Changing Jobs

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Leveling is very easy in this server and it only takes about 5 minutes to reach maxed level. You don't have to be maxed level to changed your job just as long as you maxed out your Job Level.

Once you are ready to change job, head to Main NPC to change your job, it is advisable to level up at @go level because there is Main NPC on that map.

When you have Basic skill Lv.9 you are ready to change into your first job.

Basic skill Lv.9

You don't have to allocated all your skill points to level up, see picture you can delete all your extra skill points before changing job.

Delete all skill points

Once you are 2nd job proceed to maxed out your Job Level.

Change to 2nd Job

When you change your job again, Main NPC will tell you to Reborn and become Transcendent. That means you are on your way to becoming 3rd job. All Transcendent class will start over as High Novice.

Now that you are in this step, proceed to level up and change job like on the first step, but this time allocate all your skill points. If you messed up and delete them, you can ask Main NPC to reset your skills and he will give back all your skill points.



  • Baby class cannot Transcend into 3rd job. They will stop at 2nd job ex. Novice > Baby Thief > Baby Rogue.