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What is Daily Quest?

->Daily Quest is a daily task that given by Daily Quest NPC, the task is to give the NPC the items that the NPC asked you for, and they are usually like this:

Daily Quest NPC, @warp caspen 183 183
  • X(around 9~16) Amount of Any Cards <- this cards were decided by the NPC
  • X(around 100~221) Amount of Any Items <- this items were decided by the NPC
  • X(around 100~221) Amount of Any Items <- this items were decided by the NPC

The NPC will give you 24Hours to finish the task, and when you collected all the items that mentioned by the NPC, just talk to the NPC again, and it will give you 1 dRO Quest Token, and also you can exchange the tokens to any items below:

Example: 1 (tokens needed) Wild Rose (Upper)(Item name) Agi+3 (Item Effect)


1 Wild Rose(Upper) Agi+3
1  Bandit Beard(Lower) [1]
1  Helm of Angel(Upper) Agi+1 , Luk+1 , Mdef+3
2  Rainbow Scarf(Lower) Int+1, Mdef+2,Matk+1%
2  4 Leaf Clover In Mouth R(Lower) -3% damage from demi human monster,reduce casting time by 1%,dex+1
2  Sheila Helmet(Upper) [1],Agi+2,Mdef+3
2  Fish In Mouth(Lower) [1],5% chance got Fresh Fish when monster killed, increase recovery rate by 25% from Fresh Fish
2  Ninja Scroll(Lower) [1],Matk+1%
2  Balloon Hat(Upper) [1],Matk+2%,Mdef+2,Each refine increase your Matk
2  Observer(Middle) enable to use lvl1 estimation
3  Melee Surprise Box(Usable Items) 1% chance of getting melee rare wing
3  Magic Surprise Box(Usable Items) 1% chance of getting magic rare wing
3  Skin Color Coupon(Etc Items) enable to change your skin color (bring this to Race Master NPC at @warp caspen 147 222)
3  Shark Hat(Upper) Str+1,Agi+2,Mdef+1 , +5% damage to water property monsters,+10% Resistance to water elemental damage
3  Sky Hat(Upper) Luk+2,Mdef+5,[+5~+10]Luk Rate increases depending the items refinement
3  Gangster Scarf(Lower) [1],Atk+5,[Rogue Class]Enable to use Lvl1 Gangster's Paradise
3  Skeleton Hood(Upper) none
3  Ashura Fairy Hat(Upper) Dex+2,Luk+2,Enables Lvl1 Please Don't Forget Me skill
3  Necromancer Hood(Upper) 5% chance to cast Lvl5 Dark Strike when receive physical damage
3  Purple Cowboy Hat(Upper) Atk+15 , Flee-5
3  Pink Pajamas Hat(Upper) Damage+5% , Matk+5%
3  Purple Rear Ribbon(Lower) Walking Speed+50%
3  Shower Cap(Upper) Mdef+3,Flee+3,+10% resistance from water elemental damage,-5% damage from Fish monster
3  Blue Pajamas Hat(Upper) Damage+5% , Matk+5%
3  Gentleman's Pipe(Lower) [1],+2% reduce damage from demi human
4  Indian Headgear's(Upper) [1],+10%HP
4  Rabbit Bonnet(Upper,Mid) Int+2,Reduce aftercast delay by 3%
4   Silver Crow Wings(Collectible Wings ) None
4   Bla ck Crow Wings(Collectible Wings)  None
4  Manananggal Wings(Collectible Wings) None
4  Chinese Samurai Hat(Upper) 10% chance to casting Lvl7 Raging Trifecta Blow
4  King Frogger Hat(Upper) gives sight Lvl1,Enables to see hidden enemies
4  Deviling Bag(Lower) gives Lvl7 Overcharge
4  Skull Demon Hat(Upper) 25% chance casting Lex Aeterna when attacking
4  Ears of Ifrit(Mid) [1],Str+1,Mdef+3,+2% damage for Fire Bolt,Fire Pillar,Meteor Storm,Bash,Magnum Break,Pierce,+5%resistance to fire property,-5%resistance to water property
4  Brazil National Flag Hat(Upper) Account Bound,Increase Movement Speed,[1]
4  Deviruchi Balloon(Collectible Wing) None
5  Red Fashion Scarf(Lower) +10%Matk,Increase Movement Speed
5  White Fashion Scarf(Lower) +10%Atk,Increase Movement Speed
5  Black Ears Cat Beret(Upper) Reduce demi human damage by 15%,+20Str,Can't be refined
5  Red Ears Cat Beret(Upper) Reduce demi human damage by 15%,+20Int,Can't be refined
5  Summer Suit(Summer Collectible/Armor) +50%Walking Speed,Can't attack while ON,Account Bound
5  Blue Ears Cat Beret(Upper) Reduce demi human damage by 15%,+20Dex,Can't be refined
6  Rainbow Wings(Middle) Reduce afterskill delay by15%,ALLSTATS+15,[1]
6  Evil Druid Hat(Upper) Reduce afterskill delay by10%,Reduce demi human damage by20%,[1]
6  Robot Ears(Upper) Reduce damage from demi human by 30%,[1]
6  American Bandana(Upper) Reduce damage from demi human by25%,+5%HP,Account Bound,[1]
6   Dark Flame(Upper)  reduce damage from demi human by 20%,low chance casting "Dispel" when attacking,Account Bound,[1]
6   Bloody Chakra(Lower)  Atk+250,Reduce afterskill delay by 10%,Account Bound,[1]
8    Vengea  nce Chakra(Lower )  Immune to Freezing and Silence status,[1],Account Bound
10    Fashion Voucher(Etc Item s)   Exchange this voucher at @warp caspen 160 255 , Account Bound
4   Gem of Arts (Compound on Accessories)  enables Lvl1 Graffiti and Lvl1 Eraser,Non-Stackable
6   Gem of Endurance (Compound on Accessories)  Enables Lvl3 Endure,Non-Stackable
6   Gem of Carting (Compo und on Accessories)  Enables Lvl10 Pushcart,Non-Stackable
6  Gem of Overcharge (Compound on Accessories) Enables Lvl10 Overcharge,Non-Stackable
6  Gem of Discount (Compound on Accessories) Enables Lvl10 Discount,Non-Stackable
7   Gem of Evasion (Compound on Accessories)   Flee+25,Non-Stackable 
7   Gem of Ac curacy (Compound on Accessories)   Hit+25,Non-Stackable 
8  Gem of Retail (Compound on Accessories)  Enables Lvl10 Vending(Pushcart required),Non-Stackable 
8  Gem of Mastery (Compound on Accessories)  Critical Rate+10,Non-Stackable 
1 0  Gem of Boss (Compound on Accessories)  I ncrease damage to Boss monster by 10%,Non-Stackable 

Coords for the quest:

@warp caspen 185 183