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There are many different ways you can do to earn zeny in DreamerRO as Zeny is really important in the game. It's highly used to buy and sell items within the game either with NPC or with players. Normally you will earn Zeny by selling your items to NPC, but selling gears and equipment you have with players that already have a large amount of Zeny saved up is the way to go.

Items Worth Selling
There are a lot of items in the game that are worth selling. The most common items for selling are Cards, Donation gears, Battleground gears, Combat Shop gears, Hero Quest Item and many more. Some monsters and MVPs also dropped many valuable items that can be sold.

Players normally set up their vending at @go vend (market use for trading purposes in DreamerRO) to sell their items using @autotrade (command which allow your merchant to keep vending online while the client is off). You don't have to be maxed level to vend, just create a merchant with Job level 10 to have the Vending skill.

Methods To Earn Zeny


Zeph Hunting Missions

Zeph hunting mission is one of the easiest method to earn zeny. The NPC will give 5 sets of monsters to kill within a certain amount of time. There will be three difficulties, easy, medium and hard and each difficulties will give different rewards. Zeph can reset the difficulties back to easy after a certain amount of missions you did.

Mining and Forging


Mining is one of the unique features in DreamerRO that can earn you Billions of zeny. Mining has chances of dropping high quality minerals used for forging and can be sell for Billions, zeny bags, and even Bloody Branch.


Forge a forged equipment by using minerals you got from mining. You don't have to be a miner to be able to forge, you can buy the required minerals from players and forge it yourself. These forged equipment can be sell for Billions but keep in mind that there is a chance of failure when attempting to forge the item.


Bossnia Dungeon

Bossnia Dungeon is a popular farming place for players to rack up their Billions. Monsters in this dungeon can drop some quiet of valuable items, such as Consumables, Elemental Converters, and Charms. Charms are what players normally farm here and there are three Charms, Red, Blue, and Yellow. 1 set of Charms which consist of 200 of each colors and sell for 1 Billion. These Charms can be used for Fusing MVP cards and summon the legendary custom MVP Addax.

Caspen Dungeon

Killing monsters in Caspen Dungeon can earn you Monster Points that you can convert into Deathmatch (DM) Points which you can use to buy DM gears and sell to other players. Conversion for this Monster Points is 5:1. Some monsters in this dungeon also dropped valuable Consumables, Bloody Branch, Emblem of the Sun God, etc.

Orc Memory Dungeon

Orc's Memory instance is a high level instance with great rewards. Many players run this instance to make themselves some fortune by selling items dropped by Shaman Cargalache, though you need to invest in quiet a lot for your gears before you can run this instance but in the long term this investment will paid off itself.


Playing Casino can earn you some money by playing in the slot machine though not a lot.

Wheel of Fortune

This NPC provides 4 different modes you can play, Swords, Coins, Cups and Wands and each will give different prizes of its own.There is also a chance of getting JACKPOT which give you all the Zeny that is hold by this NPC. You need to pay 3 Vote Tokens and have 12 hours cooldown.

Press Your Luck

You play by spending Zeny on this npc and if you're lucky you can get your Zeny back 10 fold. There are 7 stages and each with its own set of prizes and the higher stages you go the more chances of failure. There is also a chance of getting JACKPOT which give you all the Zeny that is hold by this NPC. Do you think you feel lucky today? try this NPC.

Headgear Gambler

You spend some Zeny to play this NPC and each time you play you will get a Headgear, some are good and bad. There is also a chance of getting JACKPOT which give you all the Zeny that is hold by this NPC.

Lucky Roulette

You can earn billions by gambling with this NPC. The rules are the same as a regular Roulette. You bet some Zeny to play and if you win you can get a lot of Zeny back.


Playing Battlegrounds can earn you with great rewards. Players are awarded with Bravery Badge each time they play win or lose. These Badges are the main currency to buy Battleground gears.

Battleground Gear NPCs

List of NPCs that sell item with Bravery Badge.

Battleground Press Your Luck

Use your Victory Badge on this NPC to win some prizes.

Vote 4 Points

Use vote point which you can earn 6 point every 12 hours

Lucky Scratch Card

Easiest way to earn money ranging from 250M to 15B jackpot.