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Donating to the server can earn you Donation Credits which you can use to buy exclusive rare gears or exchange them for Donation Tokens and other valuables. Follow these instructions on how to Donate:

  1. Head on to DreamerRO main page.
  2. Hover over to the DONATE tab and click on DONATE.
  3. Enter your Account name, Donation amount and follow the instructions. Paypal is the preferred payment option, but others are available as well, such as Skrill, Western Union and Bitcoin.
  4. When you have successfully donated, create a support ticket so that the Admin (Haze) can process your donation (only for first time donor). Make sure you state your Account name and attach the receipt to make the process run smoother.
  5. After transaction has been complete, Donation Credits will be sent to your account immediately (to the Donation Girl NPC).

Once you have your Donation Credits, you can start using them by accessing the Donation Girl NPC in Caspen (or in any other town that has this NPC) and exchange the following:

  • Credits
  1. Donation Token cost $1 each
  2. Victory Badge cost $1 each
  3. Combat Coin cost $1.5 each
  4. Fortune Headgear Chest $9 each

Note: See Fortune Headgear Chest for more details

  • Donation Services

Main Article: Donation Services

  • Exclusive Rare items

Sometimes Admin will release seasonal Rare items with powerful effect and you can buy it with Donation Credits.