reduced to 5. We conducted a poll that lasted approximately a week and 73% of the community voted in favor or was neutral about the change. 


The reason for this capacity reduction is because we noticed parties of 15-25 players completely taking over the event and making it nearly impossible for others to compete.


We hope that the reduction in party size allows for a more enjoyable PvP experience for everyone involved. We will monitor the event in the following weeks to ensure the capacity reduction changes the dynamics of the event for the better. If it doesn't, we are always open to making adjustments.

* There are no rules about parties not attacking each other. If a party has 2-3 parties inside the event and the choose not to attack each other or attack the same enemy party, then there is nothing we can do. We can't force people to attack and kill their friends and we don't want to do that either as it may cause guild drama among members.

* If your party enters the arena or kills a player inside the arena while the party has more than 5 players the party will automatically be kicked out of the arena. Bypassing the 5 player limit restriction will be heavily punished under the "bug abuse" rule.


P.S We are working on the next Hero Shop Rotation so keep saving those Heroic Coins!


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#354416 DreamerRO Rankings

Posted by HaZe on 20 January 2017 - 10:04 AM

The ranking is currently unavailable as we add in a new feature that will display a character's recent PvP activity to PK profiles, as weil as server wide latest activity stats that will show who killed who and in which arena. This will further help us catch kill farmers as the entire community would see your last 25-50 kills. Also, will help players see who is killing them and instantly be able to "lurk" their profile and check out their PvP stats.


We are also thinking of listing a character's Hero Rank and Division Rank on the PK profiles and possibly show those ranks as badges instead of pure text. (eventually)

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#354398 DreamerRO Rankings

Posted by HaZe on 20 January 2017 - 06:19 AM

Who is this GX " Miyamura Izumi "  with 127 kills 3 deaths? you gonna be kidding me 


P.S. I will find you and I will kill you or others will (too bad your invisible)

A kill farmer. Has since been punished, ranking reset to 0 and elite weapon kills reset to 0.


P.S Any other feedback or recommendations for the ranking and pk profiles are welcome.

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