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@  Imminent : (29 April 2017 - 02:31 PM) @jamesbryanfu tha_t06, upper left side of the map. The NPC is called Warrior's Spirit
@  jamesbryanfu : (29 April 2017 - 02:00 PM) were can i change my elite weapon again? i forgot. if it is ur first tiem?
@  Hanxel10 : (29 April 2017 - 11:14 AM) @Hecaton Yes it's released already.
@  Hecaton : (29 April 2017 - 11:01 AM) have they released rares?
@  andhikadendy : (29 April 2017 - 10:38 AM) where i can farm meginjard without Vote poin?
@  andhikadendy : (29 April 2017 - 10:38 AM) oi
@  HighEnd Succ : (29 April 2017 - 08:59 AM) this is raffle time
@  MeshiRei : (29 April 2017 - 08:53 AM) when will the easter event end.. i just got on
@  agungr : (29 April 2017 - 07:21 AM) yeayyyy, thanks for the event, but uhmmm rip holy egg? lol
@  kyrieeleison... : (29 April 2017 - 07:11 AM) thanks GM & admin & staff for the easter event. sincerely enjoyed it, more power to our server :th_e11:
@  SansEros : (29 April 2017 - 06:01 AM) sup
@  Eluminare : (29 April 2017 - 05:19 AM) The indian new players are waiting too!1!!
@  April : (29 April 2017 - 04:54 AM) Sponsor me too ):
@  JustMe : (29 April 2017 - 04:05 AM) Loona , sponsor me the dragon egg rare pl0x , i gib u sumtin gut
@  Lunaliii : (29 April 2017 - 03:17 AM) sup joojo
@  iJojo1112 : (29 April 2017 - 03:16 AM) hi Master Luna ^_^
@  Lunaliii : (29 April 2017 - 02:45 AM) hi edwardo
@  JustMe : (29 April 2017 - 02:44 AM) @Loona : shaddap
@  Lunaliii : (29 April 2017 - 02:41 AM) pew pew
@  April : (29 April 2017 - 02:38 AM) I'm not quite sure what you mean but sometimes it requires fashion voucher, sometimes it doesn't, so read what the npc told you to get c:



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#361411 Donation

Posted by HaZe on 23 April 2017 - 09:04 PM

I am out of town right now and unable to process you donation. You can expect it to be processed in about 20-22 hours from now. I will also give you a few extra credits to make up for the delay. Thank you for your patience.
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#361056 Easter Event 2017 - [Phase 3]

Posted by HaZe on 19 April 2017 - 05:56 PM

N> New Rare with other effects for non-killer classes.



Stat rare would be nice. 

Get a variant rare.

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#360915 grimtooth bugged?

Posted by HaZe on 18 April 2017 - 09:30 AM

With all due respect haze, after several changes u've made, majority of your players got sick and tired of playing coz it wasn't producing the same fun anymore. These so called veterans just got fed up with all these changes that makes the gameplay harder. 


Majority of these " veterans " doesn't play for events, awards or prizes. Coz they already have everything they need to pvp. Some play just to kick it with ingame friends and have fun. 

We are not going to leave imbalance items or skills roam the server and ruin the fun for everyone else just because a few players like to "kick it" with that unbalanced build. We want a server fun for everyone and that is the only reason why unfair skills and items are balanced.


That is the same reason why we implemented Gepard Shield which is the reason a lot of those vets left. You can try to rant about the nerf and try to blame everything on it but it won't change the fact that it was not balanced and many people agree that it wasn't.



If you want maybe you can try explaining how the combination of Saint Ring and Grimtooth like weapons was balanced in the current meta and that might give you better results than bashing me or the server.

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#360894 grimtooth bugged?

Posted by HaZe on 18 April 2017 - 06:55 AM

Lets try to keep the discussion without bashing each other or offending one another. Otherwise I will have no choice but to lock the topic and assign forum warnings to those involved.

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#360878 grimtooth bugged?

Posted by HaZe on 18 April 2017 - 05:30 AM

OH please, enough with the haze has the right shit, we all know that. But look at the results? Server's been pushing like what? 400 peoeple strong? WAY TO GO. 

Err, sorry to correct you but I've been balancing and doing changes like this since 2008 and the servers population still fluctuated from 400 to 1000 more than 3 times in the last 10 years...What makes you think that suddently the changes that I make are the reason why the population declined?

Are you sure its not the rotten mentality of "veterans" that are too bored and lazy to do anything ? (I.E Royal Rumble/BG/PvP/WoE)  -- Are you sure its actually not the LACK of player support for the server? I.E 30% less reviews than we had a  years ago? Ranked # 4 all server listing while we were ranked #1 when we had 1,000 online?

Anyway, There will be no refunds on the donation item Saint Ring and related items as the effect of those items is virtually exactly the same as it was when it was released. Just because you can't use it with 4 other weapons does not mean the effect was changed.


Its like if you buy a PS4 to play Call of Duty but suddenly you can't play CoD on that PS4 anymore because the company stopped making the game for PS4. Are you going to get a refund for the PS4? No, because it still does everything it's supposed to do on its own.

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#360468 The Royal Rumble - [ Automated Event ]

Posted by HaZe on 12 April 2017 - 01:28 PM


We are very excited to present to you the newest addition to our automated event schedule!
Our players asked for more PvP and more action, and we are here to deliver!


The Royal Rumble Event is a new automated event that consists of a PvP arena where there are no parties allowed and all participants are rewarded for killing other players in an All vs All style match. The goal of the event is to earn as many points as you can by killing other players inside the Royal Rumble Arena. Each kill awards you a number of "Royal Rumble Points" that will dictate who wins the event when the time is up. The twist of the event is that you also lose points when you die or kill yourself in the arena.

The Royal Rumble Event lasts for a total of 30 minutes, excluding a 10 minute registration period before the event starts. At the end of the 30 minutes, the 3 players with the highest amount of points will be greatly rewarded. However, you can also earn great rewards simply by participating on the event!



  • First place wins 350 DM Points, 1B Zeny and 1 Event Ticket
  • Second place wins 250 DM Points and 1B Zeny
  • Third place wins 150 DM Points and 500M Zeny

In addition, every kill inside the Royal Rumble Arena offers the following rewards:

  • 3 Deathmatch points per kill
  • Montangu Kills (if applicable)
  • Elite Weapon Kills (if applicable)
  • 50% chance to get an instant heal
  • 25% chance to earn a Heroic Coin

Buffing Angel

Every 60 seconds a magical angel will appear on the map. The first player to be close enough to click the angel will receive an instant heal, Lvl 30 Blessing and Lvl 30 Increase Agility! The Elf appears in random locations within the map so you have to be quick enough to reach it in time!


Healing Pack

There will be a healing pack that will also make a random appearance on the Royal Rumble Arena! The first player to be close enough to click the Healing Pack will receive a full Heal. The healing pack will re-appear in another location 10 seconds after it has been claimed, giving someone else a chance to heal! (Temporarily disabled until number of participants rise)




  • (+) 1 Point per kill while in a 1~3 kill streak
  • (+) 2 Points per kill while in a 3~5 kill streak.
  • (+) 3 Points per kill while in a 5~10 kill streak.
  • (+) 4 Point per kill while in a 10~20 kill streak.
  • (+) 5 Point per kill while in a 20+ kill streak.
  • (-) You lose 1 Point every time you die inside the event.

Beware! If your Royal Rumble points during the round reach or fall under -5, you will be kicked out of the event and will not be allowed to re-enter until the next Royal Rumble Event.




In order to participate in the Royal Rumble Event you will need to register with the NPC during the registration period. You must be a Hero to join the event and 3rd job skills are disabled inside the event. Unfortunately Priest class is also disabled from participating in the event.


Registration Schedule:

  • 06:00 to 06:10
  • 21:00 to 21:10

Royal Rumble Start/End Times:

  • 6:10 to 6:40
  • 21:00 to 21:40



Located at @go morroc

(Morroc 150 105)

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#359941 Easter Event 2017 - [Phase 3]

Posted by HaZe on 03 April 2017 - 07:35 PM


We are kicking off 2017 with our first Seasonal Event of the year!
Get your hunting gear ready because the Easter Event is here!



As with most of our seasonal events, the first phase of the event is all about preparing for the Easter Celebrations. The magical Easter Field is open again and plagued by hundreds of hopping bunnies! It is your job to enter the field and hunt as many Easter bunnies as you can, as they are sure to be hiding some Easter eggs and other goodies!


In order to enter the Easter Field you will need to be wearing magic headgear that will grant you access to the field, as well as give you a unique ability to hunt Easter Eggs that are scattered across the field.



You may find the Easter Bunny Assistant

at caspen 85 230.


You can obtain a magic headgear by completing a small quest with the Easter Bunny Assistant. Once you complete this small quest she will award you the headgear and she will grant you access into the field. You must speak to this NPC every time you want to enter the field.


Open spoiler to view the item requirements for the headgear quest:




This year you will find new monsters inside the Easter Field! Below you can find a description of each one as well as the loot you can gain from them.


Hateful Rabbit




Clover Bunny




Easter Bunny




Easter Dragon Egg




Lucky Easter Egg






In addition to having a chance to win a special item during the finale of the event. You also have the opportunity to grind hard and ensure that you win an Easter Rare Item by being among the top 3 Hunters of the event. Starting TODAY, every monster you kill inside the Easter Field will go towards a ranking. At the end of the event, the top 3 players that accumulated the most amount of points will each win 60 donation credits!


Each Easter Monster awards different amount of points:

  • Clover Bunny - 1 point
  • Easter Bunny - 1 point
  • Easter Egg - 3 points
  • Hateful Rabbit - 200 points

Short Races

We understand that being the top 3 among hundreds of players may sound daunting and impossible for some..that's why we are also hosting shorter races that last only 60 minutes. There will be a total of 12 races every day. During each race, all the hunters are encouraged to kill as many Easter monsters as possible in order to place among the 3 top killers of the hour. 

  • 1st place wins 1 Easter Holy Egg and 1 Raffle Ticket
  • 2nd place wins 1 Raffle Ticket
  • 3rd place wins 1 500M Zeny Bag


Easter Hunter

located at easter_fild 55 380


You may open the spoiler below to view the scheduled times of the Easter Hunting Race:





We continue our beloved Easter Event with the addition of all the Easter Head gears that have been released during previous Easter Events. Our collection continues to increase every year, so for Phase 2 we have a total of 22 Quest Head gears available! 


Since we do not want to overwhelm you by releasing 22 quests at once, we have decided to release these items in sets of 2-3 quests at a time. That means that every day at 0:00 server time, the Easter Quest Assistant will be updated and 2-3 quest items will become available. We encourage all our players to collect the Easter Quest Items and complete the collection, since even if you don't need them, you could possibly sell them to other players once the event is finished.



Easter Quest Assistant

Location: easter_fild 65 380


Without further ado, we present to you the items that will become available for Phase 2!


Angelic Egg Shell [1]:
Increases Attack Rate by 20%, it also reduces the damage received by demi-humans by 10%.


Bunny Hoodie [1]:
Provides a small chance to cast Sonic Blow while attacking your enemy.

Bunnyring Hat [1]:
Reduces after-skill delay by 20% and reduces damage received by demi-humans by 10%.

Hillslion Doll [1]:
Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 all 4 types of bolts on the enemy when attacking.

Leprechaun Hat [1]:
Reduces the damage received by demi-humans by 30%.

Red Balloon Hat[1]:
Increases Magic Attack Rate by 20%, it also reduces the damage received by demi-humans by 10%.

Lily Pad Aura [1]:
Increases walking speed by 60%, Provides immunity against Stone Curse, and also a small chance to cast Stone Curse on the enemy while attacking.

Easter Angel Wings [1]:
Increases All Stats by 25, also reduces After-Skill Delay by 15%.

Shaman Wings [1]:
Reduces After-Skill Delay by 35%.


Lunatic Beanie:
Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 20% - Become immune to Freeze Status
Easter Bunny Scarf:
Increases Walking Speed by 40%, become immune to Strip helm, armor and weapon.
Bunring Balloon:
Increases damage against boss monsters and demi-humans by 15% - increases max HP by 10%
Commander's Hat:
Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 20% - Increases Flee by 100, PD+2.
Cyan scarf:
Increases walking speed by 50%. Adds 5% chance of inflicting Curse, Sleep, Freeze or Stun on the enemy while attacking.
Commentator Headset:
Increase Matk by 20% , increases INT by 15
Peace Wings
Become immune to strip helm, armor and weapon. Reduces after-skill delay by 10%
Glorious Wings
Increases magic damage against boss monsters and demi-humans by 15% - increases HP by 10%
Easter Plasma:
Increases max HP + SP by 10 % increases physical and magical to demi-humans by 15 % (aura)
Love Bunny Band:
Reduces damage received by demi-hummans by 20% - adds 5% chance to cause curse or sleep on the enemy while attacking.
Sunflower Ring:
Increases the ATK and MATK by 15 %,  increases walkspeed by 50% , - delay 5 %  
Bloomy Nature Wings:
Reduce the delay by 30% , adds a 5% chance to cast curse on the enemy when physically attack.
Broken Holy Wings
 All Stats+10, Increases HP Rate by 10% - 1% chance of autocasting Assumptio on self when getting attacked.
We continue our Easter Event with the expansion of our exclusive collection of Easter themed items. The last phase of the event includes the release of 16 brand new Easter Headgears. There are 9 of them that are account bound with donation like effect, as well as 7 trade-able items that can be obtained via the Easter Quest Assistant NPC. This brings our entire Easter Collection to a whooping number of 41 exclusive headgears!
View Easter Quest Assistant (New Quests)
Collectibles Trader NPC
Location: caspen 160 255
The Collectibles Trader NPC is the one that holds the other 9 account bound Easter quest headgears. As usual, this NPC will exchange some of your older donations for these new Easter Exclusive ones. The NPC requires the use of a Fashion Voucher for all the quests and you can acquire this voucher via Vote4Points, Daily Quests and even  the Event Manager NPC.
View Collectibles Trader Quests


You may be wondering what is the purpose of the DreamerRO Raffle Tickets dropped by the monsters inside the Easter Field. Those tickets are very valuable because each ticket you earn will give you a small chance to win a special rare item during the Easter Event Finale Raffle. The raffle will be hosted on Saturday, April 29th at 11:00 AM Easter Time. 


The raffle will be available for 24 hours, which means you will have more than enough time to use all your Raffle Tickets even if you cannot be online at the initial release time. There is an unlimited amount of rares available in this raffle, it all depends on luck and also the amount of raffle tickets you've managed to collect.


The rare items that will be available via raffle for the Easter Event are the White Kyuubi Tails and the Neon Butterfly Wings. Both are account bound and a melee and magical version of the rare will be available for the raffle.

  • Melee Effect: Increases physical damage against demi-humans by 25% and reduces after-skill delay by 30%
  • Magic Effect: Increases magical damage against demi-humans by 25% and reduces after-skill delay by 30%

Neon Butterfly Wings (Item ID: 22070) - Animated!




White Kyuubi Tails (Item ID: 22074)




In addition to the raffle, we will also be having a couple of rares available via Donation Credits and Zeny for those who don't manage to get one using raffle tickets. The rare items via donation will become available on April 29, 2017 at 11:30 AM Easter Time and will remain available for 24 hours. Donation tokens are not accepted as a payment method.


The rare items that will be available via Donation Credits and Zeny are the Lightning Dragon Egg and the Neon Butterfly Wings. Both are account bound and a melee and magical version of the rare will be available for the raffle.

  • Melee Effect: Increases physical damage against demi-humans by 25% and reduces after-skill delay by 30%
  • Magic Effect: Increases magical damage against demi-humans by 25% and reduces after-skill delay by 30%


  • Lightning Dragon Egg: 60 Donation Credits OR  200b Zeny (170b with Discount Coupon)
  • Neon Butterfly Wings: 50 Donation Credits OR 180B Zeny (150b with Discount Coupon)

Neon Butterfly Wings (Item ID: 22070) - Animated!



Lightning Dragon Egg (Item ID: 22072) - Animated!








  • All jobs are allowed to enter the Easter Field, however, 3rd job skills are disabled in this map.
  • You must complete the quest for the Easter magic headgear before entering the Easter Field.
  • Custom items are allowed inside the Easter Field.
  • The Easter Event Finale is scheduled to end on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 11:00 AM Easter Time.
  • All Easter Content will be removed on April 30, 2017 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.
  • Bubblegum is allowed inside the Easter Field but it does not increase the drop rate of the Lucky Easter Egg rewards.

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#358735 Weekly Sweepstakes

Posted by HaZe on 19 March 2017 - 04:48 PM

how many ticket did you bought?

He bought 8 tickets :)

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#358037 Weekly Sweepstakes

Posted by HaZe on 11 March 2017 - 01:31 PM

sir i gave u the idea xD



My underwear is not included, has to be an in-game item  :th_sry:

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#357979 Weekly Sweepstakes

Posted by HaZe on 10 March 2017 - 09:36 PM

why there is no vote coins in option in game?

It should be showing now. Thanks for the report!




The next Sweepstakes is this Sunday in 1-2 days from this post! Make sure to buy your sweepstakes tickets and see if you  get to be the first winner!

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#357964 Weekly Sweepstakes

Posted by HaZe on 10 March 2017 - 08:44 PM


Today we are introducing a new feature which we hope will help sink not only Zeny, but also other in-game currencies in exchange for a weekly grand prize!


The Weekly Sweepstakes is a raffle that is conducted once every week in which the entire server competes for 1 grand prize. The prize being nothing less than "an item of choice".


In order to join the weekly sweepstakes you will need to purchase sweepstakes tickets. You can purchase as many tickets as you want in order to increase your chances of winning. Every Sunday at 11:59 server time, the server will randomly select 1 ticket from all of the tickets that have been purchased and it will announce the winner globally. If you miss the announcement, you can check with the NPC to see if you won the sweepstakes or not. The winner is logged so you have unlimited amount of time to claim your prize via support ticket.


The player that wins the weekly sweepstakes will have the opportunity to claim an item of choice. This item needs to be personally requested to the Administrator via support ticket and the administrator may choose to reject the item chosen or give out an account bound version to prevent any discrepancies in the economy. 


** Ticket Numbers increase by 1. That means if you buy 3 tickets in a row, they will have consecutive numbers. (i.e #23, #24, #25). If you want your ticket numbers to be different (ie #23, #103, #493) then it is recommended to buy the tickets during different hours/days, not all at the same time. 


Prizes may include:

  • Any rare item (excluding variant and destiny set items)
  • An additional Elite Weapon or Division Glove (division gloves do not stack)
  • Any +10 equipment or headgear.
  • Any MvP/Boss Cards (A bound version may be given, i.e Hades)
  • Any other item may be requested for administrators approval.

You can purchase sweepstakes tickets using different in-game currencies such as:

  • 500M Zeny each
  • 1x Daily Quest Token each
  • 6x Vote Coins each
  • 100 Heroic Coins each
  • 500 Deathmatch Points each
  • 300 Battle Badges each


  • You can buy sweepstakes tickets using different accounts but make sure not to abuse other systems to do this. For example, voting with alternate accounts is against the rules, so if you vote with multiple accounts and buy tickets with those accounts --> You are breaking the rules.
  • The prize is non transferable. That means the account that wins the sweepstakes will be the one to receive the prize. If you win with your alt, your main account will not get the prize.


You can find the Sweepstakes NPC at
Caspen 180 220


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#357612 1vs1 PvP Tournament (3/04/17)

Posted by HaZe on 04 March 2017 - 10:12 PM

Congratulations to Ice for winning 1st place and Minstrel Sabo in 2nd.
Watch the recorded video of the tournament here!


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#357480 Variant Rares Merchant

Posted by HaZe on 03 March 2017 - 06:05 PM



Greetings Dreamers!

Today we present a new NPC that offers the amazing opportunity to purchase limited edition rare items via Zeny. However, these aren't normal rare items...Although they have the same sprite as many previously released rares, these ones have the ability to "change" the effects they provide based on the player's choice.


NPC: Variant Rare Merchant

Location: caspen 115 160





The rare items in these shop cost anywhere from 400 to 600 billion Zeny. In order to purchase rare items from the variant rare shop you must exchange billion zeny bags into 100B Zeny Chests via the npc above. One 100B Zeny Chest costs 100x 1b Zeny Bags, however, you can also use Discount Coupons to reduce the price of each 100B Zeny Chest by 20%.



  • No Discount Coupon - 4 Zeny Chests will cost you 400x 1B Zeny bags.
  • 1 Discount Coupon - 4 Zeny Chests will cost you 380x 1b Zeny Bags. 
  • 2 Discount Coupon - 4 Zeny Chests will cost you 360x 1b Zeny Bags. 
  • 3 Discount Coupon - 4 Zeny Chests will cost you 340x 1b Zeny Bags. 

** Keep in mind that the Zeny Chests are account bound and they cannot be exchanged back into Zeny bags or Zeny after they are converted into Chests.


** You can obtain Discount Coupons at a low rate by killing inside the Hero Arena, 3rd Jobs arena, HHH and Battlegrounds. 


The rare items available in this shop offer 3 different effects. You can choose  and change which effect the rare gives by speaking with the Variant Rare Merchant NPC. He will offer you the opportunity to choose one of the following effects for your rare:

  1. Increases physical damage against demi-humans by 25% and reduces after-skill delay by 30%.
  2. Increases magical damage against demi-humans by 25% and reduces after-skill delay by 30%.
  3. Increases all stats by 35 and reduces after-skill delay by 30%. (new)

You must pay 1B zeny and 500 Cashpoints (converted DM points) each time you want to change the effect that your variant rare provides. You can change effects as many times as you want! There are no limits!



In addition to the awesome rare sprites with variant effects, purchasing one of these rares also unlocks a new forum award badge. This award is similar to those badges given to Elite Heroes, Helpers and Forum Veterans and it is displayed under your avatar every time you post on the forums. In order to qualify for the Billionaire's Award you will need to purchase at least one Variant Rare and then you will need to apply for the award.


Billionaire's Forum Award

How to apply for the Billionaires Award?

  1. Purchase Variant Rare from the NPC
  2. Apply for the award in-game at the npc located in prontera 165 290
  3. Apply for the award on the forums by writing on this topic and the award you are applying for.
  4. Wait for a Game master to check the awards topic and see if you qualify for the award.


To view a list of all the items available via the Variant Rare Shop please open the spoiler below. Keep in mind that they are all account bound and that the prices may change at any time without warning. As of right now it is not know whether the shop will be available permanently or not. We will leave it open for 3 months and see if it had a positive impact on the economy and gameplay before we decide to leave it permanent.


You can preview all the rares in-game via the Fitting Room NPC, accessible through the Donation Girl NPC.



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#357087 1vs1 PvP Tournament (3/04/17)

Posted by HaZe on 25 February 2017 - 11:24 PM



Congratulations to Ice for winning 1st place and Minstrel Sabo in 2nd.
Watch the recorded video of the tournament here!



The tournament will be a 1vs1 tournament elimination style with random match ups. The last player standing will be the winner of the tournament and will earn great rewards!


  • 3rd jobs enabled
  • Any class is welcome, including Priests!
  • No Yggs or HP healing items. (SP items allowed, ie: blue potions)
  • No Healing skills allowed (ie: Heal, Shield Spell, Slim Potion pitcher, Repair, etc)
  • No Creed Helm or headgears* with similar effect allowed.
  • No dual clienting! You can only register with one character for the tournament.



  • First place will earn 1 Championship Red Nike Cap, 1 Rare of Choice and 25b Zeny Cash!
  • Second Place will earn 20b Zeny Cash!



  • Spectators will be welcome to watch the tournament live by sitting around the arena, so make sure to be online so you don't miss it! We will try to stream live and record it for those who cannot be online during the tournament.



Do you have what it takes to become the champion of this scheduled tournament?


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#357078 Account Wipe

Posted by HaZe on 25 February 2017 - 09:37 PM

We do not delete any account  or items due to inactivity.

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