Elite Dungeon

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Elite Dungeon

An exclusive instance dungeon made for Elite Heroes who want to challenge their skills in PvM environment.

Inside the dungeon, players will encounter buffed up versions of Bio Labs Level 3 monster, and 7 different MvPs. Moreover, MvP loots prove to be of excellent qualities - thus can be sold at high prices. It's highly encouraged to form at least a party of 5 people - each with specific role.

  • Coordinates
  1. Elite Hero Temple (Access Point) - @warp ayo_in02 135 179
  2. Guide to the Unknown (Valkyrie) - @jump 102 125
Elite Dungeon Entrance, @warp ayo_in02 135 179
Unknown NPC, Inside the elite temple, @jump 102 125


  • Must be an Elite Hero with 3000 Caspen Monster kill/Elite weapon.
  • Must have at least a party of 2.
  • Must be a party leader to create instances.


There are 6 containments inside the dungeon, each holding buffed up versions of Bio Labs Level 3 MvPs. Each path to the containment is blocked by Barricades, which require specific conditions to be met by players to progress.


Soul Crystal Empyrean - holds Obsessive Magaleta. [@mi Obsessive Magaleta]. No Condition

Soul Crystal Cocytus - holds Deceitful Kathryne [@mi Deceitful Kathryne]. Condition: Member must have a Level 3 Elite Weapon.

Arqa Guardian - holds Tyrant Cecil [@mi Tyrant Cecil]. Condition: Party Leader must sacrifice 1 Heretic Ring.

Thebel Guardian - holds Vengeful Eremes [@mi Vengeful Eremes]. Condition: Party Leader must have finished Endless Tower and Nidhoggur's Nest at least once.

Adamah Guardian - holds Furious Seyren [@mi Furious Seyren]. Condition: Party must defeat both Obsessive Magaleta and Deceitful Kathryne.

Yabbashah Guardian - holds Crazed Howard [@mi Crazed Howard]. Condition: Party must defeat 24 specific mobs in the corridors.

Trigger message: " The wails of souls [make] the air tremble... " The Soul Crystal seal summons the MvP in the room while the Guardian seal warps players to the MvP zone.

Furthermore, the dungeon has a central room that holds the final MvP.

Eternity's Passage - access point to Tiamat's Lair.

Condition: Defeat all the preceding 6 MvPs.

Gate of Eternity- summons Tiamat [@mi Tiamat].

  • Time Limit and Cooldown:
 -> 3 hours time limit (instance is destroyed after).
-> 3 days cooldown.


  • 3rd Job skills are disabled.
  • MvPs are able to cast 3rd Job Skills.
  • Party Leadership can be passed on to members if they meet the conditions.
  • Condition for Yabbashah can be met effectively if you kill all mobs inside the dungeon.
  • Effective jobs for the dungeon - Sura / GX / RG / Sorc / Gene.