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Zeny is the main type of currency players use to buy items, gears, etc. You can only hold a maximum of 2,000,000,000 (2b) on your hand at a time so to make it easier for players to deal with such a high amount of Zeny, DreamerRO provides Zeny bags system. Head on to DreamerRO Banker to exchange your Zeny into bags or Money Bag Exchanger to exchange multiple bags (required to pay 2% fee of total Zeny).


Donating to the server will earn you Donation credits. These credits can be used to buy limited time exclusive rare gears and services.


Donation Tokens

Donation Tokens are highly used to buy Donation gears and exclusive services.

Combat Coins

Exchange Combat Coins for a powerful gears in Combat Shops.

Heroic Coins

Heroic Coins are used to purchase Donation-like-effect gears in Hero Temple.

Vote Tokens

Obtain Vote Tokens by voting to the server to purchase Donation tier gears and other exclusive items.

Daily Quest Tokens

Use Daily Quest Tokens to purchase consumables, gears and gems in Daily Quest NPC.

Death Match Points

Obtain Death Match (DM) points from PvP and farm in Caspen Dungeon. Used DM points to buy powerful gears and consumables.


Play Battlegrounds to get Bravery Badge, Victory Badge, and War Badge. Bravery Badge is the main currency to buy Battleground exclusive gears. Victory Badge use to play Battleground Press Your Luck to earn prizes. War Badge can be used to purchase Buff for Battleground.